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Timeline and ages

How old are the ninja?

In order to keep them young and relatable to the audience, the ninja do not have specifically defined ages.[1][2][3] Within the show, they were confirmed to be "grown-up teenagers" in "The Gilded Path," and they will likely remain as such.[4]

While the creators have given some statements which may allow for a clearer picture of the ninja's potential ages, they are not necessarily canon, and more recently Tommy Andreasen no longer states their possible ages in detail beyond "Whatever you like."[5] Keep in mind that it is unknown if he would still like for his prior words on the matter to be considered.

At the time of the pilot episodes, Kai, Jay, and Cole were around sixteen and Nya was around fourteen.[6][7] Three or four years passed between Legacy of the Green Ninja and Skybound.[8] This would make Kai, Jay, and Cole around nineteen and Nya around seventeen.

See here for information on Lloyd's age and here for information on Zane's age.

How old are other characters?

Other characters such as Dareth and Nelson do not have defined ages either,[9][10] However, some characters' ages can be deduced from information from the show or from some creator's statements:

  • Wu and Garmadon are at least over a thousand years old, as Kai states in "Ancient History" that Aspheera was entombed for a thousand years, though their age is not clear beyond that.
  • The First Spinjitzu Master and Mystake at least predate the land of Ninjago, as they migrated from the Realm of Oni and Dragons.[11][12]
  • Misako is at least around sixty years old, because during the Serpentine War, which took place 40 years ago for The Hands of Time, she was old enough to be have mutual romantic feelings for Wu and Garmadon, who were physically young adults at the time.
  • The Overlord is presumably around the same age as Ninjago, which is about twelve and a half millennia (explained here), while the Stone Army was a little younger, as they were created by the Overlord to combat the First Spinjitzu Master for ownership of Ninjago.
  • Clouse is at least sixty years old because he was a young adult during the Serpentine War.
  • Chen is a bit older than Clouse,[13] which can be seen from his age lines in the time of the Serpentine War, and he was a master of Clouse and Garmadon, so he must have had some experience. Assuming he was around thirty at the time of the Serpentine War, he could have been around seventy years old during the Tournament of Elements.
  • Ray and Maya are at least sixty years old because they appeared to be young adults and have age lines on their faces at the time of the Serpentine War.
  • Nadakhan was over two hundred years old, as the era of the pirates took place two hundred years ago,[14] although it is not clear how long he had lived before the battle with Captain Soto.
  • Acronix and Krux were young adults during the Battle for All of Time, and in the present day, Krux was forty years older. Krux was presumably 60 years old in The Hands of Time, and Acronix, who haven't aged at all, is presumably 20to 30 years old.
  • Harumi was a young teenager during the Sons of Garmadon, because she was a small child during the Attack of the Great Devourer, and at least a few years years passed between the Rise of the Snakes and the Sons of Garmadon.
  • Akita and Kataru are at least seventy years old because they were children when the Ice Emperor took control of Never-Realm.[15]
  • Vex is older, appearing as a young adult at that time, though in both cases it is worth noting that Formlings age differently than humans.[16]
  • Lilly was possibly around thirty years old during the flashback in "Dungeon Crawl!," because during the Serpentine War, her father still had his Elemental Powers, meaning she wasn't born at the time. As the flashback of Lilly and young Cole took place several years before the pilot episodes, she may have been around thirty in the flashback.

The following are primarily based on creator statements and thus may not be canon.

How long ago was Garmadon banished to the Underworld?

Garmadon was banished to the Underworld around a decade before the beginning of the series.[19]

Why did Wu and Garmadon age so rapidly?

There are two or three possible reasons for why Wu and Garmadon aged so quickly between "Battle Between Brothers" and the beginning of the series despite having been young for so long.[20] In a live-chat of the Eljay Johnsen Show, Tommy Andreasen confirmed a fan's theory that one reason may be that Wu and Garmadon share an intrinsic connection of some sort that was severed by Garmadon being banished to the Underworld. He also said another explanation could be tea.[21] He also hinted it has to do with Wu and Garmadon being apart from each other and from the Golden Weapons, as Garmadon was banished to the Underworld and Wu hid the weapons shortly after.[22]

Elemental Powers

Is Lloyd's dominant element Lightning?

No. Though this is the case on his Character Card and is stated in a video on LEGO's YouTube channel, the card statistics are not relevant to the show and the video was made by someone who did not know the series well.[23]

Why could the ninja only use their powers via the Golden Weapons, even though the other Elemental Masters could use their powers without weapons?

The ninja could always use their Elemental Powers without weapons, but they relied on their weapons too much, which made them weaker when they lost access to them[24]. Misako mentions that the powers are inside them when Zane says they can not use their powers without Golden Weapons in "The Last Voyage."

Why do the ninja no longer use their True Potential abilities?

The ninja no longer use their True Potentials because those abilities must be maintained over time.[25]

Can more than one person have the same Elemental Power?

Not usually, because parents lose their powers when they pass them onto their children, as explained in "Pause and Effect." The Time Twins were an exception to this because their powers were easily divisible.[26][27] However, mechanisms such as time travel and Amber allow two users of the same power to exist through technicalities.

Do you need an Elemental Power to do Spinjitzu?

No. A number of characters without Elemental Powers, such as Misako, Doubloon, and Aspheera, have been shown to do Spinjitzu. The only requirements for learning Spinjitzu are "A master and lot of training."[28]

Can Lloyd still control the other elements?

No. Formerly, Fire, Lightning, Earth, Ice were also one of Green Ninja's powers and Lloyd uses in "Island of Darkness." But Lloyd can no longer control Fire, Lightning, Earth, and Ice, as he gave those powers back to the ninja at the Temple of Light in "Codename: Arcturus."[29]

How does Zane have an Elemental Power if he's a robot?

In the Sons of Garmadon episode, "Snake Jaguar," it was explained that Zane gained his Ice power when an ill Elemental Master of Ice came by the hidden workshop and passed his power onto Zane, though the exact mechanism of this is unknown.

Why do Garmadon and Wu rarely use their powers?

Wu knows not to overuse his powers,[30] or he may not even have powers at all besides creating his dragon.[31] At least after his initial redemption, Garmadon swore not to use his powers, explaining why he created the Art of the Silent Fist as a substitute for fighting.[32] It's unknown why he was not shown to use Destruction much in the first two seasons.

What happened to Morro's power after he went to the Departed Realm?

The power of Wind most likely found a new host after Morro went to the Departed Realm.[33][34]

Why does Nya no longer seem to create water?

Nya can still generate water, as seen on Ninjago Museum of History, battling the Pyro Vipers and The Island trailer. But controlling pre-existing sources of water requires less energy, so she will draw from her surroundings if given the choice.[35] Nya can also not control water in extremely hot or cold environments: In "The Belly of the Beast," she couldn't draw water from the air due to the low humidity of the Desert of Doom, and in the second half of Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, she had trouble controlling ice in the Never-Realm.

First Spinjitzu Master and related topics and lore

Did the First Spinjitzu Master create the entire realm of Ninjago?

No. The common statement of "The First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago" refers to the landmass, not the realm. The Temple of Light and Golden Peaks existed before the rest of the land was created, and the realm existed before the First Spinjitzu Master created the landmass.[36][37] According to Tommy Andreasen, this will be clarified in the 2021 storyline.[38]

Do Wu and Garmadon have a mother?

Though a silhouette of a woman was included on Lloyd's family tree in The Book of Spinjitzu, it's unclear whether the First Spinjitzu Master had a wife or not.[39] It's possible Wu and Garmadon did have a mother and that the First Spinjitzu Master was not able to create life on his own, meaning the First Spinjitzu Master could have had the idea to have children from observing the populations he brought into Ninjago.[40]

Are the Serpentine from Chima?

It's possible the Serpentine originated from Chima, but it is not confirmed. The blue orb on Pythor's chest is a possible hint at this.[41] In fact, the reason there was no snake tribe in Legends of Chima was specifically because there were already snake people in Ninjago.[42]

How many realms are there?

Though there is conflicting information on whether there are sixteen or seventeen realms, the most recent source has stated that there are seventeen (now fifteen due to the destruction of the Cursed Realm and Djinjago).[43]

Are themes such as Nexo Knights and BIONICLE other realms?

No. Only Chima is confirmed to be another realm in the world of Ninjago. Other locations such as Knighton (from Nexo Knights), Hidden Side, LEGO Island, and the 2015 Bionicle reboot are not part of the 16 realms.[44][45][46][47] However, Ninjago and Legends of Chima do exist as fictional worlds within the world of Nexo Knights.[48] See more information here.

Why is Lloyd's hair blond when both Garmadon and Misako's hair had brown hair?

It is reasonable that Lloyd has blond hair, because hair genetics works such that even if both parents have brown hair, the child can have blond hair thanks to recessive genes as Wu is shown to have similar hair color as Lloyd. It also sometimes pass down in generations, not necessarily parent to child. Either way, Tommy Andreasen has said not to worry about this because the series has several fantasy elements, so different hair colors are not unimaginable.[49][50][51] The same applies to Kai and Nya's family,[52] though that too can be explained by recessive genes.

Are the Oni somehow connected to the Overlord and Great Devourer?

This is currently unknown, though Tommy Andreasen has stated that the answer would not come from Twitter.[53][54]


What is Garmadon's first name?

Garmadon's first (and only) name is Garmadon. Lloyd inherited his father's first name as a last name, as is a custom in some cultures such as Norse.[55][56]

What is Wu and the First Spinjitzu Master's last name?

Like Garmadon, Wu and the First Spinjitzu Master do not have a last name.[57]

What are the ninja's last names?

Lloyd Garmadon and Jay Walker are the only ninja to have confirmed surnames. Zane's surname is most likely Julien, though it is not confirmed.[58] Kai and Nya's surname was considered "Smith" behind the scenes, though this is not necessarily canon to the show.[59][60] Though Cole does not have an official last name, Kirby Morrow jokingly suggested "Cole Steel."[61]

The names "Cole Bucket" and "Zane Roberts" were also given in the 2014 blooper reel, but these are not canon: the video is meant to be humorous and not in the same universe as the TV show, and Tommy Andreasen and the voice actors have acknowledged these specific last names to be unreliable/irrelevant.[62][63]

What is Jay's mother's name?

Jay's mother was called "Libber Gordon" during development,[64] but this is not canonically her name.[65]


Are the comics such as Who is The Phantom Ninja? canon?

Though the Greg Farshtey comics are not necessarily canon,[66][67] they can be considered canon if they don't contradict the series.[68] For example, Kingdom of the Snakes is non-canon,[69] while Who is The Phantom Ninja? can be considered canon.[70]

Is Ultra Agents canon to Ninjago?

No. Though the designs of Mr. Pale and Tox are taken from Ultra Agents characters, the two themes are not in the same universe.[71] The character designs were taken from the theme to provide fans with the opportunity to obtain more Elemental Masters in minifigure form.[72]

Though Tommy Andreasen collaborated on a fan-made map by Joshua Deck which features Astor City,[73] the location is not canon.[74]

Are the Ninjago Magazine comics canon?

Like the Greg Farshtey comics, the Ninjago Magazine comics can be considered canon if they don't contradict the TV series.[75] However, the Mother Earth comic has been confirmed to be canon[76] even though it contains timeline errors when compared to the TV series.[77]

Is Way of the Departed canon?

Way of the Departed is not officially canon. This allows Tommy Andreasen more creative autonomy in writing the story.[78] However, it is written to not contradict canon and supplies answers for the show for fans who do consider it canon,[79] and it may be considered canon once completed.[80]

Is Ninjago: Decoded canon?

Tommy Andreasen has stated it could potentially be canon, but he has not seen it, so it's not confirmed.[81] However, one of the Ninjigma's riddles is quoted on a page from the upcoming book, The Book of Elemental Powers. It is likely this book will be considered canon, which would confirm Decoded is canon.

Is the Clutch Powers movie canon to Ninjago?

No, or at least not necessarily. The Clutch Powers who appears in Ninjago is simply meant to be the "Ninjago take on the character."[82]

Pilot episodes

Why is Kai's scar not present in the show?

While Kai's minifigure was designed with a scar, the scar was was removed for the show because "he looked way too battle-hardened for the story," specifically "for his humble beginnings."[83][84]

Did Wu use Creation in the pilots?

No. The tricks done by Wu in the pilot episodes—changing the ninja's clothes and seemingly conjuring a tea cup out of thin air—were simply tricks, not uses of his power.[85][86]

How do beings end up in the Underworld?

Beings end up in the Underworld by being warriors who commit disgraceful acts in battle.[87]

Do the skeletons have Elemental Powers?

No. Though the Skulkin were associated with elements in the Ninjago Spinners game, this is not canon to the show.[88]

How do Samukai and the other skeleton generals look like they do if they were humans once?

Samukai and the other Skulkin generals may have been an earlier evolution of humans, explaining their different head shape.[89] Samukai may have gained four arms simply by adding a few extra bones to his body.[90]

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

What are the smaller snakes seen in the Hypnobrai Tomb?

The mini-snakes seen in the Hypnobrai Tomb are recently-hatched Serpentine.[91]

Why didn't Lou want Cole to be a ninja?

It's mostly implied in the episode that Lou wanted Cole to be a dancer simply because of family tradition. However, it's also possible that Lou additionally didn't want Cole to be a ninja because it would remind Lou of his deceased wife or because he didn't want Cole to end up like her.[92][93]

How did Jay use Wind?

Jay's apparent use of Wind in "The Green Ninja" is a mistake and should be forgotten.[94]

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Why did Zane turn into a kid if he was built with the body of a teenager?

Zane was most likely turned into a child like the rest of the ninja due to the "Weird magic with the Mega Weapon."[95] It's also possible that Dr. Julien had initially built a smaller body for Zane.[96]

Why did Zane say that Nindroids don't dream, even though he was previously seen dreaming?

The Green Ninja sequence in Zane's mind seen at the beginning of "Never Trust a Snake" was not a dream. Rather, it was a vision, an ability connected to his mysterious "sixth sense."[97]

Was the Mega Weapon erased from existence after the ninja went back in time? How is Lloyd still older?

No. Only some events were erased, and the pilot episodes still happened as they were originally shown.[98][99] This is why, for example, Lloyd is still older from the Tomorrow's Tea and why Captain Soto and his crew still exists in the present. See more information here.

Was Zane turned evil along with Cole and Jay?

Yes. Zane was briefly turned evil by the Overlord's Darkness when Lloyd faced the Overlord in the Final Battle.[100]

Season 3: Rebooted

What happened to the Ultra Dragon?

The Ultra Dragon was killed by the Dragon Hunters and its skulls were used as Iron Baron's throne.[101] It was later revealed in "Green and Gold" that after the Final Battle, the Ultra Dragon went back to the Spirit Coves.

What happened to the Elemental Blades?

It's possible the Ultra Dragon took the Elemental Blades to the Spirit Coves to guard them there.[102] Alternatively, they may have lost their power after the Overlord was defeated.[103]

Is the Digiverse one of the Sixteen Realms?

No, the Digiverse is not one of the Sixteen Realms.[104][105]

Is the Overlord dead?

No. The Overlord can never fully be destroyed, as he is part of the balance.[106] His spirit is currently recovering from his defeat and waiting for the right vessel.[107]

How did Zane survive?

Zane was able to survive because his consciousness vanished into the Digiverse when his body was destroyed, as his consciousness went into the system in the form of a power surge.[108][109] In other words, in the same way the Overlord survived his initial defeat at the hands of the Golden Ninja, Zane was able to survive in the system and rebuild himself from there.[110]

Where are the Serpentine after this season?

The Serpentine are still mostly living underground for the reasons stated in "The Curse of the Golden Master," which are that they have reformed and no longer desire to "meddle in the affairs above."[111] However, they have helped the ninja from time to time, such as in the episodes "The Corridor of Elders," "Secrets Discovered," and "Ancient History." They did not help out in Hunted, however: as explained in "How to Build a Dragon," they saw how the Time Twins had treated the Vermillion and decided to "sit this one out."

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

How did Zane and P.I.X.A.L. end up on Chen's Island?

Ronin was paid by Chen to capture Zane, and P.I.X.A.L. was captured along with him.[112][113] This idea comes from Shadow of Ronin, which has some aspects that are canon to the TV series despite being an overall non-canon game.

How did the original Elemental Masters get their powers?

It's stated in "The Invitation" and The Book of Spinjitzu that they were given their abilities by the First Spinjitzu Master, but no more specific information has been given.

How long ago was the Serpentine War?

In the The Hands of Time episode, "The Hatching," it was explained that the Serpentine War took place forty years ago.

Were the Elemental Masters in the Serpentine War the original Elemental Masters?

No. In The Book of Spinjitzu, it's stated that the Elemental Alliance was founded "Generations later."

Why did the Anacondrai spell work when Chen didn't have elements such as Wind, Water, and Time?

The transformation spell did not require all of the elements, just the ones listed in the book.[114]

Who is the Elemental Master of Earth who fought against the other Elemental Masters during the Serpentine War, and why did he betray them?

The Past Elemental Master of Earth seen in the flashback in "Spellbound" is Lilly's father and Cole's grandfather.[115] He turned against the Elemental Alliance because he was hypnotized by a Hypnobrai.[116]

Who is the Elemental Master seen riding an Elemental Dragon during the Serpentine War?

Currently, the identity of the blond-haired, gray-outfitted Elemental Master seen in the flashback in "Spellbound" is not known.[117] It's possible he was the past Master of Form, but this is not confirmed.[118]

Are Elemental Dragons different depending on the user?

Yes. Elemental Dragons are unique to the individual, even if they are users of the same element.[119][120]

Season 5: Possession

Why didn't Cole see his reflection?

In "Infamous," Cole gained the ghost ability to become invisible, explaining why he did not see a reflection in the ice labyrinth. However, it's also possible that the ice was showing a point when he was fading away in "Day of the Departed"[121] or something else.[122] It's worth noting that the reflections did not show a random point in the future; rather, they showed important future moments in the ninja's lives.[123]

How did Lloyd obtain Garmadon's robes when Garmadon was chained up?

In the words of Tommy Andreasen, "Lots of zippers or some unexplained magic."[124]

Why was Cole not affected by the water from Nya's True Potential?

Cole was not effected because the amount of water touching him was not a considerable enough amount to kill a ghost.[125]

Season 6: Skybound

Is Nya related to Delara?

No. There is no connection between Nya and Delara aside from their similar appearance.[126]

Did Nadakhan change the past so Jay was adopted?

No. Jay had always been adopted and was always the son of Cliff Gordon; Nadakhan simply found a way to get the information to him.[127]

Was Jay always planned to be adopted?

No. The idea originated during Skybound's development.[128]

Why was Jay abandoned?

"Cliff Gordon was a bit of a womanizer," which prevented him from staying around to be part of a family.[129]

Why did Cole turn gray before going into the Djinn Blade?

The reason Cole turned gray before being trapped in the Djinn Blade is unknown. Tommy Andreasen stated that he hated the reason for this and won't say why, and he said "let's just say it Nadakhan toying with Cole's feelings."[130][131]

Were Griffin Turner and Karlof in the Djinn Blade?

Yes. Nadakhan trapped Griffin Turner, Karlof, and the rest of the Elemental Masters in the Djinn Blade offscreen during the events of the season.[132]

Did Skybound happen?

Yes. The events of Skybound were undone but not erased. This is why Jay and Nya remember the events and why moments from Skybound can be seen in the temporal vortex in "Lost in Time."[133]

Does Jay still own Cliff Gordon's estate?

No. He is still waiting for his inheritance in the mail.[134]

Why haven't Jay and Nya told the other ninja about Echo Zane and the events of Skybound?

Jay and Nya haven't told the other ninja about Echo Zane because it would require explaining the entire story of the events to them.[135] One reason they may not want to tell the other ninja about it is because the trauma associated with the events makes it a difficult topic to discuss.[136] Additionally, Jay has not told the ninja about his relation to Cliff Gordon because he has no evidence to prove this, as his inheritance letter has not been delivered to him yet.[137]

Day of the Departed

When did Nya learn Spinjitzu?

Though Nya performed Spinjitzu in "Return of the Overlord," this was due to the Dark Matter's power over her.[138] She did not learn it herself until between Skybound and "Day of the Departed,"[139] meaning her red Spinjitzu from the Tournament of Elements intro is non-canon.

Why was Cole fading?

Cole was fading away because ghosts can only exist in Ninjago for a limited time without a vessel.[140]

How did Cryptor return if he was a robot?

Cryptor was sent to the Departed Realm because "must have a programmed soul like Zane and Pixal."[141]

What is Cole's scar?

Though it is not explained in the TV series, Cole learns in the non-canon novel, Way of the Departed, that his scar is another rift.

Season 7: The Hands of Time

What are the designs around the Time Twins' eyes?

Though the colored detailing around the twins' eyes was simply a designer's choice with no specific explanation,[142] one possibility is that they are tattoos and Krux wore makeup to cover his when he was disguised as Dr. Saunders.[143]

What happened to Jay's mother?

The fate of Jay's mother since the Battle for All of Time is currently unknown.[144]

What is Jay's mother's name?

Though she was called "Libber Gordon" during development, this is not canon, and she has no confirmed name otherwise.[145][146]

Why was Ray not as affected by the Reversal Blade as Wu was in Sons of Garmadon?

Ray was only lightly tapped by the Reversal Time Blade, and Wu is the son of the First Spinjitzu Master, so the effects were not the same.[147]

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

What happened to Airjitzu and the Elemental Dragons?

The ninja no longer use Airjitzu and Elemental Dragons because it would make the characters overpowered.[148] A possible answer for Airjitzu's disappearance is given in the non-canon novel, Way of the Departed, where it's said that Airjitzu draws on dark magic and should no longer be used. Way of the Departed also hints that Wu's disappearance is connected to the Elemental Dragons' disappearance. As of Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, it would seem that the ninja (at least Lloyd, Nya, and Zane) have fears holding them back once more, as seen by their reflections in the Mirror of Fears in "The Explorers Club." This would presumably prevent them from conjuring their Elemental Dragons.

Do the ninja look different in Sons of Garmadon because of time travel?

No. Though Cole theorizes the ninja's appearance changes were caused by time travel, this is not the true explanation. These changes were caused by factors outside the show and there is no in-universe reason for them.[149]

Will the ninja change back to their original designs?

Most likely not.[150] Tommy Andreasen made tweaks to the new designs to fit the show as much as possible, but overall he did not have control over the change, and the change had to be made for the show to continue.[151][152]

Why did Lloyd's eyes change color?

The change in Lloyd's eye color is connected to his power, as his eyes become black once more when he has loses his powers in "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago," and they return to green when he regains them in "Green Destiny." It is likely connected to his maturing with age.[153] This was also hinted at in the first chapter of Way of the Departed, where Cole says "Lloyd’s eyes have started changing after Master Wu went missing. He trains alone so intensely, and he is really connecting with his powers ... whatever it is."

What happened to Yang and the Temple of Airjitzu?

It's currently unknown what happened to Yang and the Temple of Airjitzu before this season, but the answers will be in Way of the Departed.[154]

Where did Ray and Maya go?

After The Hands of Time, Ray and Maya most likely went on vacation or returned to Four Weapons Blacksmith.[155][156] In Chapter 3 of Way of the Departed, it's stated that they went on a tour of Ninjago.

Why do Ultra Violet and Killow have gray skin?

Ultra Violet and Killow's gray skin is a design choice with no canon reason.[157]

Is Mr. E Echo Zane?

No. While Mr. E was originally going to be Echo Zane during the development of the season, the concept was scrapped because it took to much time in the story.[158] As such, it is not canon to the TV series.[159]

Did Harumi really ever love Lloyd?

No, not really.[160]

If the ninja lost their powers in Possession because Lloyd was possessed, why do they still have them in this season when Lloyd loses his powers?

This change is most likely due to the passage of time since Possession and to Lloyd's growth causing the ninja's powers to became more independent from him.[161]

Season 9: Hunted

Why does Teen Wu look different than he did in previous flashbacks?

Teen Wu looked different in this season because the circumstances surrounding is growth were very different.[162]

Is Harumi dead?

Harumi is dead, though like other characters who were presumed dead, it's possible she could come back if there was another great story idea for her.[163]

Is Iron Baron dead?

Iron Baron was not dead when last we saw of him, he was merely frozen in magma.[164] However, he would presumably not survive long without food, water, or air.

Did Lloyd use the Art of the Silent Fist against Garmadon?

Yes, but the crew decided not to reference it by name because the reference was too far back.[165]

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Are these shorts canon?

Though the shorts are canon, the events shown in the flashbacks/visions/daydreams are not fully accurate, as "they are saturated by the ninja's current state of mind and self image." This means the ninja remember themselves in a different way, explaining why they have their current appearances in past time periods.[166] For example, "Samurai X-Treme" and its visions of Harumi and her parents may not have happened the same way at all.[167]

Season 10: March of the Oni

Why does Skybound have a mural if it never happened?

Though there is no confirmed answer, it's possible that Jay and Nya told Wu about it.[168] This is supported by the fact that The Book of Spinjitzu was written by Wu before he was lost in time, and the book chronicles the events of Skybound.[169]

Why is there no Day of the Departed mural?

The reason why there is no mural for "Day of the Departed" is that it was a short and small event that did not have an impact on the land of Ninjago.[170]

Is the Yin-Yang Promise Ninjago's version of marriage?

No. For example, Misako mentions that she is married to Garmadon, meaning marriage exists in Ninjago but is a different thing.[171] Beyond this, not much is known at this time and will not be known unless revealed in the show.[172][173] "Queen of the Munce" implies that the Yin-Yang Promise is more equivalent to betrothal.

How did Cole survive his fall?

In the words of Bragi Schut, "The NGTV building is built in tiers. When Cole fell off the ladder he did not fall all the way to ground level. He hit one of the outcroppings and broke through a skylight."[174] Tommy Andreasen also mentioned how Garmadon was able to jump into the darkness without a parachute in "Into the Breach," implying the fog is thick.[175]

Why were characters able to hold the Golden Armor?

The Golden Armor was not as powerful as it previously was, as some of its power was absorbed by Zane in "The Titanium Ninja."[176]

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Is Ninjago a new show from Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu onward?

Technically, yes. Because it is produced under a different studio and no longer includes "Masters of Spinjitzu" in the title, and it is official considered a separate show, with sources such as Cartoon Network separating the two. However, the writers have referred to it as the eleventh season,[177][178] and it takes place in the same continuity as the previous ten. Tommy Andreasen has stated that while it is "kind of a new series,"[179] "Whether it's a new or the same series doesn't matter much. It's still Ninjago."[180]

Why did they stop saying episode numbers?

The episode numbers stopped being announced because it would be too intimidating to new fans if they felt they had to catch up on over a hundred episodes before watching the new ones.[181]

Why was P.I.X.A.L. able to use the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu?

P.I.X.A.L. was able to use one of the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu because the scrolls channel power in general, not just elemental power.[182]

Does time move slower in the Never-Realm?

No. When Zane was banished to the Never-Realm by Aspheera, he was transported decades into the past as well.[15]

How do Akita and Kataru still appear young if Zane took over the Never-Realm decades ago?

Formlings age differently than humans.[16]

Are Lloyd and Akita a couple?

It is not confirmed whether Akita and Lloyd have a romantic relationship.[183] While the Ninjago honest trailer referred to Akita as Lloyd's girlfriend, this was a humorous video not meant to be taken seriously.

Was Nya planned to have a bigger role in the finale?

Tommy Andreasen wanted Nya to take control of Boreal with her powers in "Awakenings" instead of crushing it with ice. However, there were too many moments in the episode, so the scene had to be cut.[184]

Season 12: Prime Empire

How did the Teapot of Tyrahn end up in Ninjago City?

It is currently unknown how the Teapot of Tyrahn ended up in Ninjago City, where it fell into the hands of Clutch Powers.[185]

Have NPCs become humans or androids?

The NPCs most likely did not become androids like Zane or P.I.X.A.L. when they traveled to the real world, but rather, their code was turned into genetic material, the opposite of how the ninja were able to enter Prime Empire by becoming code.[186]

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Why are seasons 12 and 13 considered to be one season on platforms such as Netflix?

Seasons 12 and 13 were sold to the broadcaster as one season. Even though they are two separate stories and are considered separate seasons, selling them as one season was simpler than as two separate seasons.[187]

Is Spinjitzu Burst exclusive to Masters of Earth?

Though Wu states in "Masters Never Quit" that the Spinjitzu Burst can only be performed by an Elemental Master of Earth surrounded by his element, it's possible other Elemental Masters could do the martial art, but this will only be confirmed if it's shown in official material such as the TV series.[188]

Are Cole and Vania a couple?

It is not confirmed whether Vania and Cole have a romantic relationship.[189]

What is the origin of the Skull of Hazza D'ur and the Awakened Warriors?

Their origin is currently unknown and only Tommy Andreasen knows it.[190]

Season 14: The Island

Why is this season called Season 3?

Because Ninjago is technically a new show starting with Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, and because Prime Empire and Master of the Mountain were sold to distributors as one season (see above), The Island can be considered the third season of this new series.

Ninjago: Reimagined

Is the Wu vs. Time Twins short animated by WILFilm ApS?

No. Despite the similarities to WILFilm's animation style, the short is animated by CC Pixels.[191]


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