Wojira commanded the elements of Water and Wind. When combined, they became a force of destruction, the Fury of the Storm.”
Master Wu to the ninja in "A Big Splash"

The Fury of the Storm is a destructive force that was used by Wojira when she used the elements of Water and Wind. According to Glutinous, it is the full power of Wojira.


Prior to Seabound

Long before Ninjago was created, Wojira ruled the seas by the elements of Water and Wind and caused the world that she live in to be engulfed in chaos with her storm powers.[1] However, as a result of being casted into a deep sleep, Wojira wasn't able to use her powers and the Endless Sea became calm and tranquil for thousands of years.[2]

A Big Splash

The Fury of the Storm was first mentioned by Wu when recounting the tale of Wojira and Nyad while searching the library for answers to Nya's power disruption, describing it as a force of destruction.

Master of the Sea

After telling the ninja how Nyad defeated Wojira, Benthomaar explains that if Kalmaar awakens Wojira, he'll use the Fury of the Storm to destroy Ninjago.

The Calm Before the Storm

Assault on Ninjago City


The Turn of the Tide



Season 14: Seabound


  • Although it is a combination of Water and Wind, it is described to be the full power of Water and Storm due to the power affecting the Endless Sea and thunderstorms.


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