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As soon as Kalmaar gains control of Wojira, he will wield the full power of Wave and Storm, a force this realm has not experienced since ancient times.

The Fury of the Storm is a destructive power that was used by Wojira that consists of the full power of Wave and Storm, while making the elements of Water and Wind a destructive force.


Prior to Seabound

Long before Ninjago was created, Wojira ruled the Endless Sea with the Storm and Wave Amulets, thus having the power of Wave and Storm and causing the world that she lived in to be engulfed in chaos by plaguing the sea with violent storms.[1] However, as a result of being casted into a deep sleep, Wojira wasn't able to use her powers and the Endless Sea became calm and tranquil for thousands of years.[2]

The Island

The Tooth of Wojira

The Fury of the Storm was first mentioned by Mammatus while telling the ninja about the Keepers' oath to protect the Storm Amulet, explaining that Ninjago's world would be destroyed by the Fury of the Storm if Wojira regained possession of the amulet.


A Big Splash

When recounting the tale of Wojira and Nyad while searching the library for answers to Nya's power disruption, Wu told the ninja about the Fury of the Storm, describing it as a force of destruction involving the elements of Water and Wind.

Master of the Sea

After telling the ninja how Nyad defeated Wojira, Benthomaar explains that if Kalmaar awakens Wojira, he'll use the Fury of the Storm to destroy Ninjago.

The Calm Before the Storm

Moments after Wojira was awoken, she attempted to blast Glutinous, but soon became under Kalmaar's control, who ordered her to use the full power of Wave and Storm to destroy all the islands within Ninjago's realm.

Eventually, Glutinous began to regret working for Kalmaar after witnessing Wojira's power and traveled to Ninjago City so he could warn the ninja about Kalmaar's assault, telling them that Kalmaar would have power over the Endless Sea and the storms affecting it once he gets complete control of Wojira.

Hours later, Gayle Gossip did a report on a storm that was created by Wojira, stating that it caused the citizens of Ninjago to evacuate due to the sea levels while the winds that the storm produced gotten stronger. However, she and Vinny soon fled as Kalmaar and Wojira arrived and created a tsunami that flooded the city, making the former's plan to destroy Ninjago by drowning it with the Endless Sea come true.

Assault on Ninjago City

As Dareth was on a tour bus with Patty Keys and the citizens of Ninjago City, he and the others noticed the tsunami, which was heading towards them. Dareth and the others got on in the lower half of the bus to avoid it. However, the bus sunk into the Endless Sea and the passengers were trapped inside.

At the same time, Jay experienced the destruction that the storm was causing and told the other ninja that it was like Glutinous said before. He soon used his sub car to rescue Dareth and the other citizens by taking them to the surface. But a car knocked onto them, causing Dareth to be taken away by the sea until he was rescued by Nya.

Although the ninja were able to avoid much of the destruction Wojira was creating and rescue the people that were left behind during the evacuation, Kalmaar and Wojira chased after the Destiny's Bounty and attempted to shoot at it. They were able to damage it, but were stopped by the ninja until Wojira grabbed onto the sub car and tried to eat Jay. However, she was hit by Nya's water, leaving Jay to sink to the bottom of the Endless Sea.


During her fight with Nya, Wojira blasts Nya back after Kalmaar pushed her off. At the same time, the Endless Sea continued to rise to the point where it nearly reached the top of the Ninjago News Center.

The Turn of the Tide

As the ninja and the Maaray Guards fought at the Ninjago City Police Station, Kalmaar fought Jay and Benthomaar, getting themselves between the storm that was affecting the Endless Sea. After Wojira ate Kalmaar, she attempted to attack the ninja by blasting them, but was stopped by Nya, who merged herself with the Endless Sea like Nyad did.

During the battle, Wojira electrocutes Nya until she destroyed her Water Dragon form. But seconds later, Nya regained her form and destroyed the Wave Amulet, making Wojira lose her power over the Endless Sea. After the sea serpent's defeat, Nya uses her power to lower the Endless Sea, ending all the destruction Wojira caused by using the ocean.



The Island

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  • Although Wu described the Fury of the Storm to be the combined powers of Water and Wind, it was also described to be the full power of Wave and Storm by Glutinous as well. This is due to the fact that both Wave and Storm have aspects of water and wind[3], this makes these elements somewhat similar.


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