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“I've played many roles. Worn many masks. Father. Husband. Brother. Teacher. But only one was summoned back—Destroyer!”
— Lord Garmadon while battling Lloyd in "True Potential"

Lord Garmadon is the power-hungry Lord of Destruction, as well as the revived evil form of the Ninja's former mentor, Master Garmadon. He is the First Spinjitzu Master's firstborn son, Wu's older brother, Misako's estranged husband, and Lloyd's father. Garmadon grew up learning the art of the Ninja alongside his brother. As a child, Garmadon was bitten by the Great Devourer and infected with evil, which led him down a darker path through which he would be continually tempted during his time as one of Ninjago's heroes. Years after the Serpentine War, he and Misako had a son named Lloyd, whom he cared for deeply despite his corrupted soul. The corruption transformed him into an evil warlord who was banished to the Underworld.

After allying with the Skulkin and Serpentine to claim the Golden Weapons, Garmadon later joined The Overlord—only to be used as a vessel for his rebirth. After Lloyd defeated The Overlord, Garmadon was purified of evil and reunites with his family, hoping to atone for his misdeeds.

Garmadon became a master, and during the Nindroid Conflict, he grew closer to his son. After Zane sacrificed himself, Garmadon and the Ninja journeyed to an island to rescue Zane. There, they were caught up in a conflict with Master Chen and his cult. Garmadon was banished to the Cursed Realm in a bid to defeat Chen's army. Later, during the ghost's invasion, Lloyd met with his father one last time and wore his robes into battle. When the Preeminent was drowned by Nya, Garmadon died in the Cursed Realm's destruction and passed on to the Departed Realm.

Lloyd honored his father's life by pursuing the role of a master. In time, however, a criminal syndicate known as the Sons of Garmadon sought to resurrect Garmadon's evil form. Harumi led the group to success, reviving Garmadon as a monster with no good left in him. After nearly killing Lloyd and seemingly defeating the Ninja, Garmadon reigned as Emperor Garmadon and wreaked havoc across Ninjago City.

He oppressed its citizens and sought out his son, who led a brave Resistance. After Wu and the original Ninja return to Ninjago, Lloyd defeated Garmadon by refusing to fight, and his father lost his powers. Garmadon was sent to Kryptarium Prison but warns of coming darkness before he goes.

When the Oni invaded, Garmadon managed to convince Lloyd to release him, to help the Ninja fight. After using the Tornado of Creation with Wu and the Ninja to vanquish the Oni, he headed off to parts unknown.


Early life


Garmadon and Wu, Sons of the First Spinjitzu Master

Garmadon was born to the First Spinjitzu Master, along with his younger brother, Wu. Garmadon was born with the powers of Creation and Destruction, his dominant ability being Destruction, after his father's Oni heritage.[1]

When Garmadon and Wu were young children, they were very close and shared a brotherly bond. At one point, he went on a fishing trip with his brother and father. After both experience anger with not catching a fish, their father tells them to have faith. With this inspiration, Wu was able to get a fish, but Garmadon threw his fishing rod in anger.[2]

The Devourer's Bite


Bitten by the Devourer

One day, the two were sparring and Wu's katana was accidentally knocked over the wall of the Monastery. Despite his father's warnings to stay within the safety of the Monastery, Garmadon went to retrieve it as Wu was too scared, and found the katana easily. Before he could pick it up, he was bitten by a strange green snake and passed out.

Garmadon was ill for a time, tended to by his father and brother. Unbeknownst to anyone, Garmadon had been bitten by the Great Devourer, infecting his very being with pure evil, and awakening an undying thirst to destroy. As a result, Garmadon momentarily became violent and selfish, blaming Wu for his change.[3] This initial effect was not permanent and his normal personality returned, but it was a harbinger of things to come. With no existing cure, Garmadon was doomed to someday lose himself to the venom's wicked influence.

Trespassing into Serpentine Territory

The exact placement of this event is unconfirmed but is here due to Wu and Garmadon having mid-legs.[4]

During a trip to the lake, Garmadon was told by Wu of his intentions to venture into Serpentine territory. Garmadon tried to dissuade his brother but the latter persuaded him and after they trespassed into Serpentine territory they were imprisoned.

An angry Garmadon blamed his brother before a serpentine named Aspheera approached them and told them of how she was training to be a sorceress and offered to free the brothers, in exchange for them helping her in the future and they agreed. Aspheera freed them and told them to keep their promise in due time. Returning home, Garmadon and his brother found their father creating the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu and he told them not to tamper with it.

Garmadon didn't try to uphold the promise but grew suspicious of his brother's behavior before he caught him teaching Aspheera Spinjitzu. Garmadon warned him of how she can't be trusted but Wu didn't believe him.

One night, Garmadon was reading a book when his brother came and begged him for his help, as he revealed what Aspheera has done with Garmadon understanding his plight and agreeing to aid him. They armed themselves with the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu to have an edge against her and confronted her. As Wu fought Aspheera and achieved victory, Garmadon similarly defeated her minions. Thanks to them, Aspheera was subsequently imprisoned after Mambo took back power. The brothers left Serpentine Territory and left Aspheera to be imprisoned in the Ancient Pyramid.[5]

Death of the First Spinjitzu Master

When Wu and Garmadon were young men, their father had Wu and Garmadon vow to protect the Golden Weapons and then passed away.[6] Garmadon and Wu would remain allies and a team against evil.

Training Under Chen and the First Serpentine War


Learning under Chen

The next millennium was filled with turmoil as Garmadon constantly fought the evil growing inside of him, along with countless outside threats, such as Samukai.[7] It was during this time that he sought more controversial teaching and trained under Master Chen. By emerging as the victor in a battle against rival Clouse, he was granted lordship and made Chen's right-hand, where he gained the title: Lord Garmadon. Under Chen's advice, Garmadon signed a letter that Wu had written to Misako, a girl both brothers loved. As a result, Misako fell in love with Garmadon.

Going to War

It was around this time that a war broke out between Man and Serpentine. Though Chen encouraged him to side with the snakes, Garmadon refused to fight for Chen and instead left to join Wu and the Elemental Masters to protect Misako. The sons of the First Spinjitzu Master led the Elemental Masters into battle against the Anacondrai in Birchwood Forest. However, due to Chen's manipulation, the battle turned sour and the Alliance was forced to flee. While regrouping in Jamanakai Village, Garmadon noticed a flute player controlling a small snake, thus inspiring the masters to use Sacred Flutes to lock the Serpentine away in tombs.

Banishing the Generals

Arcturus and the other Anacondrai generals, however, were put on trial by the humans and deeming them guilty of war crimes, Garmadon banished them to the Cursed Realm. Chen and Clouse meanwhile were exiled to a secluded island for their war crimes.[8]

Battle with the Time Twins

Eventually, the two Elemental Masters of Time, Krux and Acronix, would betray the Elemental Alliance after assuming their element was the strongest in all of Ninjago. After most of the masters are defeated in a fight between the Time Twins and Elemental Alliance in the forest below the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Garmadon questioned what they should do, with Wu getting an idea.[9]


Fighting Krux with the powerless Reversal and Pause Time Blades.

Wu had Maya and Ray forge the Time Blades to absorb the element of Time from Krux and Acronix.[10] As Wu returned to the monastery with a bag, Garmadon questioned if they were ready, to which his brother replied that they were. Acronix and Krux soon arrived, and after a lengthy battle at the monastery, Garmadon and Wu successfully managed to absorb the twins' power from them. Knowing Time was too dangerous for anyone to control, Garmadon and Wu used the Time Blades to open a time vortex, where they discarded the blades. However, Krux and Acronix broke free from their captors and soon followed the blades, and thought to be lost in time, though Wu saw a vision of when Acronix would return in 40 years, within the vortex.[9]

The Elemental Alliance being confronted by the future versions of Krux and Acronix.

Garmadon questions what happened to the Time Twins, with Wu stating they chose to be lost in time than face their punishment. At that moment, the Iron Doom lands in front of the monastery, with the future versions of Krux and Acronix emerging from the device. Garmadon, Wu, and the Elemental Masters fight a legion of Vermillion Warriors and are eventually joined by Kai and Nya, who pose as Ray and Maya.

Acronix summoned the Vermillion, and their component snakes are absorbed by the Iron Doom. Garmadon and his allies continued fighting the weapon but proved no match for it. Kai and Nya formed the Elemental Water-Fire Dragon, which helped turn the tide of the battle. Garmadon and Wu watched as the Iron Doom and Water-Fire Dragon disappeared into the Time Vortex, but not before Wu received the Reversal Time Blade from his older self. But when Kai, Nya, Krux, and Acronix left this timeline, the Elemental Alliance used Obscuritea to erase their memory of the battle with the future versions of Krux and Acronix.[11]

Lloyd's Birth and the Battle Between Brothers

Peace returned to Ninjago and soon after, Garmadon and Misako married. Decades later, Garmadon and Misako had a son, Lloyd. As the Devourer's venom continued to corrupt him, Garmadon began to grow distant from his family—nonetheless, he remained deeply fond of them and secretly hoped that Lloyd wouldn't follow the path of evil he was slowly being drawn toward.[12]

Ninago Battle Between Brothers 17

Garmadon confronting his brother over the Golden Weapons.

Around this time, Garmadon finally succumbed to the Devourer's poison, attempting to claim the Golden Weapons for himself. Just before he could claim victory over his brother in their climactic battle, the protection spell emblazoned on Wu's kimono reacted, summoning a lightning bolt that struck and transformed Garmadon.[13] Disfigured and dazed, he fell to the Underworld, where he was confronted by Samukai, King of the Underworld, and Skulkin General. Determined to escape his new prison and claim the Golden Weapons, Garmadon defeated Samukai in a duel, allowing him to take control of the Underworld and the Skulkin Army so he could take over and rule Ninjago.[7]

Pilot Episodes

Way of the Ninja

After a decade, Lord Garmadon sent the skeletons to steal the map leading to the Golden Weapons from Kai and Nya's blacksmith shop, Four Weapons. Kruncha and Nuckal claimed the map and captured Nya, who Garmadon decided would be a useful asset.

The Golden Weapon

When the Skulkin failed to retrieve the first Golden Weapon, Garmadon changed tactics; he ordered Samukai to pursue Cole, Jay, Zane, and Kai on their search for the weapons, but to hold back just enough to let the Ninja claim them.

King of Shadows


As a shadow

Once the Ninja secured three of the four weapons, Garmadon tricked Kai into going into the Fire Temple by using a false image of Nya to lure him. He then forced Kai to use the Sword of Fire to free Nya, before summoning Shadows to take the powerful Sword. Master Wu arrived just in time to save Kai, but he was not able to stop Garmadon from awakening the Fire Dragon to stop them from leaving. In desperation, the master used the Sword of Fire to cut off a platform of rock and fall into the Underworld. Garmadon then ordered Samukai, who had already stolen the Scythe of Quakes, the Nunchucks of Lightning, and the Shurikens of Ice, to return to the Underworld and retrieve the Sword of Fire.

Weapons of Destiny


Watching the battle

Master Wu snuck into Lord Garmadon's Dark Fortress and confronted his evil brother in the throne room. Garmadon sent a horde of Skulkin to retrieve the Sword of Fire, but Master Wu easily defeated them with Spinjitzu. Unperturbed by this, Garmadon sat on his throne and forced Wu to battle Samukai, who was wielding the other three Golden Weapons. The Skulkin general was victorious and took the Sword of Fire.

However, Samukai refused Garmadon's order to give the weapons to him, planning to use the weapons to reclaim control of the Underworld. At this Garmadon laughed, revealing that Samukai's betrayal was the final step in his plan. As the Skulkin General of Fire disintegrated and transformed into a portal, Lord Garmadon explained that not even he could wield the power of all four Golden Weapons at once—instead, he had intended to create a portal to a dimension where he could become strong enough to do so. With that, Lord Garmadon entered the portal, vowing to return one day and claim the Golden Weapons so that he could remake Ninjago in his own image.

Rise of the Snakes

Never Trust a Snake

In Zane's dream, Garmadon appeared on the Destiny's Bounty to steal Zane's Shurikens of Ice. The Green Ninja appeared and saved Zane, battling Garmadon and ultimately kicking him off of the ship.

Tick Tock

When the Serpentine were released and united under Pythor, Master Wu left the Ninja to seek aid, but not before revealing to them some of his and Lord Garmadon's past together. Wu then used Traveler's Tea to open a portal to the dark dimension in search of Lord Garmadon.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy


"What was once impossible is now POSSIBLE!"

Upon arrival, Wu immediately discovered Lord Garmadon, who had developed an extra set of arms in order to possess the Four Golden Weapons. Garmadon dueled his brother with new weapons and a group of Mud Monsters but halted his attack when Wu managed to warn him that Lloyd was in the hands of the Serpentine. Forming an alliance with his brother in order to save his son, Garmadon led Wu across the wastelands in search of a way to return to Ninjago.

The Royal Blacksmiths

As they climbed the Mountain of Madness, Garmadon and Wu were beset by Craglings. The brothers used Spinjitzu to fend off the rock beasts and continued their journey. Eventually, they found a portal that sent them back to Ninjago.

The Green Ninja

Once Master Wu returned to the Destiny's Bounty, he explained the situation; Lord Garmadon would be staying with them until Lloyd was rescued from the Serpentine. Although the Ninja were skeptical of his cause, they agreed, and promptly discovered that their old foe had picked up several odd habits, such as brushing his teeth with a dagger, "sunbathing" in the middle of a raging storm, and eating nothing but Condensed Evil. During his stay, Garmadon was forced to deal with the suspicions of Kai, who was the most distrustful of his motives. The two ended up fighting after Kai spotted Garmadon holding the Golden Weapons. Kai eventually triumphed—however, to his disappointment, Garmadon allowed himself to be defeated as he was only gathering the Weapons at Wu's request. Despite the other Ninja's disapproval, Kai remained highly suspicious of Garmadon.

Lord Garmadon accompanied the Ninja to the Fire Temple, in order to both retrieve a Fangblade and save Lloyd from the Serpentine. There, Lord Garmadon defeated several Serpentine and saved Lloyd, but the temple ended up collapsing due to the volcano's instability, causing Lloyd to lose his footing and become separated from the group. Despite his protests, Garmadon was forced to leave with the other Ninja before the volcano could erupt. Fortunately, Kai managed to save Lloyd by unlocking his True Potential. Back on the Destiny's Bounty, Garmadon was reunited with his son at last and genuinely thanked Kai for saving Lloyd. He later learned that Lloyd was the Green Ninja. Lord Garmadon's pride in his son's great potential was deflated somewhat when everyone realized that this meant Lloyd was destined to meet his own father in a battle for the fate of Ninjago.

All of Nothing


With the Ninja

Lord Garmadon stayed aboard the Destiny's Bounty while the Ninja were searching for the final Fangblade. When Lloyd suggested that they instead focus on retrieving the other three, Lord Garmadon pointed out that they had no idea where the Serpentine were hiding. This led Nya to realize that the snakes were hiding underground, and the two Garmadons remained aboard the ship while the Ninja investigated the Serpentine's main base located in the Constrictai Tomb.

Lloyd orders him to leave

Unable to resist such an opportunity, Garmadon attempted to hack into the Destiny's Bounty computer systems to gain information on the Ninja. When Lloyd discovered him and accused him of betraying the Ninja's trust, Garmadon admitted that he couldn't help it, having evil literally running through his blood. He also took the opportunity to tell Lloyd that Master Wu had a great destiny set for him and that Lloyd could still make whatever choices he wanted for his life. When Nya reported that they were captured by the Serpentine and being held hostage, Lord Garmadon attempted to help, but Lloyd refused to allow him, demanding for his father to leave instead.

With the Skulkin Army

However, Lord Garmadon returned in short order, breaking into the Serpentine's Underground Fortress with the Skulkin Army in tow—thanks to Lloyd, he had realized that he did have a choice: the choice to fight the Serpentine and ensure that he would be the one taking over Ninjago. While the skeletons fought the snakes and Lloyd freed the Ninja, Lord Garmadon personally engaged Pythor in combat, although the Anacondrai quickly broke off the battle to make his escape. After retrieving the Fangblades from Pythor, Lord Garmadon and the Ninja escaped back to the Destiny's Bounty.

Garmadon bids farewell

With the Fangblades in the Ninjas' possession, Garmadon decided to depart, believing that he was no longer needed. Before he left, he assured Lloyd that he was very proud of his son's destiny, even if it meant that they were destined to battle each other for the fate of the world.

Day of the Great Devourer

Unfortunately for Lord Garmadon, Pythor snuck aboard the ship and reclaimed the Fangblades, allowing him to return to the Lost City of Ouroboros and awaken the Great Devourer. As Lord Garmadon was visiting Ninjago City's tea shop, looking to return to his dark dimension, a news report showing the Ninja struggling to contain the Devourer came on the nearby television. He immediately hurried to the battlefield, arriving just after the Great Devourer defeated the Ultra Dragon, and told the Ninja that the only way to defeat the Devourer was to use all four Golden Weapons at once—which only he could do.


Garmadon about to destroy the Great Devourer.

Despite their suspicions, the Ninja relinquished their weapons to Garmadon, informing him about the weak spot on the Devourer's head. Lord Garmadon asked the Ninja to prevent the beast from moving so he could get a clear shot at its weakness, before running off with an evil laugh. He proceeded to observe the Ninjas' battle against the Great Devourer from atop a skyscraper—when the serpent was immobilized, he dealt the finishing blow, proclaiming it was out of revenge for turning him evil. He disappeared in the aftermath of the Devourer's destruction, taking the Golden Weapons with him.

Legacy of the Green Ninja

Main article: History of Garmadon (Legacy of the Green Ninja)

After the Final Battle

Hoping to make up for all of his evil actions, Garmadon made a vow never to fight again. He was pardoned by the Emperor of all of his crimes at a public ceremony. After he was forgiven, he and Misako moved far away from New Ninjago City where they constructed a new monastery to teach the next generation of Ninja how to battle without fighting.


Main article: History of Garmadon (Rebooted)

The Tournament of Elements

Main article: History of Garmadon (The Tournament of Elements)


Curseworld, Part II


Garmadon imprisoned in the Cursed Realm.

After being tricked by Morro, Lloyd eventually awakened in the Cursed Realm and began searching around. Soon enough, he finds his father bound in chains. Lloyd tried to break the chains but to no avail. Seeing Lloyd's despair over his inability to save his father and stop Morro, Garmadon gives him the confidence to keep fighting. He promises to always be with Lloyd no matter where he is and says that at some point every boy must become a man, but it's their decision as to what kind of man they want to be. By some means, Lloyd obtained his father's robes and departed the Cursed Realm to face Morro.

As the Battle of Stiix draws to a close, Nya unlocks her True Potential, creating a giant tidal wave that drowns The Preeminent. The Cursed Realm is consequently destroyed; all its inhabitants are killed, including Garmadon, who passes on to the Departed Realm. Following the battle, Lloyd expressed his feelings that his father was "in a better place."

Day of the Departed

Lloyd and Misako traveled to the Corridor of Elders in order to memorialize Garmadon with a lantern on the Day of the Departed. Unfortunately, they were attacked by Pythor, who was eager to send Lloyd to join his father in the Departed Realm. However, the memory of his father gave Lloyd the courage and resolve to fight back and force Pythor to retreat.

Garmadon was one of the Ninjas' only adversaries who was not resurrected that night, due to his redemption. 

The Hands of Time

The Hatching (flashback)

Garmadon banished the Anacondrai Generals and met up with the Masters on the monastery. After the Time Twins betrayed the Alliance, he and Wu wielded four Time Blades to render the Time Masters powerless.

Secrets Discovered

While not seen, his voice is used by the mysterious Samurai X, telling Nya that they could be Garmadon. However, she tells the figure that Garmadon sacrificed himself and is gone forever.

Pause and Effect

Garmadon, in his Master form, appears in a hallucination of Wu's, asking his brother why he let him fall into the darkness.

Lost in Time

Garmadon appears when the Time Twins and Kai and Nya travel back to the Battle for All of Time.

Sons of Garmadon

Though Garmadon was still deceased, a cult following, led by Princess Harumi, worshiped Garmadon for his actions before his redemption. They sought to resurrect him in a purely evil version of his Lord form with the use of the Oni Masks.

Harumi believed Garmadon was the real hero as he'd defeated the Great Devourer on the same day she lost her birth parents. In her quest, she was successful in finding all three Oni Masks, while also faking a relationship with Garmadon's son Lloyd.

Dread on Arrival

Having successfully acquired the three Oni Masks, the Sons of Garmadon gather in the Temple of Resurrection in the Royal Palace to finally revive him. Harumi performs the ritual using the masks and hair taken from his family: Lloyd, Wu, and Misako. A portal to the Departed Realm is opened, and Garmadon's spirit can be heard howling in pain on the other side. Harumi chants and calls out to him, and he groggily answers back, laughing maniacally. Before Harumi succeeds in her plan, the Ninja use Spinjitzu to halt the resurrection process, seemingly preventing Garmadon's rebirth. The Sons of Garmadon are arrested and the Ninja think themselves victorious, but a dark hand can be seen rising from the pedestal at the temple afterward. Lord Garmadon returns to Ninjago, corrupted, and with all light absent from his soul.

True Potential


Garmadon appears before Lloyd in Kryptarium Prison.

Now resurrected, Lord Garmadon makes his presence known by scaring two garbage men, repeatedly saying "She calls me." He later steals their truck to break Harumi out of custody before taking over Kryptarium Prison and freeing all of the members of the Sons of Garmadon. While using the basketball field to practice, Harumi tells him in order to reach his True Potential, he must face Lloyd. His son soon arrives later that night and they fight, with Garmadon gaining the upper hand, all the while rejecting Lloyd's pleas. During their fight, Garmadon unleashes his element of destruction, which severely weakens his son. He soon throws Lloyd through a wall into a locker room, leaving Lloyd struggling to breathe before continuing to fight him with ease due to his injury.

After proclaiming he has no son, Garmadon throws a defeated Lloyd outside of the prison. Harumi soon proclaims they can spare Lloyd so he can see Garmadon's reign. They then prepare to head to Ninjago at dawn, so Garmadon can be proclaimed its new emperor.

Big Trouble, Little Ninjago

With his new potential, Garmadon conquers a village by demonstrating his powers over creation, creating the giant "Colossus." The Colossus rampages through Ninjago City, destroying much in its path. While this happens, Garmadon tells Harumi that his brother is close before leaving her side to find him. Soon enough, Garmadon confronts Misako and Toddler Wu as they leave Dareth's Apartment. Before Garmadon can destroy Misako with his powers, Nya arrives and saves her. After Lloyd escapes with Toddler Wu, Nya and Misako fight off Garmadon. After the Ninjas' near destruction at the hands of the Colossus, and their departure from Ninjago to the Realm of Oni and Dragons, Garmadon, turned emperor, takes control of Ninjago while Lloyd, Misako, Nya, and P.I.X.A.L. go into hiding.

Prior to Hunted

Garmadon reigned as the Emperor of Ninjago, plunging the city into a state of oppression and fear. The Sons of Garmadon helped to maintain his rule over all of Ninjago.

With complete control over the city, Garmadon outlawed the color green and has ordered the Sons of Garmadon to hunt down the remaining Ninja and anyone affiliated with them to end any opposition to his rule.


Main article: History of Garmadon (Hunted)

March of the Oni

The Darkness Comes

Garmadon is seen in his own special cell built for him in Kryptarium Prison when Lloyd comes to visit him. Although initially surprised that he came, Garmadon admits that he called for him to warn him of the eternal darkness that he previously mentioned when he was defeated, calling them the Bringers of Doom. He tries to convince Lloyd to release him from custody so he could help them save Ninjago, but Lloyd rudely refuses and leaves Kryptarium. After the Oni take over Ninjago City, Lloyd and the Ninja reluctantly accept his offer to help them and release him from prison.

Into the Breach

Once on the Ninja's ship, Garmadon often stalks and creeps up on the Ninja. He once accidentally turned off their engines and claimed that that button should be labeled. When Lloyd reluctantly takes Garmadon on a "tour" around the ship were Garmadon sees a picture of himself and Lloyd in his human form before his death. Garmadon tossed that picture away before claiming that if you want to defeat the Oni, you need to be like them. After they arrive at the city, Garmadon told the Ninja that the Oni came through the Realm Crystal and to stop them it must be destroyed. He also told them that he is the only one who can do this because he is Oni. When Lloyd told that he is part Oni, Garmadon said he can't go into the city because the Oni magic will most likely kill him since he is mostly human.

After Lloyd decided he will go with his father into the city, Cole gave Garmadon a sword, only for Garmadon to seemingly turn on the Ninja and attack them. However, he was just sparring with them to get his Elemental powers back before jumping off of their ship to fight the Oni. When Lloyd followed him, Garmadon told him that was foolish and he might have died. When they spotted the Oni, Garmadon and Lloyd attacked them with their combined Elemental Powers and Katanas. After Garmadon saved Lloyd's life multiple times, he coldly retorted that the reason he did this was that the two of them stood a better chance, before continuing their way to the vault where the Realm Crystal was hidden in Borg Tower. When they made their way to the vault the two of them tried to destroy the crystal only for something to stop them and appear out of it. Garmadon then attempted to defeat it by using Destruction to summon four glowing purple daggers and attack it, only to be hurled towards a wall. After defeating Lloyd, it introduced itself as the Omega, leader of the Oni. When the Omega asked Garmadon why he is defending Ninjago if he is an "Oni," insulted him and replied that if anyone were to destroy Ninjago, it would be him. Omega then declared that he and Lloyd will be destroyed.

The Fall

After a brief conversation with the Omega, the trio continued fighting. Lloyd was launched into a display containing the Sword of Sanctuary. However, the sword's reflection failed; he instead went for the Realm Crystal while Garmadon distracts the Oni. The Omega explained the crystal was only the key needed to open the portal and destroying it won't do anything. More Onis are summoned and Son and Father retreated. They are surrounded but noticed the Oni feared the Golden Master's armor. They managed to escape Borg Tower but were surprised to learn the Ninja had to leave with the Bounty due to a distress call. Instead, P.I.X.A.L. entered the dark clouds, and being a Nindroid, was able to save them. When she did, she noticed she was running out of fuel.

Lloyd and Garmadon are then surrounded by the Oni, but P.I.X.A.L. saved them on time. She ran out of fuel and they began to fall until the others arrived with the Bounty. The Ninja then told them that Cole was gone. After Garmadon told them they are wasting time mourning, he showed them the Golden Master's armor. However, everyone was upset at him and started leaving.

Garmadon, once again, looked at the photos in the Ninjas' cabinet. Vinny accidentally came in when looking for the bathroom. He introduced himself and Garmadon asked him a question about what is more important than survival. After answering with friendship, trust, and the like, Garmadon excused him.


Garmadon entered the Monastery of Spinjitzu carrying the Golden Armor and tosses it to Wu. As the Oni approach, Garmadon went outside the Monastery to fight with the other Ninja (except for Cole).

During the last stand, Garmadon used his power to transform into an Oni. But Omega gains the upper hand, proclaiming that he can sense Garmadon's hesitation to completely give in to the dark side and that the Evil Lord's hope to regain his lost humanity makes him weak. With Garmadon down and everyone else surrounded, the Ninja retreat back to the monastery. Just when all hope seems lost, Lloyd came up with the solution for them to recreate the Tornado of Creation. Garmadon initially refuses to join but after seeing a painting of Lloyd getting swept over by an Oni tentacle, he had a change of heart and helped wipe out the Oni.

Afterward, Garmadon stands apart when everyone was mourning Lloyd. When Lloyd miraculously wakes up, Garmadon strangely frowns to himself and he later left in silence with Master Wu bidding him farewell.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Never Trust a Human

Wu explains his and Garmadon's past with Aspheera.

The Explorers Club

When Lloyd looked into the Mirror of Fears, he sees himself as his father and fears becoming like him.

The Message

Lloyd explains to Akita who he is and then expresses how talking about it made him feel better. Descriptions

Pilot (2017 Museum)

Bitten by the Great Devourer as a child, Wu’s brother slowly filled with evil to become Lord Garmadon, the arch nemesis of good ninja everywhere. When his son Lloyd defeated the Overlord, he was finally freed of the poison that flowed through his veins! Master Garmadon has now taken the oath of peace. He helps mentor the ninja, though his training methods are very different from Wu’s. Garmadon is a man of tradition and doesn’t like modern technology at all.

Evil mastermind Lord Garmadon is trapped in the Underworld, so he orders Samukai to find all four Golden Weapons. But when the four-armed skeleton king recovers them, he tries to take their power for himself, only to be instantly vaporized! This opens a portal to another realm, giving Lord Garmadon a possibility to escape. He knew that their power would corrupt even the most loyal henchman. This was his plan all along!

Rise of the Serpentine (2017 Museum)

There’s much more to Lord Garmadon’s story than meets the eye. We see him mentor his son, even though they’re destined to meet in battle, and as we delve into his shared past with the ancient Serpentine tribes, we discover he didn’t choose to be the way he is. Can he avenge himself on the ancient horror that cursed him all those years before?

Legacy of the Green Ninja (2017 Museum)

With the help of the Serpentine, Lord Garmadon forges the Mega Weapon from the Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu. This unspeakable power gives him new ways to try and destroy the ninja. But when he is betrayed by the Serpentine and abandoned on an island, he meets the Overlord. Garmadon learns that fate has brought him there for a destiny far greater and more sinister than even he had ever imagined.

Rebooted (2017 Museum)

Garmadon, Lloyd’s father and the ninja’s former enemy, has been cured of the poison that turned him evil. He is particularly focused on rebuilding his relationship with Lloyd and helping his son unlock his potential as the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master. Garmadon hopes to teach Lloyd to focus on his mind and not just rely on his powers.

The Tournament of Elements (2017 Museum)

Garmadon is confronted by the ghosts of his past during the Tournament of Elements adventure. He accompanies the ninja to Chen’s Island because he knows all too well the depths of evil and treachery in his former teacher’s heart. He also faces the revelation that he won Misako’s heart long ago through trickery. In the end, Garmadon sacrifices himself to save the world and atone for his past.


  • Spinjitzu Destroyer
  • Weapon of choice: Deceit
  • Elemental color: All
  • Strength: Power of Destruction

Sensei Wu's evil brother who was banished to the underworld after he failed to collect all the four golden weapons. Now plotting to rise to power once again and recreate Ninjago in his own image.


Garmadon is the brother of Sensei Wu. As a young man, he was bitten by The Great Devourer and became Lord Garmadon. Merciless and sinister, he became an enemy of Sensei Wu and the ninja team. It was only when the Overlord was defeated that Garmadon was freed from the darkness. He no longer believes in violence of any kind, and is focused on trying to raise his son, Lloyd, the right way. But is he really reformed, and can he stick to being peaceful in the face of the Nindroid threat?[14]

Tournament of Elements

  • Element: All
  • Height: Four and a half bricks
  • Hobbies: Spending time with his son and trying to make up for past evil acts
  • Home base: Ninja DB X
  • Weapon: Nin-Jo

Garmadon is the brother of Sensei Wu. As a young man, he was bitten by The Great Devourer and became Lord Garmadon.

Merciless and sinister, he became an enemy of Sensei Wu and the Ninja team.

It was only when the Overlord was defeated that Garmadon was freed from the darkness.

He no longer believes in violence of any kind, and is focused on trying to raise his son, Lloyd, the right way.

But is he really reformed, and can he stick to being peaceful in the face of the Nindroid threat?[15]

Tournament of Elements (Ninjagopedia)

Garmadon is my brother and has, for better and worse, always been my greatest adversary. When we were children, we sparred together. When we grew older, he won the heart of the woman I loved. While he was the evil Lord Garmadon, I fought his reign and prevented him from conquering Ninjago. But now he is back to his old self and making up for lost time by being Misako’s husband and Lloyd’s father. He is a very wise man and a skilled Spinjitzu fighter. We are very alike in many ways. He holds all the elemental powers within him. We also share the same love for avoiding battle and when we are forced to fight, our favorite weapon is the simple Nin-jo staff.[16]

Sons of Garmadon

Bitten by the Great Devourer as a child, Wu’s brother turned evil and became Lord Garmadon. When his son Lloyd defeated the menace of the Overlord, Garmadon was finally freed of the poison that flowed through his veins. He became a loving father to Lloyd. When last seen, Garmadon had sacrificed himself to save the NINJAGO® world and was lost in the Cursed Realm.[17]


Garmadon – the ninja bitten by evil!

The son of the First Spinjitzu Master and elder brother of Wu, who went on to train a team of ninja heroes, Garmadon’s life could have turned out quite differently. But he was bitten by the Great Devourer as a child, poisoned with evil and became a warlord intent on destruction.

Him and his wife Misako had a child, Lloyd, who grew up to be a good and skilful ninja under the tutelage of Wu. And it was Lloyd who defeated the Overlord and finally freed his father Garmadon of the poison that had flowed through his veins.

Garmadon became a loving father to Lloyd, going on to sacrifice himself to save NINJAGO® world. The story didn’t end there though, as Harumi and a crime syndicate called the Sons of Garmadon resurrected him in his evil form!

This complex character is at the centre of so many NINJAGO stories and kids love role-playing with the Garmadon minifigures that feature in lots of action-packed LEGO® NINJAGO® building toy playsets.


The son of the First Spinjitzu Master and elder brother of Wu, who went on to train a team of ninja heroes, Garmadon’s life could have turned out quite differently. But he was bitten by the Great Devourer as a child, poisoned with evil and became a warlord intent on destruction.

Personality and Traits


Garmadon in his youth.

As a small child, Garmadon was stubborn, but still showed signs of maturity by quoting phrases of wisdom from his father to his younger brother. Even before the venom, he showed selfishness and was jealous of Wu's seeming luck, feeling that he always got everything. However, upon being bitten by the Great Devourer, he began to take on darker, more megalomaniacal aspects to himself, which caused him to turn against his family even when they sought to help him. The evils were something that he tried his best to fight with, showing great determination by keeping the beast's venom from fully controlling him for ages.


Garmadon struggling with his corruption.

Under Chen's influence, the Great Devourer's venom would continue to grow and pester at him. As a result of his master's teachings, Garmadon felt the need to win at all costs and would even resort to blatant cheating in order to achieve his goals. He would even go so far as to lie in order to win Misako's heart, though, despite all this, his true, good side managed to prevail at times, such as through guilt and virtue.

Likewise, when Chen sought to ally with the Serpentine, Garmadon managed to summon enough of his strength to resist the temptation given to him by both his master and the venom and refused, siding with his friends and family. During the war, he went on to fight with bravery and displayed great intelligence after creating the Serpentine's only known weakness, the Sacred Flutes.


Garmadon completely consumed by the evil within.

Decades after his victory during the Serpentine War, despite his love of Misako and their son, Garmadon eventually was unable to fight on any longer and ultimately succumbed to the influence of the Great Devourer's venom. Under its control, he became noticeably far more sinister and megalomaniacal, ruthlessly insulting his father's legacy and showing no hesitation to murder his brother over the Golden Weapons. Upon being banished to the Underworld, his evil continued to fester as he mercilessly stole Samukai's authority, refusing to give up, even in exile.

From there, he would hone his skills of manipulation, and afterward also displayed mocking sarcasm to his enemies, relishing in their dilemmas. He was also noticeably vengeful towards his brother, even more so as a result of his banishment and because he blamed Wu for the Great Devourer infecting him.

One thing that the venom of the Devourer failed to suppress, however, was his love for his wife and Lloyd; upon being told that his son was in danger, Garmadon didn't hesitate to save his arch-nemesis and brother in order to rescue his son. Likewise, he was unable to bring himself to harm Lloyd, even under the influence of the Overlord, instead feigning eagerness to fight, when in reality he was insecure over his deteriorating relationship with his loved ones. Indeed, he would also fight back the venom by offering to save Misako by having her rule at his side and also showing betrayal upon learning she had tricked him.


After countless years of inner torment, Garmadon was finally at peace.

After being purged of the Great Devourer's venom after countless years of scheming and manipulating, Garmadon's true, good side finally begins to show through; However, as a result of his crimes, he was left to feel enormous guilt. To cope, he began to live in solitude, training pupils to defend themselves, and was extremely pacifistic, relying exclusively on the Art of the Silent Fist in combat. Despite this, he was unwilling to let his personal guilt place his loved ones in danger, and promptly broke his vow in order to later rescue his son. Additionally, Garmadon would later refuse to take hostages, regardless of who they were, in order to accomplish any goals.

As a master, Garmadon was also noticeably different in that while his brother was generally more cryptic and vague, Garmadon was far more down-to-earth and practical, making his advice and instruction to the Ninja more direct and not hesitating to emphasize their wariness of his former master, Chen. He also acted very fatherly to his son and built a greater relationship with him.

Ultimately, without the venom of the Great Devourer, Garmadon proved to be incredibly selfless as well; upon the need, he willingly had himself banished to the Cursed Realm in order to save Ninjago from the Anacondrai warriors and likewise emphasized the defeat of the Preeminent over his own safety. Because of his virtuous and altruistic side, for a time, Garmadon changed his legacy from that of a vile Dark Lord to a benevolent hero, his good side being remembered forever by his friends and family.


The newly-reborn Garmadon, supposedly soulless and devoid of all of the light in his heart.

Once resurrected via the Oni Masks, initially it appeared that all of Garmadon's positive traits were obliterated; he himself proclaiming that of all his previous roles, only one returned—destroyer. All of Garmadon's love for his son and family, something even the Great Devourer's venom could not destroy in his previous evil self, had all but vanished. This was seen when Garmadon had shown no remorse or hesitation in attacking his son, wife, and de-aged brother.

His desire to dominate and lust for power is all that remains in his soulless heart. Despite this, Lloyd still believed there was some part of his father left within him and desperately attempted to bring this out of the newly reborn Garmadon, but to no avail.

Since then, Garmadon has shown his brutality and willingness to do anything to stay in power, whether that be threatening or even killing members of his own loyal forces, even Harumi herself, should they fail him. As Ninjago's dictator, he shows little mercy to those who ally with or may harbor his son, capturing them should they be found.


Garmadon struggles with his hesitance to destroy his son and reach his full potential.

In spite of all this, a strange oddity exists within his behavior. Garmadon has shown slight bits of mercy. Besides, not killing any of the Ninja's allies and sparing Harumi, despite her failures, Garmadon has shown mercy to Lloyd. Initially facing him without holding back, and thus, unlocking his True Potential, Garmadon didn't finish Lloyd off. This was seen again, when he did the same as his Colossus creation was on the verge of crushing his son and his friends and stopped after hearing his son's pleas.

Confused by his own persistent hesitance, Harumi helped Garmadon realize that though only his Oni side resurrected, his affection for Lloyd still encompassed all parts of him. When Harumi became his honorary daughter and she died, Garmadon was deeply saddened and enraged at Lloyd and tried to destroy Ninjago City. Despite this rage, Garmadon later saved Lloyd from certain death twice and implored him to fight him rather than killing him instantly. Garmadon revealed that his true motivation for unlocking his True Potential was to become powerful enough to defend Ninjago against a dark new threat he witnessed while in the Departed Realm, showing that despite his evil, he truly wanted to protect Ninjago and he greatly respected what his father created, though his desire was to ultimately conquer it.

It was likely his desperation to save Ninjago that eclipsed all his previous attachments. Garmadon accepted defeat after he lost his powers, asking Lloyd to finish him without bothering to continue fighting, and instead of showing rage when Lloyd spared him, he chose to warn his son of the incoming darkness, even going as far as to uncharacteristically plead to his son to believe him as he is taken to Kryptarium Prison, apparently entrusting the responsibility of defending Ninjago from the dark threat he saw to his son.


Garmadon tries to understand the meaning of life.

Garmadon's desperation to save Ninjago from the Oni makes him fully willing to actually call his son and ask for his help. Although he was still considered the Ninja's archnemesis and he treated them rather condescendingly, he is not heartless, as shown by how he repeatedly saves Lloyd even though he claimed it was to increase their chances of victory and attempts to fathom the Ninjas' sadness after Cole was thought to have died. His time with the Ninja during the Oni invasion impacted him to the point he developed a longing to understand humans and be one of them. Although at first, he refused to join the Ninja to create the Tornado of Creation, Garmadon had a change of heart and aided them. He still decided to leave, although he did take time to look back at Wu.


Garmadon is over a thousand years old. He and his younger brother's long lifespan is a result of them being the sons of the First Spinjitzu Master, who lived for thousands of years before finally succumbing to his mortality. According to Mistaké in "Two Lies, One Truth," this is due to their Oni blood.

Garmadon and his brother have a peculiar aging pattern. Ages ago, they were children when he was bitten, and they grew to be young men by the time their father passed away.[6] Their aging stagnated at some point, and a millennium later, they were still physically in their late teens during the events of the Serpentine War.[18] Decades later, they were physically in their early thirties when he was banished.[19] Only a mere decade later, by the beginning of the events of the series, they both appeared as old men, though Garmadon would only show his true age after he was purified of his evil.

For possible explanations on Garmadon and Wu's seemingly rapid aging, see the Trivia section.


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“First it was four arms, then you became a dragon. Would you mind picking a body and sticking with it, please?”
— Jay to Garmadon in "The Day of the Dragon"
  • Lord Garmadon, after being resurrected.
  • Master Garmadon, as the Ninjas' mentor.
  • Lord Garmadon, after gaining four arms.
  • Lord Garmadon as the ruler of the Underworld.
  • Young Lord Garmadon succumbed to the venom's evil.
  • Young Lord Garmadon, after the Serpentine War.
  • Garmadon as a child.

As a child, Garmadon appeared as a normal boy with a brown bowl-cut. Originally, his face appeared identically to his son's at the same age, while his eyebrows have changed and his eyes appear larger in more recent appearances. As a teenager/young adult, he had a swept-back, tousled hairstyle similar to Lloyd's original teenage form. He wore a black kimono with red kanji, showing his status as a Spinjitzu Master. Because of the Great Devourer's bite, in the final stages of his corruption, he gained pale skin and glowing red eyes. Upon being struck by lightning and falling into the Underworld, he gained a very similar appearance to Mistaké's true form. His body became completely black, with white facial markings, exposed ribs, and visible teeth. His hair became quite messy-looking while turning black like the rest of his body. He wore a purple sash around his waist, his old Ninja-obi, and later gained Samukai's helmet—a silver samurai helmet with a bone on it.

His time in the Realm of Madness gave him four arms, a gray armored chest plate, a darker helmet, and new blades. After arriving on the Island of Darkness, he gained a new helmet that also gave him control over the Stone Army, which he wore until Dareth took possession of it.

  • Original cured Garmadon.
  • Original young Garmadon.

At the end of "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master", Garmadon was reverted to a normal man, free of the evil energy that had corrupted him. He appeared as an old man similar in appearance to Master Wu, but with a full head of graying hair instead of a beard. His old outfit had been transformed into the "special" kimono his brother wore in "Battle Between Brothers," a predominantly black kimono with white sleeves and golden Chinese characters are written on the front of the kimono.

In Rebooted, his face is slightly different, and he has donned an official master gi that was mostly black with a white sleeved, gray overcoat and a green belt, along with a crest of a black dragon in a gold circle. This same symbol appears on his back.

In The Tournament of Elements, his gi remained mostly black, but its design was altered to have gold accents. It was also revealed that he had an Anacondrai tattoo on his back from his days as Chen's right hand. He later turned into an Anacondrai but was reverted to normal after his banishment to the Cursed Realm.

Following his resurrection in Season 8, Garmadon gains a modified appearance of his "Lord" form from The LEGO Ninjago Movie. He has black samurai armor that is cracked on the left side of his chest, revealing his exposed rib-cage and purple ooze coming out of his body and a towering horned helmet. The sash around his waist is now blue and he is similar to his appearance before he was turned good, a difference being that the glint in his eyes is now yellow instead of dark gray and his teeth aren't always visible.


Lord Garmadon was never seen fighting directly in the pilot episodes and was thus never seen wielding any weapons. In Season 1, he was seen using a variety of weapons, including katanas, scythes, knives, and spears. He usually carried weapons in all four of his hands, but occasionally used fewer in order to hold them with multiple hands (thereby increasing the force of his blows).

In "Day of the Great Devourer" and "Darkness Shall Rise," Lord Garmadon briefly wielded all four of the Golden Weapons, but eventually fused them into the Mega Weapon, which he wielded until its destruction in "Wrong Place, Wrong Time." After arriving on the Island of Darkness, he was largely content to remain out of direct combat once again, with his possession of the Helmet of Shadows allowing him to command the Stone Army in his stead. However, he manned some of the Army's strongest vehicles, including the Samurai Mech and the Garmatron.

Following his purification, Garmadon vowed against using weapons, though he used a Nin-Jô as a walking stick, much like his brother Wu.

After his resurrection, Garmadon used his newfound power of Creation to make darkened, purple daggers for himself, using them ruthlessly in battle.

Powers and Attributes

Like his brother, Master Wu, Garmadon has the ability to perform Spinjitzu, with his version channeling the power of Destruction. After being bitten by the Great Devourer, his power became unbalanced.[20] He is also a skilled fighter, being proficient in martial arts and the use of many different weapons.

In his first appearance, Lord Garmadon was able to summon and duplicate Shadows—dark entities able to harm physical beings while the latter could not do the same. Similarly, during his stay in the Underworld, he had the ability to use his powers to create a shadow duplicate of himself in order to interact with Ninjago to some extent.

During his time in his dark dimension, he gained the power of doing what was seemingly impossible for him to achieve: to wield all four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu at once. In addition to this newfound ability, he gained two extra arms to help him hold each weapon more easily—though this new power still left him feeling weak upon using the Mega Weapon.

Upon being purified after the Overlord's defeat, Garmadon lost his extra pair of arms, and therefore, the power to wield all four Golden Weapons. In addition, Garmadon's Destruction returned to balance.[21] Initially, after being cured, he repressed his power by refusing to fight, but he eventually returned to being an active combatant in order to save his son.

After being resurrected by the Oni Masks, Garmadon began to unlock his True Potential. He uses Destruction in combat for the first time, manifesting it as purple energy, similar to when he was possessed by the Overlord, in the form of blasts, shields and strong explosions. He can also use Destruction to telekinetically choke and even tear apart others from certain distances, as he did with Mr. E, as well as enhance his strength to superhuman levels, which makes him able to easily break through brick walls. He gains the power of Creation, as he is also a descendant of the dragons. Using his full power, he was able to use the environment to create an enormous Colossus. However, after he was defeated by Lloyd, Garmadon lost his powers, leaving him powerless and vulnerable. However, he later regained his Destruction and Creation powers when he was fighting alongside the Ninja against the Oni. He can also charge his power to turn into an Oni with enhanced strength and speed, however, if weakened he will revert back to his original form. It's unknown if he could shapeshift into anything else.



LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Pilot Episodes


Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 4: The Tournament of Elements

Season 5: Possession

Day of the Departed

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 9: Hunted

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 12: Prime Empire

Season 13: Master of the Mountain


Video Games


  • The name "Garmadon" was created by mixing up most of the letters of the word "Armageddon."[22]
  • Though Garmadon is his first name, it became his son's last name, which is a custom in some real-world cultures.[23] He and his brother do not have a last name.[24]
  • Lord Garmadon has led four of the sixteen major villainous factions at some point in the series: the Skulkin, Serpentine, Stone Army, and the Sons of Garmadon.
    • Of the armies he did not command, he did have some relation to them in some way shape, or form except for the Sky Pirates, Blizzard Samurai, Unagami's Army, the Mechanic's Henchmen, and the Awakened Warriors.
      • He once dressed as a Nindroid as a disguise, he became an Anacondrai along with the Anacondrai warriors, he was in the Cursed Realm with the Ghost Warriors, wore Vermillion armor in a vision, his father originated from the Realm of Oni and Dragons like the Dragon Hunters, he is part Oni, and helped Wu defeating Aspheera, the current leader of the Pyro Vipers.
  • Episode 40 explains the reason Garmadon was called "Lord Garmadon"; he defeated Clouse to attain the title of Lordship from Chen. It also explains how he won Misako's heart by signing the love letter written by Wu, which Chen intercepted.
  • Despite the fact that he still had Destruction,[21] his Spinjitzu color was erroneously different in the Tournament of Elements intro, being a dull silver color instead of dark purple.[25]
  • In Episode 54, in The Preeminent, he appears to be a physical being, not a ghost. This is possible because when someone is sent to the Cursed Realm, they decompose inside, rather than dying when entering.
  • He is the first villain who appears in the series to have a vendetta against Wu, followed by Morro, the Time Twins, and Aspheera.
  • An animatronic of his four-armed "Lord" state was part of the Ninja exhibit at the Ninjago Museum of History seen in "Winds of Change."
  • In many episodes when he was evil, he said he wanted to make Ninjago into his own image, and in "The Corridor of Elders," a statue of him was carved into the stone in the Corridor of Elders, literally making part of Ninjago into his image.
  • In "Blackout," when Garmadon was struggling to climb the mountain and Lloyd jokingly told him about his four arms, he replied by wishing he still had his four arms.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Garmadon was killed in Possession because the Hageman Brothers felt that there was only room for one sensei, and to progress Lloyd's character.[26][27]
    • It was stated that, as of February 2018, there are no plans to bring Garmadon's good form back.[28]
  • Skybound is currently the only season in which Garmadon does not appear in any way ("Day of the Departed" is a special and not a season).
  • Garmadon and the Overlord are the only villains to be the main antagonists in more than one season.
  • He was originally meant to be called "Demic," from the word "pandemic".[29][30]
  • Garmadon is similar to Anakin Skywalker as both gained a nefarious reputation when turned to the dark side, transformed into a black-clad entity, manipulated by a greater evil who brought them to the dark side (Overlord for Garmadon and Palpatine for Anakin), and finally able to redeem themselves with help of their archenemy that turned out to be their son.
    • The difference, however, whereas Anakin died in peace soon after he redeemed himself, Garmadon survived longer.
    • Their LEGO Minifigures also have the same hairpiece, albeit in different colors. Garmadon had the exact same hairpiece as Anakin's minifigures from Episode 3 and The Clone Wars.
  • In Season 4, his hair appears to be a darker shade of gray than in Season 3.
  • Garmadon is also similar to Scar from Disney's The Lion King franchise as both turn against their brothers after being bitten by a snake and corrupted by its venom.
  • He has Oni and Dragon blood like his father, brother, and son.
  • At the end of "True Potential," Harumi refers to Garmadon as "Emperor Garmadon." He later goes on to declare himself the emperor of Ninjago before being defeated by Lloyd.
  • In his reborn form, the word "evil" is written on his armor in the Ninjago Alphabet.
  • Garmadon's dominant power is Destruction, but he has the power of Creation as well (in order to use it, he must unlock his True Potential).
  • Garmadon is the third character to announce the title card at the beginning of an episode, having announced it in "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago," the second being Lloyd throughout the rest of Season 8.
  • Garmadon, along with Iron Baron, is the main antagonist of Season 9. He is also the main antagonist of the first arc of Season 2.
  • Garmadon and Ultra Violet are the only members of the Sons of Garmadon to appear in all the episodes of Season 9.
  • Although in "True Potential," he denied Lloyd as his son. But during Season 9, he still refers to him as "my son," possibly hinting at his fondness for him returning.
  • Garmadon's original "Lord form" has a striking resemblance to Mistaké's true form.
  • In "Green Destiny," Garmadon loses his power when Lloyd defeats him by indirectly fighting, as he is fueled by combat.
  • During his confrontation with Wu in "Green Destiny," Garmadon is able to correctly call the Dragonbone Blade his father's sword. How Garmadon knew this is unknown, as he was not in the Realm of Oni and Dragons nor had Wu known about it prior to its retrieval.
  • Garmadon in Season 9 is similar to Logan from Fable III; both were thought to be some tyrant to rule their respective areas and had a resistance against them led by someone related to them but they were really trying to prevent coming darkness that the protagonists now has to deal with.
  • It is revealed in "The Fall" that Garmadon doesn't have many memories of his good self. However, he does recognize the Golden Armor.
  • He is one of the ten main antagonists to still be alive, the others being: Pythor, Nadakhan, the Time Twins, and Iron Baron, Aspheera, Vex, Unagami, and Vangelis.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, there are three possible reasons for why Wu and Garmadon aged so quickly between "Battle Between Brothers" and the beginning of the series, despite having been young for so long.[31]
    • In the live-chat of an episode of the Eljay Johnsen Show, he confirmed a fan's theory that one reason may be that Wu and Garmadon share an intrinsic connection of some sort that was severed by Garmadon being banished to the Underworld, affecting their mortality.[32]
    • He also said another explanation could be tea.
  • As Lord Garmadon, he has six minifigures with different appearances: original, with four arms, possessed, Reborn, and Legacy (with 4 arms and another with 2 arms).
  • On the LEGO website, a picture of the Overlord is inaccurately shown on Garmadon's description.
  • Garmadon's March of the Oni characterization is Tommy Andreasen's favorite portrayal of him because he is "both intimidating, scheming, playful, sarcastic, funny, and with some compassion. Struggling to understand himself and humanity."[33]
  • According to Nya in "Rise of Garmadon," "Garmadon wasn't truly evil or truly good. [...] There were always attributes of both, lord or master."
  • It's unconfirmed whether he can create an energy dragon like his brother can.[34]
  • In the original LEGO sets, Garmadon was associated with the Thunder Bolt.
  • The Bizarro Ninja's eyes and pale skin are identical to Garmadon when he was younger and under the Great Devourer's influence, most likely due to being created by him.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, the reason Garmadon's human face design changed slightly between seasons 2 and 3 could be because of age.[35]



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Dan Vaapit · Fred Finely · Gayle Gossip · Vinny


Leader: Captain Soto
First Mate · No-Eyed Pete

Stone Army

Creator: The Overlord
General Kozu · Giant Stone Warrior · Stone Warrior · Stone Swordsmen · Stone Scout


General Cryptor · Nindroid Drone · Nindroid Warriors · Min-Droid

Anacondrai warriors

Leader: Chen
Clouse · Zugu · Eyezor · Kapau · Chope · Krait · Sleven

Elemental Masters

Current Elemental Masters: Ash · Bolobo · Chamille · Gravis · Griffin Turner · Jacob Pevsner · Karlof · Neuro · Mr. Pale · Shade · Skylor · Tox
Previous Elemental Masters: Cole's Grandfather · Griffin Turner's Grandparent · Jay's Mother · Lilly · Master of Gravity · Master of Ice · Unknown Elemental Master · Master of Shadow · Master of Sound · Maya · Ray · Skylor's Mother

Ghost Warriors

Leader: The Preeminent
Morro · Chain Master Wrayth · Blade Master Bansha · Scythe Master Ghoultar · Bow Master Soul Archer
Ghost Ninja: Attila · Hackler · Howla · Ming · Spyder · Wooo
Ghost Warriors: Cowler · Cyrus · Ghurka · Pitch · Pyrrhus · Wail · Yokai

Sky Pirates

Leader: Nadakhan
Flintlocke · Dogshank · Doubloon · Monkey Wretch · Clancee · Bucko · Cyren · Skeleton Figurehead
Former Members: Delara · Squiffy

Ninjago Police

Police Commissioner · Tommy · Simon · Noonan · O'Doyle · Jimmy · Policeman · Night Watchman

Temple of Airjitzu Ghosts

Leader: Master Yang
Yang's Students: Chris · Martin · "Chuck"

Shadow Army

Leader: Clouse


Leaders: Acronix · Krux
Machia · Raggmunk · Blunck · Vermin · Rivett · Slackjaw · Tannin · Buffmillion

Sons of Garmadon

Leaders: Harumi · Lord Garmadon
Killow · Ultra Violet · Mr. E · Luke Cunningham · Chopper Maroon · Mohawk · Nails · Sawyer · Scooter · Buffer · "Snake Jaguar" · Colossus

Ninjago Royal House

Emperor of Ninjago · Empress of Ninjago · Princess Harumi · Hutchins · Royal Guards

Dragon Hunters

Leader: Heavy Metal
Jet Jack · Skullbreaker · Arkade · Muzzle · Daddy No Legs · Chew Toy · Talon · Nitro · "Rocky Dangerbuff" · "Dangerbuff Junior" · Stalwart Dangerbuff · Otto Pilot
Former Members: Iron Baron


Leader: The Omega

Pyro Vipers

Leader: Aspheera
Char · Pyro Destroyers · Pyro Slayers · Pyro Whippers
Former Members: Mambo V · Mambo's Advisor

Blizzard Samurai

Leader: Ice Emperor
General Vex
Blizzard Warriors: Grimfax
Blizzard Sword Masters · Blizzard Archers


Formling Leader · Akita · Kataru · Vex

Ice Fishers

Leader: Sorla
Uthaug · Boma


Leader: Sammy
Nelson · Antonia · Leroy

Explorers Club

Leader: Cecil Putnam
Percy Shippelton · Smythe · Underhill
Former Members: Clutch Powers

Prime Empire Gamers/AI

Creator: Milton Dyer
Ballistic Missiles: Anthony Brutinelli
Chrome Domes: Hyper-Sonic
Admin Droid · Adventure-Ready Woman · Avatar Pink Zane · Okino · Racer Seven · Scott · Shifty · Successful Samurai
League of Jay: Beta Jay 137 · Dee-Jay 81 · Jaybird 64 · Jaywalkin 238

Unagami's Army

Leader: Unagami
Sushimi · Sushimi's Sushi Chefs · Sushi Waitress · Avatar Harumi
Red Visors: Red 27 · Red 29
Allies: The Mechanic · Captain Soto · Ultra Violet · Ritchie · Richie · The Mechanic's Henchmen

Whack Rats

Leader: Atta the Ratta
Ritchie · Richie

Awakened Warriors

Leader: Skull Sorcerer
Skull of Hazza D'ur

Sky Folk

Vangelis · Queen Vania · Engelbert
Winged Guards of Shintaro: Hailmar


Leader: Queen Murtessa
Murt · Moe


Leader: Chancellor Gulch
Gleck · Gliff · Groko · Garpo · Ginkle · Mr. Wise


Fungus · Korgran · Plundar

Prophesized Figures

Golden Master · Golden Ninja · Green Ninja


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