These are the relationships of the Dark Lord and former Ninja Master, Garmadon.


First Spinjitzu Master

“Father is no longer here!”
— Garmadon to Wu

A young Garmadon and his father.

The First Spinjitzu Master was Garmadon and Wu's father, and childhood master. Garmadon loved his father and was trained under him along with his brother in the arts of Spinjitzu. When bitten by the Great Devourer and infected by evil, he lashed out against his father, despite the latter’s attempts at trying to tend to him after the accident.

Centuries later, the evil inside him caused Garmadon to become bitter at how Wu was always praised by their father, despite him loving both his sons equally, to the point that he angrily lashed out that Wu was the favorite when Wu tried to remind him that their father wouldn't have wanted this terrible fate for him. After he was freed of the venom's influence, it is unknown how exactly Garmadon felt about his father, but it is likely he had regained his fondness for him.

After he was resurrected as his evil self, it was shown in "Two Lies, One Truth" that Garmadon is so motivated to gain his True Potential and conquer Ninjago because his goal is to protect what his father created after seeing an impending doom in the Departed Realm, which eclipsed all his attachment to his family. This showed that Garmadon still respected his father to an extent, at least for what he had created. In addition, despite claiming earlier that his power was greater than even his father, Garmadon later acknowledged that the power that the Omega planned to extinguish was the First Spinjitzu Master's power of Creation, showing he still respected the tremendous power possessed by his father.



Garmadon and his brother Wu.

Wu is Garmadon's younger brother whom he cherished as a child. In their youth, they were very close and always had each other's backs. This was best seen during the many times they aided each other in combat.

Sadly, those times were destined to someday end once Garmadon was bitten by the Great Devourer and was infected by evil, which turned him against his brother, as he blamed him for the accident. They remained close, however, and Garmadon warned Wu to not venture into the Serpentine territory. He also warned him to not trust Aspheera after he taught her Spinjitzu. Despite this, Garmadon still helped his brother in facing Aspheera after the latter betrayed his trust and they defeated her, resolving to never speak of it again. The two remained a force against evil for countless years following the death of their father. While serving Chen, the latter revealed he had stolen a love letter that Wu wrote for Misako and gave Garmadon the option to stay by his side and have her. For years after, Garmadon felt guilty but he gave into the corruption and forged his signature, which won Misako's affections. Despite committing a heinous act against his brother, it was kept a secret, and Garmadon sided with Wu in the Serpentine War and in fighting the Time Twins.

After Garmadon finally succumbed to the Devourer's venom, he attempted to steal the Golden Weapons, and the two brothers came to blows which ended in Garmadon being defeated and banished to the Underworld. Years later, Wu assembled a team of Ninja to fight against him and his Skeleton Army.

Once Garmadon was purified of his evil, he reconnected with his younger brother, and they were both working side by side once again, as the Ninjas' masters for a short time.

After Chen told Wu of Garmadon's past actions, Wu was infuriated at his brother's actions and felt him unworthy of being a master until Skylor put a stop to it. After that Wu was silently hostile to his brother not bothering to speak to him at the cave as Garmadon was sad at losing him. However, it appears Wu forgave his brother as he spoke against the latter's thoughts of banishing himself to the Cursed Realm. This seemed to be the case as he proudly called Garmadon Lloyd's master, showing he had taken back his earlier statement that his brother was no master.

After his resurrection, Garmadon searched for his de-aged brother and nearly used the Colossus to destroy him and the Ninja. Garmadon was unaware that his brother was really transported to the birthplace of their father.

During "Green Destiny," Wu returned to Ninjago and Garmadon sensed him realizing he was still alive. Wu confronted his brother with Lloyd and they fight, as Garmadon declares his family as his enemies. Wu tried to talk sense into him but Garmadon mocked Wu by saying that just because he has their father's sword does not mean he is their father's equal. Despite this, however, Garmadon did not bother to finish off Wu, instead of continuing to engage Lloyd.

They later reunited to face the Oni and parted ways on a good note after the conflict.


“Misako, I may look different, and evil may now course through my veins, but I am still the man standing before you.”
— Garmadon

Garmadon and his beloved wife Misako

Misako is Garmadon's estranged wife. In his younger years, Garmadon always had eyes for her and she was the one person to cause him control of his evil. While serving Chen, the latter revealed he had stolen a love letter that Wu wrote for Misako and gave Garmadon the option to stay by his side and have her. Garmadon felt guilty but he gave into the corruption and forged his signature, which won Misako's affections. His feelings for her were enough to cause Garmadon to cease his affiliation with Chen to join his brother in the Serpentine War and protect her. At the war's end, they married and had a son Lloyd. In return, Misako loved him dearly and wanted to find a way to free him of his evil so she could be with him again. After Garmadon was purified of the evils, he was reunited with his happy wife as he was able to finally be with her. They were happy together as the two reconnected as a couple.

Despite returning to her, he confided in Lloyd of how he earned Misako's affections and lied to Misako even committing a heinous act against his brother. However, Garmadon did not regret his choice as he was able to have happiness before his evil fully corrupted him. Once he was purified of the evil, Garmadon reunited with his happy wife but kept this news from his wife out of fear of losing her again. When telling Lloyd this tale, the latter persuaded him to be honest with her and Wu as not telling would hurt him even more as Garmadon agreed. After returning to her, she noticed he was sad about something and told him to tell her as he was her husband. He tried to tell her the truth but was unable because of an incident though she found out from Chen and was heartbroken by his deceit. Despite this, she still forgave Garmadon before he was banished to the Cursed Realm by Lloyd. She paid respect to him in "Day of the Departed," along with her son.

When Garmadon was resurrected, he came back as his evil self and told Lloyd that he played many roles one of which was a brother, husband, and father but now he's a destroyer. Garmadon later attacked Misako unhesitantly, showing he lost his affections for her since he was completely consumed by evil. However, as it was later revealed that Garmadon's rebirth still encompassed all that he once was and given the fact he did not kill her but instead imprisoned her may imply he still cared for her enough to spare her but has no qualms putting her in her place so he can save Ninjago by uniting it and unlocking his True Potential.

In "Endings," Garmadon bluntly told his wife that he was no longer the man that would say sweet things to her, but didn't show any animosity towards her apart from that.


“I yearned to make the world in my image. I never realized I already had, in you.”
— Garmadon, The Corridor of Elders

Garmadon and his son Lloyd

Lloyd is Garmadon's son; he loved him very much since the day he was born. Lloyd idolized him and even dreamed of being just like his father by following in his footsteps and becoming a supervillain. Garmadon didn't want his son to be like him, and instead, he wanted Lloyd to be his own person. When Garmadon found out Lloyd was the Green Ninja, he was sad that he had to face his own son and vice versa. After he was purified from evil, the first thing Garmadon asked for was Lloyd, who was happy that he was finally reunited with his father and the two used this as an opportunity to spend time with each other. When dealing with the Overlord, Garmadon came to his son's aid with no hesitation telling Pythor who brought up his oath of not fighting that when he stole his son all promises were broken.

When Lloyd was about to go off to Chen's Island with his friends to find Zane, Garmadon quickly tried to stop him but joined him on his journey after he saw it was pointless to hinder him. It was there that Garmadon revealed to his son of some shocking details about his past namely Chen was his master and that he signed a love letter written by his uncle which caused his mother to fall in love with him. Lloyd was surprised but persuaded his father to tell Wu and Misako about his past after he admitted his fear of losing them after he got both of them back in his life. Garmadon also assured Lloyd he was on his side no matter what after the latter was sad that he turned into Anacondrai and Lloyd was quick to stop Jay from attacking Garmadon after he mistook him for Anacondrai cultist. Before the battle with Chen, Lloyd noticed Wu and Misako shunning Garmadon, asking if they knew about the letter as Garmadon sadly confirmed it. When fighting Chen's forces he was openly against the idea of having to banish his father to the Cursed Realm defeat Chen but relented and personally banished him to see him off though was sad at the outcome.

In "Curseworld, Part II," Garmadon was reunited with his son while traversing the cursed realm and attempted to free him but to no avail. Lloyd was distraught when he realized that to defeat the Preeminent he'd have to sacrifice his father who told him no matter what he'll always be a part of him. After the defeat of the Preeminent, Lloyd returned from the Cursed Realm and stated his father was in a better place. On "Day of the Departed," Lloyd and his mother pay their respects before Pythor attacked them and while fighting the Ancondrai, he realized that no matter what, Garmadon would always be there for him.

In "Dread on Arrival," Garmadon was resurrected, devoid of all love for his son, proclaiming in the following episode to be "Destroyer," with all previous aliases being dropped. After his resurrection, Harumi tells him that in order to reach his True Potential and unlock the power of Creation, he must overcome his love for his son and defeat him. Garmadon does as he is told without a second thought, unlocking his True Potential while shattering the bond he had with his son. Garmadon later fought his son who tried getting through to him but he told him he was no longer his father but a destroyer before he left his son in a critical state, though let him escape.

In "Firstbourne," when Harumi reported to Garmadon that Lloyd still hasn't been caught, he was confused by Lloyd's defiance to him and was posed to use Colossus to destroy half the city to draw him out but agreed with Harumi's suggestion of sending Mr. E instead. Garmadon also called Lloyd his son which was a contrast to his earlier declaration of having no child.

During "Radio Free Ninjago," Garmadon continued the search for Lloyd and was angered by the attempts of his followers. He has even shown the ability to sense his son's presence and almost came close to finding him before he was interrupted. Later on, he watched his son's broadcast and was issued a challenge by him and was seething in rage as Lloyd garnered support from the public.

In "The Gilded Path," Garmadon encounters his son once more and nearly kills him by crushing him with the Colossus. However, he hears Lloyd's pleas at not doing so and relents, marking the first time he has shown hesitance after his revival. This reluctance allowed Lloyd to escape his grasp, much to his ire.

In "Two Lies, One Truth," Garmadon berates himself for not finishing Lloyd and believes it to be his lingering love for him that is keeping him from getting stronger. This shows that he still cares for him, despite coming back as his evil self. However, he attempts to give up his love for Lloyd by taking Harumi, the one who revived him, as his daughter.

During "Green Destiny," Garmadon is confronted by his son along with Wu who returned and they fight as Garmadon declares them as his enemies. Garmadon ignored Lloyd's pleas for him to come to his senses but nevertheless he showed himself to be unable to bring himself to kill him, as whenever Lloyd was moments away from falling to his doom throughout the fight, Garmadon pulled him back up even if harshly, while claiming it was to toy with him longer. This act of overconfidence led to his downfall, as Lloyd soon stopped fighting and resisted his father long enough for the latter to lose his power and him to regain his own. Before going to prison, Garmadon warned Lloyd that now that he was powerless, there was nothing that could stop Ninjago from being overcome by the approaching darkness. Despite no longer trusting his father, Lloyd heeded his words about the darkness and feared the coming of the Oni.

When they reunited to face the Oni, Garmadon showed his remaining love for his son by saving him several times, although he claimed it was to increase their chances of winning.


The Ninja (formerly)


Garmadon proud of the Ninja

Initially, he served as the main foe of the Ninja and would try to steal the Golden Weapons but they were forced to enlist his aid to defeat the Great Devourer, though he betrayed them in the end.

After the evil left his body, Garmadon became a valuable ally to the Ninja and served as a second master to them. He sacrificed himself to save Ninjago from Chen's forces, the Ninja were to him for this but sad at his loss. They chose to honor his memory by looking out for his son in his place.

After his resurrection, Garmadon used the Colossus to destroy the Ninja. Garmadon was unaware that his foes were in the birthplace of his father.

During "Green Destiny," the Ninja returned to Ninjago and Garmadon sensed them realizing they were alive. The Ninja defeated his followers and the Colossus before they watched as he was arrested after his defeat.

During the attack of the Oni in Season 10, Garmadon became an ally of the Ninja, shortly after defeating them he leaves.


Samukai (Formerly)

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Samukai ready to battle with Garmadon

Garmadon and Samukai came into conflict years ago. With help from his brother Wu, he was defeated and sent to the Underworld. When Garmadon himself was banished to the Underworld, Samukai eagerly confronted his nemesis, gloating over his predictions of the former's banishment turning true. Seeking revenge on Garmadon through plans to subject him to an afterlife of pain and suffering, Samukai clashed with his old foe. However, he was ultimately defeated when Garmadon used Spinjitzu, and Samukai was humiliated by his victorious opponent who donned the helmet that had once signified his own authority. As a result, he was demoted back to only the Skulkin General of Fire.

Chen (Formerly)

“Let this be a lesson, son. If you turn on your evil sensei in an effort to go straight, you may not be served creamy biscuits.”
— Garmadon to Lloyd, about Chen

A young Garmadon and Chen

His former master in the ways of evil, Garmadon sought to better himself in the eyes of Chen. When he and Clouse fought, Chen encouraged it by declaring that the winner would become his right-hand man and be granted lordship. Garmadon cheated and used Spinjitzu to win, which Chen had forbidden, though the master dismissed it, and even praised Garmadon for his deception while granting him the title of Lord. Later, Chen presented Garmadon with a letter he had intercepted. It was a love letter which was written by Wu and addressed to Misako. Chen convinced Garmadon to sign his own name, further stimulating the young lord's dark impulses. This also set in the path of Lloyd's birth by doing this.

When the Serpentine War broke out, Chen decided to ally himself with the Serpentine and asked Garmadon to aid him, though he refused and instead left to help his brother, to Chen's irritation. At the end of the war, Chen was banished to an island but swore revenge.

They met again and by this time, Garmadon was freed of his evils and Chen was now in charge of a criminal empire. Chen took note of his former pupil's presence while he was less pleased to see him again.

Garmadon knew Chen was up to something but didn't know though warned his son. In Spellbound, Chen nearly caused Garmadon to fall to his death but Lloyd saved him. During The Forgotten Element, Chen visited the captured Garmadon and Nya to taunt them with his victory over Lloyd and taunting them overturning Kai to his side. He states he will take Lloyd's power while telling Garmadon that he can't witness it, as he is still a little hurt at his desertion. Chen and Clouse then laugh when Garmadon threatens Chen's daughter Skylor, stating they know he can't do it as he is now a good guy. He leaves as Clouse states that his pet serpent will feast on Garmadon and Nya while mocking his foe.

Garmadon broke free and helped the Ninja in pursuing Chen's forces. However, because of his past allegiance, he was turned into an Anacondrai.

During Chen's invasion of Ninjago, Chen told Wu of Garmadon's past actions of forging his signature on Wu's letter to Misako and took pleasure in watching his loved ones turn on him. Garmadon also stopped Chen's plans by banishing himself to the Cursed Realm. This also released the cursed Anacondrai Generals to be freed and banish Chen and his followers as well.

Time Twins (Formerly)


A young Garmadon and his brother fight the Time Twins

Once good allies turned enemies after they sought to take over Ninjago. Garmadon aided his younger brother in fighting them to impede their plans.

Even after forty years, the twins continue to detest him as much as they do Wu for halting their progress and trapping them in the Temporal Vortex and extend this to his son as well. However, the three never met again, due to Garmadon's death and Wu presumably defeating them instead as well sealing them away again before Garmadon's resurrection.

The Overlord (Formerly)


Garmadon meets The Overlord's spirit.

Garmadon met the Overlord in the Dark Island.

The Dark Lord possessed his body and turned him into a reptilian monster. The Overlord made Garmadon fight his son but ultimately Garmadon broke free from its control, allowing Lloyd to defeat him. Also, The Overlord being exiled freed Garmadon from his eons worth of evil.

The Overlord resurfaced, with help from Pythor and tried to kidnap Lloyd. By this point, Garmadon had tried to become a peaceful master but called off his promise to protect his son.


“My child. You have given me life. Stand and face your new father.”
— Garmadon to Harumi
MoS83 SOG & Garmadon

Lord Garmadon with Harumi and her generals.

Harumi had always worshiped Garmadon since he saved Ninjago by defeating the Great Devourer and would go onto form an organization dedicated to following him called the Sons of Garmadon. She tried her best to resurrect him and her efforts were successful, as he broke into the police station to rescue her, much to her joy.

After Garmadon subjugated the city in Season 9, Harumi worked closely with him and became an adviser to him.

In "Firstbourne," it was her suggestion to send Mr. E to procure Lloyd rather than letting him use the Colossus to destroy their territory. Garmadon appears to value her input as he agreed and sent her off to complete the mission.

However, in "Iron & Stone," Garmadon was angered by Mr. E's failure and Harumi was scared as he destroyed the Nindroid in front of her. Garmadon turned his attention to her, threatened to do the same should she fail him as her colleague did, and she was terrified and complied with his order.

During "Two Lies, One Truth," Garmadon talked with Harumi and told her his love for Lloyd was keeping him from getting stronger, he also explained an impending danger to her. When she offered for him to give up his love for Lloyd by taking her as his child, he accepted the offer since she was the one who revived him and made her his honorary daughter.

In "Saving Faith," her death left Garmadon grief-stricken and enraged, and as a result, further tore apart Ninjago City in order to destroy Lloyd and the Resistance.


The Great Devourer

“You are the reason evil runs through my blood. You bit me once. Now feel what it's like to be bitten back.”
— Garmadon

A young Garmadon bit by the Great Devourer

The very same reptile that corrupted him as a small child. Garmadon resisted the effects of its venom for centuries but he always remembered the beast even after being completely consumed by evil.

To achieve this goal, he temporarily made a truce with the ninja to fight his foe. Garmadon was able to get his revenge on the creature and destroy it with the Golden Weapons and was satisfied at his deed.

Indirectly, Garmadon's actions would help him as his victory formed the Sons of Garmadon who would worship and work to resurrect him, with it being a success.



A young Garmadon and Clouse.

His former fellow apprentice under Chen and one of his rivals.

They often trained together as both wanted to earn a place as Chen's right hand. Garmadon's victory over Clouse is what gave him his title as Lord and would earn him Clouse's hatred.

Years later, the two met again and both were not pleased to see one another but hid their contempt under false pleasantries.

Garmadon fought Clouse once more and the latter attempted to banish him to the Cursed Realm and taunted him on his impending defeat. However, Garmadon was able to escape the spell and send Clouse to the realm instead. Unfortunately, this fight foreshadowed Garmadon's true banishment to the realm.

The Omega

“If anyone is going to destroy Ninjago, it'll be me, not some Oni usurper with a walking stick.”
— Garmadon
The Omega is one of Garmadon's new enemies.

Garmadon met him in "Into the Breach," where he personally challenged him over who had the right to rule Ninjago. Garmadon didn't think highly of him and insulted the latter, initiating a battle.

During "Endings," the Omega and Garmadon fought again and the latter mocked Garmadon for his weakness. He also berated him for yearning to be human again in order to understand the feelings of those around him.


“You can't trust her. She's a slimy snake.”
— Garmadon

At some point in his early life as a child, Garmadon and Wu were rescued by Aspheera after they were locked up for trespassing in Serpentine land. While they promised to help her, Garmadon was said to not want to uphold it and told Wu to not trust Aspheera. Garmadon's warning was accurate, as Aspheera took advantage of Wu teaching her Spinjitzu to overthrow her King and launch an invasion. When informed of this, Garmadon aided his brother in defeating Aspheera who was sealed in a pyramidal tomb for a thousand years. Garmadon and Wu never spoke of the incident after it was done.

When the Ninja accidentally releases Aspheera, she becomes obsessed with exacting revenge on Wu. While it is unknown how she feels about Garmadon, she may detest him as well since he helped with locking her away, although Wu noted that Aspheera was not after Garmadon but him, suggesting that though she likely resents him, she prioritized getting revenge on Wu. Fittingly, Aspheera was locked away in the cell of Kryptarium Prison that formerly housed Garmadon after his own defeat.

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