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Garmadon Issue 1 is the first issue of the Garmadon limited series.

Official description

  • (W) Tri Vuong (A/CA) Tri Vuong
  • SERIES PREMIERE! The All-New LEGO NINJAGO Comic Book Series Starts HERE! Perfect for fans new and old alike, an official new chapter of the LEGO NINJAGO universe begins here!
  • Far away from Ninjago City, a village is terrorized by a mysterious new threat when they're saved by a stranger with incredible powers known as... Garmadon, Lord of Destruction?! Has Garmadon turned over a new leaf since his disappearance, or is this just the first step in his master plan of finally defeating Master Wu and the ninja forever?
  • The first collaboration between the LEGO Group and Skybound kicks off from rising star writer/artist TRI VUONG (EVERYDAY HERO MACHINE BOY)! LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Brick and Knob configurations, the Minifigure and NINJAGO are trademarks and/or copyrights of the LEGO Group. ©2022 The LEGO Group. All rights reserved.
  • In Shops: Apr 06, 2022[2]


A walkthrough of Garmadon's history throughout Ninjago recounts his role in the events from the Pilot episodes to Season 10: March of the Oni.

Garmadon was sleeping when he heard someone call out to him. He demanded the taunting caller to show themselves and found himself face to face with... Garmadon. The two Garmadons battled each other, with the doppelgänger mocking him as a failure to every role he played. Garmadon retorted that he was a conqueror and delivered a final blow on him. The doppelgänger told him he lost and Garmadon smiled, questioning him if he did, but soon watched his own sword split apart in disbelief. When asked, the doppelgänger told him he was the one person who he could never defeat.

Garmadon screamed in fury and then woke up with a gasp. He recovered, reminding himself it was just a dream, and traveled throughout the rest of the day. At night, he found a lake and made camp, thinking about how the woods seemed to have eyes, when he heard a roar. A bear was attacking a girl and her mother. Garmadon leapt into battle from behind and tried to use his powers when the bear further angered him. They both watched as his powers made no more than a small spark and the bear slammed him into a tree. The girl and her mother threw acorns at the bear to distract it. Garmadon then cut down the tree and it fell on top of the bear. The bear ran away, yipping. The girl and mother thanked Garmadon for helping and convinced them to go back to town in exchange for a feast in his honor. A dark presence watched him as he carried the mother, who had hurt her leg.

Two men, Renzo and Kenzo, were squabbling over who's fault it was over the fate of the village for not having enough barrels of Two Moon Tea for the Red Crows when a villager announced that Min and Saeko had saved them. After a small discussion about their whereabouts, Garmadon watched in astonishment as Renzo handed Saeko a cup of tea and it healed her. Garmadon was given a cup himself and his powers came back, blasting one of the walls of the village. Kenzo, Renzo, Saeko, and Min then took Garmadon to where they produce their tea and told him about the powers of the tea and the problem of Kuma and the bears guarding the woods. In exchange for defeating Kuma, the brothers offered Garmadon their wagon full of tea. While Garmadon investigated the barrels of tea, the brothers whispered behind his back about what would happen with the Red Crows. Garmadon started laughing once the brothers thought the village would probably be okay and they all joined in with his laughter. But then, Garmadon drank a barrel of tea and claimed that Ninjago would at last be his.

Outside of the village, Ultra Violet saw Garmadon's destruction and rode off to a mysterious structure. There, she announced to Lord Mogra that Garmadon had returned. Lord Mogra then questioned Ultra Violet if that changed her loyalty, to which she replied without hesitation that it did not. This satisfied him and he proclaimed that while the Sons of Garmadon were gone, the Red Crows would fly forever.











Cover Name Description Artists
Garmadon Cover A.jpg Cover A Main Cover Tri Vuong[3]
Garmadon Cover B.jpg Cover B Variant Cover Tri Vuong (art) & Annalisa Leoni (colors)[3]
Garmadon Cover C.jpg Cover C "Legacy of Evil" Variant Cover Juni Ba[3]
Garmadon Cover D.jpg Cover D Incentive "Garmadon Evolutions" 1:10 Variant Cover Tom Whalen[3]
Garmadon Sao Menguito Cover.png Sao Menguito Cover Skybound Comics Vault Live Exclusive Variant Cover. All copies sold were 9.8 CGC graded and slabbed Sao Menguito[4]
Garmadon Golden Apple Cover.png Golden Apple Comics Cover Golden Apple Comics Exclusive Variant Cover. It was listed as "Sold Out" from the moment it appeared on the Golden Apple website so it's unknown if it was ever available for sale Dan Hipp[5]
Garmadon Florian Bertmer Cover Ebay.jpg Florian Bertmer Cover WhatNot Exclusive Variant Cover that has not been available for sale as of June 2022 Florian Bertmer[citation needed]
Garmadon Ten10 Cover.png Ten10 Cover Ten10 Exclusive Variant Cover Ben Bishop (art) & Luis Delgado (colors)[6]
Garmadon Spectral Comics Cover.png Spectral Comics Cover Spectral Comics Exclusive Variant Cover limited to 444 copies with numbered Certificate Of Authentication Daniel Warren Johnson (art) & Mike Spicer (colors)[7]
Garmadon 1 Cover BW.png B&W Cover B Variant Variant Cover that has not been available for sale as of June 2022 Tri Vuong



  • On March 1, 2022, Skybound released three more variant covers for collectors. Two of them would follow the themes, "Legacy of Evil" and "Garmadon Evolutions", throughout the comic series.[8]
  • Originally, it was announced that Spectral Comics would sell 666 copies of their Exclusive Variant Cover, starting on March 11.[9][10] It is unknown why the amount was later changed.
  • Only 5 retailer stores were allowed to sell the Spectral Comic copies, one of them being Scorpion Comics and another being Peg City Comics.[11][12]
  • 150 copies of the Sao Menguito variant were available for sale on April 7, 2022 during Skybound Comics Vault Live Episode 304 out of a 350 issue print run. It was revealed that many of them were damaged and that they didn't feature a foil cover because of LEGO's Quality Control Standards.[13]
  • Although the Florian Bertmer cover was never publicly available for sale, a copy of it was sold on Ebay in June 2022 for 100 dollars.
    • However, it is claimed to be a WhatNot Exclusive.[14]


  • When Kenzo tells Renzo he's crazy for suggesting them to go back to the woods, he calls Renzo by his own name.
  • As a baby, Lloyd has green eyes, even though they are the result of his powers he acquired during puberty.[15]




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