“It would appear Geckles express their approval by throwing objects at each other.”
Zane, "Trial By Mino"

The Geckles are a group of rule-following, hot-headed, subterranean, purple goblin-like creatures that are led by Chancellor Gulch. They are enemies of the Skull Sorcerer and friends with the Munce and Ninja. When they agree to their chancellor's motion, they throw rocks at them.


Into the Dark

Gleck sneaks up on Cole and scares him. Cole then tackles him revealing Lilly's Necklace. Gleck then steals the necklace back and runs away.

The Geckles are seen in the Dungeons of Shintaro along with the Munce and Minos mining for Vengestone. During that time, they are being watched by the Awakened Warriors.

When Cole attempts to save everyone, the Geckles watch in fear as Cole is taken down by the Awakened Warriors.

The Worst Rescue Ever

The Geckles continue to mine as Cole is also suited for work. Cole asks Gliff if there is any way to escape and he simply replies no.

When Cole is talking to Murt, Gliff interrupts the two and blames the Munces for all sorts of things. The entire Geckles tribe stares down the Munces until it's time to eat.

Sometime later, the Ninja rescue the Geckles, but they begin fighting with the Munces after Murt realizes they also freed their opposing tribe. In the end, no one is able to escape because the two tribes are too busy fighting each other.

The Two Blades

The Geckles continue to work in the mines, and Gliff tells the Ninja to not trust Murt who was giving them food. He then explains the two Blades of Deliverance and believes the Munce stole their blade while Murt thinks the opposite.  

Cole informs Gliff to tell the rest of his tribe to meet at a specific area and to not fight; however, they misinterpreted as if they are going to fight. Lloyd promises to get their blade back as long as they don't fight.  

The Ninja are able to free the Geckles and most are able to escape. 

Trial By Mino

Some of the Geckles are collecting Moss Milk and singing songs about "Gilly" when Groko falls from his ladder and hits Kai. The Geckles believe the Ninja work for the Skull Sorcerer and they head to Gulch to decide the Ninja's faith.

After hearing both sides, Gluch decides to proceed with a "Trial by Mino", and all of the Geckles agree by throwing stones at Gluch. The Ninja then fall into a pit, and the Geckles watch as the Ninja are able to calm down the Mino.

Gulch questions the Ninjas' identities, and Gleck suggests that they are Elemental Masters, which means they may know "Gilly". Meanwhile, Zane notices Gleck's necklace and realizes that it is the one Cole claimed to have seen. The two tell them that while they do not know "Gilly", they are Elemental Masters, and they display their powers. Zane states that they are looking for their friends, and Gulch agrees to help them in light of the dishonor they brought upon themselves by suspecting the Ninja. He then promptly resigns as chancellor and gives the position to Kai, which all the Geckles agree by throwing rocks at him. He accepts the position reluctantly and tells them not to throw things at him anymore, but the Geckles throw more rocks at him in support of his proposal. He then asks for information on the Skull Sorcerer at Zane's suggestion.

Gulch takes them to the story cave and tells them of their people's origin. During their dark ages, a great hero Gilly arrived to save them from Grief-Bringer and gifted them with the Blades of Deliverance, but it was stolen by the Munce. Kai quickly cuts him off, as they already knew that part of the story, and asks about the Skull Sorcerer. Gulch says that three adventurers had ventured deep into the tunnels where all Geckles are forbidden to enter, and awoke an ancient evil - the Skull Sorcerer and the Awakened Warriors. He captured many Geckles and Munce to mine for him, and where they once lived openly, they must hide and pray that the Skull Sorcerer doesn't find them.

Kai decides that to defeat the Skull Sorcerer, he must unite the Geckles and Munce, so he proposes teaming up with the Munce, only for the suggestion to be perceived as a joke. He states that they need a different approach, to which Zane expresses his agreement by throwing a rock at his head.


The Geckles oppose Kai's decision to unite with the Munce, so they decide to settle it with a snail racing contest. While the race goes on, Gleck pulls Kai and Zane aside and they talk about Lilly. However, Kai reveals she has passed away.

Back at the race, the snail they don't want to win is winning, so Zane cheats by helping the other snail to win. Then march to the meeting point to meet with the Munce. When they arrive, they stare each other down. The Ninja are able to calm everyone down, but they flee after they hear the sound of Grief-Bringer.

The Darkest Hour

The Geckles make it back to their strong cave but are upset the Munce are with them. They begin to argue with each other until the Skull Sorcerer poses a deal to them. They decline the offer, so Grief-Bringer and the Awakened Warriors attempt to destroy the door.

While the Geckles are hiding in fear, Nya finds rocks covering something, so she tells everyone about it, but it requires them to work together to remove the rocks. They are able to remove the rocks but realize it's not another exit. Gluch apologizes for getting into this mess and Murtessa also apologizes for their actions. Kai and Nya then declare peace before the Skull Sorcerer arrives.

The Ninja decide to turn themselves in in exchange for the Geckles and Munce's freedom, but the Skull Sorcerer double-crosses and captures the Geckles and Munce.

The Upply Strike Back!

After being captured, the Geckles are back to working in the mines. While working, Fungus and Korgran sneak in and give everyone the keys to liberate themselves, but they must wait until he gives the signal. After they get the signal, the Geckles undo their chains, and Gluch and Murtessa both declare war on the Awakened Warriors. The Geckles fight alongside the Upply, Munce, and Ninja.

The Son of Lilly

The Geckles help the Munce, Upply, and Ninja fight the Awakened Warriors and Grief-Bringer. Despite being overwhelmed, they receive aid from Vania and the Winged Guards of Shintaro. When Cole unlocks the Spinjitzu Burst, they all watch Vangelis being taken away by his former guards.

The Geckles celebrate in the Kingdom of Shintaro. They all watch Vania becoming queen and promising for equality. The Geckles then watch the Ninja leave.

Known Geckles


LEGO Ninjago

Season 13: Master of the Mountain


  • They are presented as enemies in the sets. However, in the Play Guide and TV series, they are said to be against the Skull Sorcerer which makes sense given he is their captor.
  • They throw rocks at their chancellor upon making a decision.




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