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“Enough games, I'm taking you to Pain Street!”
— General Olivia to Lloyd and Cole in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame

General Olivia,[1] also known as General #1, is the former commander of Lord Garmadon's Shark Army and leader of the Lost Generals.


The LEGO Ninjago Movie

She was originally born under the name of Olivia. She went on to became apart of Garmadon's Shark Army and became General #1 after the previous General #1 got fired.

After Garmadon conquered Ninjago City, he gave General #1 a new mission: to locate the Secret Ninja Force and Koko. However, she spent the whole day celebrating the victory with the other generals, so she got fired out of Garmadon's Volcano Lair.

Later she found the Lost Generals and became their leader. When the Ninja and Garmadon arrived, she imprisoned Lloyd and Garmadon and planned to throw them into a volcano for revenge. However, the Secret Ninja Force saved them and they built a makeshift helicopter to escape, but General #1 attacked Lloyd and ripped off his arm. Then she tried to finish him off, but she got hit by the Ninjas' vehicle. She is presumed dead. She was found in pieces and Garmadon picked up her leg, as to replace Lloyd's arm with it. descriptions

2017 Museum gallery

The position of General #1 in the Shark Army comes with no job security at all. Displease Lord Garmadon and you get catapulted off the volcano. This latest addition is hoping she will have a little more luck than her predecessors, but the Secret Ninja Force may have something to say about that.[link unavailable]

Meet Shark Army General #1

Her rise to top general was paved by many generals before her, and constantly under threat of being most likely to get fired out of a volcano when things go wrong. Can she find the ultimate weapon to take down NINJAGO before it's too late?[2]




Video games


  • She has a unique outfit in the Shark Army in that she doesn't wear any distinctive fish-themed headgear.
  • In the video game, she has a unique skirt piece and wields two blasters.
  • Her burnt variant also appears in the game, as well as it did in the movie, but not in physical form.
  • She has the same hair as Johnny and Chad, originally used on the Zombie Businessman collectible minifigure.
  • Despite never being seen wearing an eyepatch in the film, the The LEGO Ninjago Movie Junior Novel describes her wearing an eyepatch.


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