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“Uh, they have very large fangs and both look very hungry. Ooh, but the good news is, they just dropped you and are now fighting each other.”

Giant spiders are creatures that live in the Dungeons of Shintaro.


While the Lowly are venturing through the Dungeons of Shintaro, they encounter an army of spiders. Realizing the danger, Fungus freezes all but one spider who follows the group. Taking an interest in the trio, Adam then accompanied them on their quest, almost crushing them by accidentally setting off a trap. Once they achieve the skull, they begin to head back to Vangelis, with Adam in tow.

Once they arrive back in the Kingdom of Shintaro with the skull presented to Vangelis. Before they could destroy it, Vangelis changes his mind and drops Adam and the rest of the Lowly down the mountain when they disapprove.

The Skull Sorcerer

After Cole is able to escape a Dire Bat, he runs into a giant spider who tries to eat him. Luckily, Vania and Chompy arrive to save Cole. What Vania doesn't realize is Chompy turning into a huge dragon which scares the giant spider.

The Real Fall

Cole, Wu, and Vania land on a spider web and are unable to move due to being stuck. Vania attempts to calm herself using Clutch Powers' method, but she screams in horror when she spots a giant spider heading for her.

The giant spider heads for Cole and wraps him up in cobwebs, but another spider fights to eat Cole. While the two spiders are fighting, a third spider comes along and picks up Cole. Vania throws objects at the spider which frees Cole, but angers the spider.

Wu is able to free Cole, but the three spiders surround the trio. Cole decides to escape by cutting a hole through the spider web and they continue to fall.

At Rock-Bottom, Adam scares Cole and he faints.

Dungeon Party!

When Cole wakes up, Adam looms over him, attempting to again say hello. Cole gets scared and causes Adam to hide behind Plundar's back.

Adam then hears the story of the Lowly with narration by Korgran.

Dungeon Crawl!

Adam follows the Lowly, Cole, Vania, and Wu as they swim out of Rock-Bottom and find a lava stream. Knowing they have to cross the lava, Adam decides to walk on the ceiling and makes it to the other side before everyone else. Suddenly, they encounter the Lava Monster, after wearing it down and Fungus freezing it, Plundar tells Adam to push a boulder which would cause the Lava Monster to sink back into the lava before it could break free. Adam continues to follow Cole's lead and heads deeper into the mountain.

Masters Never Quit

Adam follows Cole, Wu, Vania, and the Upply as they stumble across the Heart of the Mountain.

The Ascent

Adam rides in the mine carts along with the Lowly and Wu. When they reach the surface, Adam scares Engelbert and an old woman. They then reach the Throne Room where Cole frees Chompy and the dragon begins to play with Adam.

When the Army of Shintaro arrive to arrest Cole, Adam shoots a spiderweb at the guards and then begin fighting. During the fight, Chompy turns into a huge dragon allowing Cole and the Upply to flee.

The Upply Strike Back!

Adam assists Cole and the Upply to free everyone by helping Plundar free the ninja.

The Son of Lilly

Adam helps everyone fight the Awakened Warriors. While he is spewing spiderwebs, an Awakened Warrior throws his spear at the cobweb causing Adam to fall. However, he regains his balance and continues to fight. After Cole is able to unlock the Spinjitzu Burst, the Awakened Warriors and Grief-Bringer are defeated.

At the ceremony, Adam along with Chompy watch Vania become Queen of Shintaro. He then watches Cole leave along with the ninja.

Master of the Sea

Adam was with the Upply in Shintaro's palace.

Known giant spiders



Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Season 14: Seabound


  • Giant spiders are similar to the Spykor, due to the fact that they are both types of spiders and are related to skulls.
  • The only known member of this species to be on the heroes' side is Adam, who is part of the Upply. He is Plundar's companion.
  • Giant spiders are very similar to the spiders from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, because both are huge species of spiders that have tried to devour the main protagonists. They are especially similar to Shelob, because they both live in caves in a mountain range, where they form cobwebs and eat the inhabitants of the surface when they get inside the mountain.


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Season 13: Master of the Mountain

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