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When I saw Wojira, when I saw her full power, I began to think, perhaps, I had made some poor career choices.

Glutinous to the ninja in "The Calm Before the Storm"

Glutinous is a Merlopian scientist who worked for Kalmaar.



At one point in his life, Glutinous lost his legs in an unknown incident and became a scientist who began working for Kalmaar and began making replicas of the Storm Amulet.

After being tasked to reawaken Wojira by Kalmaar, Glutinous spent his time at the Temple of Wojira to create replicas of the Storm Amulet while trying to study on the Wave Amulet. Then he connected electricity cables to Wojira, and tried to awake her up by the replica charged by the jellyfish's electricity, but to no avail. Instead, it caused the marine life and one of Wojira's elements, Water, to go out of control.[1]

Controlling the Storm Amulet's replica

Five Thousand Fathoms Down

When a Maaray Guard handed out a broken Storm Amulet replica to Glutinous, he realized that the replica burned out like the ones before it. After Kalmaar began to get tired of Glutinous' failed attempts, Glutinous tried to explained to him that he needed more time. Kalmaar, however, yelled at him to try again, so he did, but failed when the Storm Amulet replica broke.

The Wrath of Kalmaar

With the Maaray Guards in the Temple of Wojira

When Nya and Maya broke free, they enter the room Glutinous and two Maaray Guards were in. Glutinous looks around, he sees a tower and climbs up it. After Nya and Maya leave, Gripe tells Glutinous to release the Ripper Sharks so they can go after Nya and Maya.

Glutinous swimming in Merlopia

Long Live the King

After Kalmaar gets mad at Gripe for releasing the Ripper Sharks, Glutinous tells Kalmaar that the Hydro Bounty was repaired. When Kalmaar doesn't hurt Glutinous, he soon realized that the ninja are smarter than he thought.

The Storm Amulet

Finding the location of the Storm Amulet on the sea scroll

Glutinous swims up to the palace and speaks to Kalmaar and Gripe, saying that the storm belt is the location of the Island of the Keepers where the Storm Amulet might be. Gripe points out that there is nothing in the storm belt but Glutinous says that they must go and Kalmaar agrees. They then travel to the island.

The Calm Before the Storm

Watching Kalmaar reawakening Wojira

Glutinous was in the Temple of Wojira, when Kalmaar returned with the Storm Amulet. The scientist was concerned and implored Kalmaar to run more tests, but his patience was thin and the two inserted the amulet onto the serpent’s head. Not long after witnessing this did Glutinous began to realise that this was a terrible mistake.

With the Coast Guard in Ninjago Harbor

Glutinous then swam all the way to Ninjago City and emerged in Ninjago Harbor, where he frightened several people, but learned where he could find the ninja. Then he turned himself into the Ninjago City Police.

Drinking the Commissioner's coffee

Later, when the ninja came to the Ninjago City Police Station, Glutinous waited for them in the interrogation room. Then he told them that Kalmaar had reawakened Wojira and that he was coming into Ninjago City. The ninja thanked to him and left with the Police Commissioner. Glutinous then drank his coffee and he liked it, so he also drank the Commissioner's cup.


Glutinous is a very nervous and frightened creature that has great respect for his master, Kalmaar. His movement is almost always unnatural and often twitches. Kalmaar was aware of his weakness and fear, so he used it to his advantage and constantly insulted him. However, this later paid off, as Glutinous reformed after waking Wojira and decided to help the ninja by going to warn them. He also has an obvious fondness for coffee.


Glutinous is, like the Maaray Guards, black in color and has an eel-like body and cyan eyes, teeth, glove, body parts, and neck scales. He also wears a black vest with cyan details and gold armor. He doesn't have a left arm, so he has a gold prosthesis instead. However, his most distinctive feature is his artificial lower limbs, which are in the shape of an octopus and have six legs attached to a circular base. He has a blue lantern on the back of his limbs with a magnifying glass attached to it, which he can place in front of his eye.


  • Intelligence: Glutinous is very intelligent in his field, as he is a scientist.
  • Artificial limbs: Glutinous can use his limbs to swim in the sea and walk.
  • Fast swimmer: Despite having artificial limbs, Glutinous is a very good and fast swimmer, as he managed to overtake Wojira by several hours.




Season 14: Seabound

Ninjago Magazine

Behind the scenes

  • He is the seventh cyborg character in Ninjago, preceded by Cyrus Borg, Techno Wu, the Mechanic, Iron Baron, Daddy No Legs, and Arkade.
  • His name means "sticky."
  • Glutinous' physical minifigure has him holding a magnifying glass, where his render in the show has the magnifier attached to his leg implants.
  • His minifigure uses a unique torso that features extra detail. However, his torso uses in the show is just the standard Maaray Guard torso, albeit with a gold left arm.
    • This is one of the few times in which a character's render in the show is less detailed and unique than a physical minifigure.


  • His artificial limbs are very similar to Daddy No Legs', and to a lesser extent, Cyrus Borg's.
    • They are also able to swim similarly to a squid's tentacles.
  • His appearance and body movements are very similar to Char's, as is his personality, that being of a somewhat nervous underling to a harsher main antagonist.
  • Several characters could not remember his name, so they called him various other similar-sounding words. The Commissioner called him "Gelatin," while Jay called him "Globby" and "Gloopy."
  • He and Clancee are similar in that both are nervous underlings who eventually defect from their leaders and help the ninja.
  • Glutinous apparently has a liking for coffee, as seen when he was drinking cups of coffee (including the Commissioner's cup).
  • According to Tommy Andreasen:



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Foreign language Translation
Czech Glutén (E168)
Glutinus (E177)
German Glutinous
Russian Липкий
Ukrainian Клейкий




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