“Some things are best kept safe.”
Cyrus Borg

The Golden Armor was a suit of armor The Overlord created from the Golden Weapons. After the Nindroids retrieved the weapons, they were melted into the armor for The Overlord to wear - making him the Golden Master. He wreaked havoc across Ninjago while wearing the armor, before being vanquished by Zane.

Some time after the Golden Master's defeat, Cyrus Borg retrieved the armor and hid it in Borg Tower. Lord Garmadon and Lloyd stumbled upon it during the Oni's return, and used it to ward off their dark adversaries. Nya later proposed that Kai melts the armor back into the Golden Weapons, which he did at the Monastery of Spinjitzu.


The Titanium Ninja

After the Nindroids returned with the Golden Weapons, they melted them down into the Golden Armor, which The Overlord then wore—truly becoming the Golden Master. The Overlord wore the armor as he terrorized Ninjago City, making him nearly invincible.

When Zane grabbed hold of the ultimate weapon's harnesses, The Overlord freezed over and was vanquished. Consequently, the armor shrunk to its original size, and was promptly seized by Cyrus Borg. 

The Invitation

After The Overlord was destroyed, Cyrus Borg set up a training course to test the security system guarding the armor. Lloyd Garmadon was the only Ninja who took part in the test. Once he finished it, he had to try and obtain a holographic replica of the Golden Armor. When he failed to obtain it, he asked Cyrus Borg where the real one was. Cyrus Borg simply stated "Some things are best kept safe."

Between Seasons

For some time, the Golden Armor was stored away in the basement of Borg Tower, along with numerous other artifacts. 

The Fall

During the Oni's occupation of Ninjago City, Lloyd and Lord Garmadon stumbled upon the armor, and found that it repelled the Oni - who feared the Golden Power of The First Spinjitzu Master. Lloyd and Garmadon used the armor to push back the Oni and escape the tower, after which it was brought back to Destiny's Bounty.

Upon arriving at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Garmadon gave the armor to his brother, and demanded that he make use of it against the Oni. Nya proposes that Kai melts it down in a bid to reforge the Golden Weapons. He agrees to do this, and uses the forge to remold the armor into the Golden Weapons once again.


After arriving at the monastery, Garmadon showed Wu the Golden Armor. Nya explained they can fight the Oni if they reforged the Golden Weapons. Kai successfully made the weapons and handed them out to the respective Ninja, but gave the Scythe of Quakes to Nya.



LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 4: The Tournament of Elements

Season 10: March of the Oni


  • The Golden Armor was presumably hidden in the Hiroshi Labyrinth Stronghold before being moved to, as it is a likely place for Borg to hide it; given that he stored the Realm Crystal there.
    • The Armor was moved to the vault below Borg Tower sometime before the tenth season.
  • The Oni are afraid of it, because it contains the power of Creation.
  • When Zane held on to it to destroy the Overlord, he drained its power to the point that mere mortals are able to behold it.[1] This is why in the "Endings", Kai is able to touch it without perishing.



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