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“It means you will be able to invoke the power of the Golden Dragon, an ancient fighting style only practiced by the First Spinjitzu Master.”

The Golden Dragon is a metaphysical creature associated with legendary Spinjitzu masters. He had his most major role in the Final Battle where he was summoned by Lloyd when he became the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master.


Island of Darkness

The Golden Dragon is briefly seen when Lloyd unlocks his full potential at the Temple of Light. He summons the dragon to drive off the Stone Army after the other ninja gain their Elemental Blades.

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

As Lloyd had to face the Overlord on his own, he traveled to the top of the Overlord's fortress in order to fight, only to find his enemy had transformed into his original form. Lloyd seemed to be no match, but as the Overlord exhaled a massive cloud of darkness, Lloyd countered by surrounding himself in a green sphere of energy. Lloyd became golden as he gained the title of the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, and he charged forward and sent the Overlord into the air, summoning the Golden Dragon to fight by his side.

Lloyd and the Golden Dragon hit the Overlord with a mass of golden energy and the Overlord circled them, covering the two inside a giant dark orb. Through the darkness, only the Overlord's face was visible, causing Lloyd and the Golden Dragon to fly towards him. The Overlord opened his mouth and attempted to consume them, but Lloyd and the Golden Dragon's combined powers forced their way out of the Overlord's grasp, defeating it in the process. With the natural order restored, the darkness over Ninjago City faded away and Lloyd landed shortly thereafter. After the Golden Dragon lowered himself to ground level, he disappeared into thin air.

Between Rise of the Spinjitzu Master and The Surge

Sometime after the Final Battle, Lloyd used the Golden Dragon to stop the Venomari from burning down a village.

After defeating them, Lloyd made his Golden Dragon disappear and tried to land on the Ultra Dragon, only for it to go towards another direction. Lloyd re-summoned his Golden Dragon and followed the Ultra Dragon to the Spirit Coves.[1]

The Surge

Lloyd uses the Golden Dragon again to travel to New Ninjago City to help aid the ninja. He then later summons him again to help him escape from the city, which had fallen under the Overlord's control.


During Lloyd's training to become the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, he tries to make a bridge, but can't. So he decides to summon his Golden Dragon and uses him to create a golden bridge to the other side.


When Lloyd met the First Spinjitzu Master in the Grasslands, he also found out that he was with the Golden Dragon.

The Splinter in the Blind Man's Eye

When Quanish the Elder met the First Spinjitzu Master in the Grasslands, the Golden Dragon was also present.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Ninjago: Decoded

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

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Season 14: Seabound

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  • Presumably, after the Golden Power was lost, leaving Lloyd with his innate Energy powers instead, the Golden Dragon was similarly "downgraded" to the Energy Dragon.
    • However, because the Golden Dragon is a power and technique, the First Spinjitzu Master remains able to summon and control it in his afterlife, as Lloyd and the First Spinjitzu Master's versions of the dragon are not the same sentient being.[2][3][4]
  • A few Golden Dragons fly around Lloyd's head after he slams into a pillar in Garmadon's monastery in "The Art of the Silent Fist," which is a play on the common animation trope often involving birds or stars circling around a character's head to indicate a temporary head injury.
  • In "Green and Gold" and "Endings," the design of the Golden Dragon is different than when it first appeared in "Island of Darkness," now resembling a living dragon colored gold instead of an actual energy-made dragon. It is unknown if the other Elemental Dragons have different designs.
  • Although in 70666 The Golden Dragon it has only two limbs on the body and another two on the wings, in "Green and Gold" and "Endings" it has four limbs on the body and none on the wings.


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