Time, the thread that holds the fabric of reality together. You cannot see it, you cannot hold it. And yet it seems you never have enough of it.”
"Golden Hour"
Season Mini-series, Episode 5
Golden hour card.gif
Air date May 15, 2021 (Roku TV)
May 21 (YouTube)
Written by Ryan Estabrooks
Kevin Burke
Chris Wyatt
Directed by CC Pixels
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"Sweatin' to the Goldies"

Golden Hour is the fifth and final Ninjago: Reimagined short. It was created by Tongal and animated by their studio CC Pixels[1] although some parts of the short were re-used scenes animated by WILFilm ApS and WildBrain.

The short appeared on Roku TV's LEGO channel on May 15, 2021, six days before its scheduled YouTube release on the 21st.


Ever wonder what happened to Wu when he fought the Hands of Time in the Time Vortex battle? This short film will give you a glimpse into what took place before Master Wu showed up as a baby in the 'Sons of Garmadon' season.[2]


After throwing the Reversal Time Blade to Kai and Nya and off the Iron Doom, Wu prepares to face Krux and Acronix but is struck with reversal energy from the inside of the vehicle. Striking Wu's staff, the Time Twins are transported with Wu to the Fire Temple, where they see past versions of Kai and Lloyd. Krux attempts to change the past, but Wu stops him and unintentionally transports himself and the twins back to the Iron Doom, becoming younger in the process.

Krux and Acronix deduce that Wu is being affected by the energy of the Reversal Blade, which is allowing the Iron Doom to continue moving through the temporal vortex. They attack Wu again and are transported to the Temple of Light. Wu stops the Time Twins from interacting with the past ninja and the three are warped back to the Iron Doom once again.

Next, Wu and the Time Twins are transported outside the Monastery of Spinjitzu while child Wu and Garmadon spar with katanas on the other side of the wall. As the young Great Devourer lurks nearby, Wu's katana flies over the wall. Wu stops Acronix from picking up the sword and laments that while he wishes he could change this moment, as doing so would prevent Garmadon's transformation to evil, he knows he cannot.

Wu and the twins continue to warp across several time periods, eventually ending up back on the Iron Doom, where Wu has de-aged into a child. Krux mocks Wu's new form, and Wu throws his staff at Krux and runs toward the time apparatus. When Acronix protests against this, Wu responds that the Hands of Time are no more than "second-hand thugs" before touching the apparatus with the Reversal Blade's energy inside him to halt the Iron Doom entirely.

With the Iron Doom broken and completely still, an infant Wu floats through the temporal vortex.



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Locations featured


  • The day before this short's release on YouTube, Tommy Andreasen tweeted a video of the title card and the phrase, "... tomorrow ...(I hope no-one has gone back in time and leaked this.),"[3] by which he pointed to the early release of the short on Roku TV.
  • This short is based on an idea of the fan, Uday Kataria, as part of beta testing for LEGO World Builder.[4][5][6][2][7]
    • Kataria's original idea would have involved the ninja splitting up and going to different points in the past to correct alternate realities that resulted from various changes to events from previous seasons.[8]
  • Along with the short, a short video showing the creation of the short was published on the official LEGO YouTube channel.[8]
  • The short was designed in such a way that the viewer can decide whether or not it's canon.[9] However, according to Chris Wyatt, it is canon.[10]
  • Tommy Andreasen posted a drawing of Wu and the Time Twins on his Twitter on May 8, 2021, which he never finished, describing that "next week would probably be a good time to do so," indicating that the penultimate short would focus on Wu's fight with the Time Twins.[11] However, it turned out that it was the final one instead.
  • In photography, the golden hour is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky.
  • This is Jillian Michaels' first reappearance as Lloyd since "Greatest Battles," albeit through archival recording.
  • As a child, Wu is still voiced by Paul Dobson despite how in previous seasons, he is voiced by Madyx Whiteway.
  • During Wu's transformation into a child, his clothes shrink with him. It is unknown how this is possible, as his clothes do not become visibly baggy on him the way Lloyd's Green Ninja gi was too large before he was aged into a teenager.
  • This is the first instance where sequences animated by WILFilm ApS and WildBrain appear within the same episode. Previously, WildBrain episodes such as "Dyer Island" or "The Turn of the Tide" featured images from WILFilm seasons, but this is the first time that full animation sequences from both studios are used at once.
  • The animation is very similar to the original WILFilm ApS animation in Season 7, which is most visible in the background without much detail, on the trees and on Wu's three-dimensional mouth.
    • This is the second short that is animated in very similar style to the show. The first is "Sweatin' to the Goldies."

Symbol of the Royal Family.

  • This short is intended to still leave the fate of the Time Twins unknown.[12]
  • The crack created by Wu's head when he hits the monastery wall resembles the Royal Family's lotus symbol. This is a reference to the fact that the Royal Family seemingly appeared out of nowhere in Season 8, and it suggests that their existence was caused by this change to the timeline.[13]


  • Several moments from past episodes are revisited. Some are reanimated, while others reuse footage from the original episodes.
    • The beginning is from the end of "Lost in Time," as this short takes place directly after the episode.
    • The montage of clips played at the beginning over Wu's description about time reuses footage of Wu and Garmadon with the Time Blades in "The Hatching"; Misako at Wu's bedside in "Scavengers"; Wu with the ninja in "The Hatching"; Wu's dream in "Pause and Effect," and Wu, Nya, and Kai with the Reversal Time Blade in "Lost in Time."

Wu's black eyebrows in "Home."


  • When Krux laughs in the Temple of Light, his mouth doesn't move.



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