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This article is about the ancient villain and its legendary lore. For the person who became the Golden Master, see here.
Not to be confused with the Golden Ninja.
“With no equal adversary, his power will go unmatched. His destructive rule will change the face of the world, and he will not stop until every man, woman, and Serpentine are enslaved under his control.”

The Golden Master is an ancient figure of evil linked to a Serpentine prophecy. It was said that the Golden Master would obtain the level of power of the First Spinjitzu Master and try to bring about a new dawn on the world, enslaving every man, woman, and Serpentine for all eternity. This figure is a combination of the powers of the Golden Weapons and the Golden Ninja. A figure that either has a significant amount of Golden Power, or less Golden Power but has the Golden Weapons in their possession.


The Curse of the Golden Master

In the tomb of the Stone Army, Acidicus told the ninja of the "Curse of the Golden Master." The ninja thought that he could be Lloyd Garmadon, the Golden Ninja.

Meanwhile, with the help of Pythor, the Overlord captured Lloyd, planning to absorb his powers to become the Golden Master.

Enter the Digiverse

The Overlord nearly fulfilled the prophecy by draining Lloyd's Golden Power, but his plan was thwarted by the ninja while they were inside the Digiverse.

The Titanium Ninja

After the Nindroids seized the Golden Weapons in space, a massive suit of armor and mech were forged, allowing the Overlord to become the Golden Master.

The Golden Master attacked New Ninjago City, wreaking havoc on the area and those living in it. The ninja and their allies fought back, gaining an advantage by hiding in the Temple of Fortitude and wearing Stone Warrior armor to ward off the Golden Master's destructive powers.

Despite this, the Golden Master incapacitated all the ninja except Zane. Zane asked for support from his fellow ninja and masters, who turned upside-down, allowing him to leap across the bottoms of their feet. He leaped at the Golden Master, holding onto the Golden Armor. The Golden Master claimed that the Golden Weapons were too powerful for the Ninja of Ice to behold and that he was surely doomed.

Zane weakened the power of the Golden Master, setting his friends free, still knowing that he would die. He yelled for his friends to retreat as he released his power onto the Golden Master. Both Zane and the Golden Master were destroyed in the process, and a thick layer of ice covered New Ninjago City. This sudden freeze killed General Cryptor and Min-Droid.

Both the Overlord and Zane survived, with Zane rebuilding himself while the Overlord's spirit would remain dormant.[1] The Golden Armor was hidden in Borg Tower so that no one can find and potentially use it.[2]


The Golden Master was indirectly responsible for the Serpentine attacking the humans of Ninjago during the Serpentine War. Though the Serpentine were trying to warn them of the prophecy of the Golden Master, Chen tricked the humans into thinking the Serpentine were going to betray them, resulting in a conflict between man and snake.[3][4]


  • The Golden Master's minifigure has purple eyes, while in the TV show, he has red eyes.
  • The Golden Master has the same elemental symbol as Ash in Tournament of Elements.
    • Though it was originally unclear whether this was due to a "Lazy designer or something deeper"[5] (possibly that "the Overlord works through him"[6]), Ash was given a different symbol in the 2016 accessory set, indicating this was indeed an unintentional connection that has since been updated away.
    • The Golden Master's elemental symbol is used as the Vengestone army's insignia, along with the gold/purple/black color scheme, possibly implying a connection between the two. Even more so, the Crystal King's garb and armor heavily resembles the Golden Armor.
  • For most of "The Titanium Ninja," the Golden Master's body is covered in a purple mist. In addition, the legs of his spider-like mech have more prominent golden spikes in front of them than in the set. The missile launcher at the top of the mech that was featured in its set is smaller, and it also lacks the flag in the episode as well.
  • The Golden Master's role in the series is similar to the role of the Green Ninja in the first season. Both are incredibly powerful figures mentioned in an ancient prophecy, both are said to bring a decisive end to the conflict between good and evil (the Green Ninja is said to bring balance, while the Golden Master is said to ensure the demise of light), and both are eventually revealed to be the destinies of a previously-introduced character.
  • It is currently unknown if the First Spinjitzu Master or Golden Master possesses more Golden Power, and by extension, who is more powerful, though sheer power "may not always win the battle."[7]
  • The Overlord appears in the form of the Golden Master in Wu's journal in the Dark Island Trilogy, in which an image shows him and the First Spinjitzu Master on opposite sides of a Yin-Yang symbol.
  • The defeat of the Golden Master/Overlord commenced a series of events for the next several seasons. Zane, who survived the ordeal, was captured and taken to Chen's Island, where the ninja competed in the Tournament of Elements and fought against Chen's followers, who Garmadon helped banish to the Cursed Realm. As a result, Morro was released, and he unleashed the Preeminent into Stiix before Nya destroyed the beast along with the Cursed Realm. Consequently, Djinjago began to collapse, prompting Nadakhan to seek revenge on the ninja for having caused his home realm's destruction.
  • In "Day of the Departed," Dr. Saunders refers to the Overlord and Golden Master separately when he explains not all Hall of Villainy statues are unpacked. This is either an error or it indicates the he is not aware the Golden Master is the same entity as the Overlord.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, the Golden Master's helmet is most likely in the Ninjago Museum of History or Hiroshi's Labyrinth Stronghold.[8] However, it does not have any special powers.[9]
  • As the Golden Master, the Overlord showed more proficiency with the Golden Power than Lloyd, being able to use Golden Power Spinjitzu and create a large golden web.



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