This article is about the Golden Master's mech. For the First Spinjitzu Master's mech, see here.
“Behind that wall, the Golden Master has the power of the First Spinjitzu Master.”

The Golden Master's Mech (also known as the Ultimate Weapon) was a mech that was created from the remains of the Golden Weapons that were recovered by the Nindroids. Built to wreak havoc on New Ninjago City, the mech allowed the Golden Master to unleash his sacred power on the Ninja and the people of Ninjago. In the ensuing conflict, the Golden Master leveled buildings and caused widespread destruction.

The mech would eventually create a giant web across Borg Tower, where the Ninja made their final stand against the Golden Master. When he incapacitated the Ninja and their masters, Zane sacrificed himself to freeze the Golden Master and his mech, destroying both in the process.


The Void

While some of the Nindroids under Cryptor retrieved the Golden Weapons from the comet where they landed as a result of Garmadon's time travel exploits, Pythor led the others in claiming Borg Tower so as to adapt the assembly line for the Overlord's purposes.

The Titanium Ninja

After reshaping the material from the Golden Weapons into components for his mech, the Golden Master unleashed it upon New Ninjago City, using its power to manipulate the city and spin webs of golden energy across the city. After a drawn out battle, Zane allowed the mech's energies to overload his power source, destroying the Golden Master, the mech, and Zane himself.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 3: Rebooted


  • This is sixth mech featured in the show. Also, unlike many of the series' other mechs, the set version isn't scaled accurately with the minifigures—in the TV show, the mech is much larger than the Ninja and other characters.



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