Gravity is a secondary element in Ninjago. It is generally associated with the color red and corresponds with the Elemental Gravity Dragon. It was first seen in the episode "The Invitation," used by Gravis. It gives the user the ability to turn normal objects into projectiles.

Users' Abilities

  • Gyro-Gravikinesis - The user can manipulate, create, control the gravitational field of selected people and objects and also make the gravitational field very heavy and make everything in the earth/under the ground or make the gravitational field light and make everything floating/flying in the air.
    • Levitation - By removing a target's gravitational field, the user of Gravity can make them float freely in the air. The user can also create gravity fields to propel themselves through the air.
    • Wall Crawling - The user can redirect a gravitational field to enable people and objects to stick to and walk on walls or ceilings.
    • Gyro-Telekinesis - The user can move objects and control anything he or she wants by Gravity. The user can also influence, manipulate, or move objects and matter from great distances, usually to attack or defend against an adversary.
    • Gyro-Gravikinetic Flight - By removing a target's gravitational field, the user of Gravity can make his or herself fly freely in the air even in high speed.


Symbol of Gravity

The symbol of Gravity

The symbol of Gravity resembles an eight-point throwing star, though, it could also mean Gravity moves in any direction. 

Notable Users


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