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“You're playing with a power that cannot be controlled. It will consume everything, even the Serpentine!”

The Great Devourer was a monstrous serpent with a mutation,[1] worshipped by the Serpentine as a god, believed to consume all of creation if left unchecked. According to legend, she could only be unleashed if the Serpentine tribes united and found the four silver Fangblades. She was responsible for Lord Garmadon's transformation to evil, as she bit him as a child and corrupted him with her venom. The Serpentine then tried using the Devourer to scare the people of Ninjago underground to protect them from the Golden Master. However, this only fueled the people's disgust for the Serpentine. Around this point, the Devourer was sealed underground.

When Lloyd freed Pythor, he schemed to awaken the Devourer by uniting the Serpentine and finding the Fangblades. Pythor successfully did so at the Lost City of Ouroboros, where the Devourer consumed him and Wu before heading to wreak havoc in Ninjago City. The ninja battled the Devourer until Garmadon seized the Golden Weapons and vaporized the beast.

Despite all, the Devourer's demise would only create further conflicts. Her venom revived the Stone Army, her eggs were used by Krux to breed an army of Vermillion, and the destruction she caused during her rampage through Ninjago City would ultimately motivate Harumi to become the Quiet One after the beast was responsible for both of her parents' deaths. Needless to say, the massive serpent had a tremendous influence on the future of Ninjago and would be responsible for many of the future enemies faced by the ninja.


The Devourer watching Wu's fight with the Time Twins


The Devourer near Garmadon after biting him

In her early days thousands of years ago, the Devourer was just a small green viper with a mutation and an ominous poison that could turn the purest of hearts evil. Thousands of years ago, she was slithering near the Monastery of Spinjitzu, where she saw Wu's fight with the Time Twins, who traveled in time.[2] When they disappeared and a young Garmadon came here to retrieve Wu's katana, she bit him, infecting him with darkness.[3] Over the years she grew into a titanic monstrosity.

The ancient Serpentine somehow took control of the Devourer and used her in their initial invasion of Ninjago.[4] Following the Serpentine's defeat, the beast was sealed under the Lost City of Ouroboros[5] by the people of Ninjago.[6] She also laid the Vermillion eggs, creating the Vermillion.[7]

Rise of the Snakes

Can of Worms

The Great Devourer's existence was revealed when Cole and Zane entered the Constrictai Tomb. While searching for the inhabitants, the two ninja discovered a crude mural on the wall depicting the Serpentine gathering before an especially massive snake. Zane translated the drawings as a prophecy: when the Serpentine united as one, they could find the Four Silver Fangblades and unleash the Great Devourer, who would consume all of Ninjago and turn day into night.

The Devourer's statue in the Lost City of Ouroboros

The Snake King

A statue of the Great Devourer was present at one end of the Slither Pit arena in the Lost City of Ouroboros.

Tick Tock

When Wu explained that the Devourer was a legendary beast that would consume all in her path, and her venom could turn even the noblest soul into a being of pure evil, he charged the ninja with finding the four Fangblades before the Serpentine could, as the Fangblades were the keys to the Devourer's revival.

The Rise of the Great Devourer

The Great Devourer rising from Ouroboros

Despite the ninja's best efforts, Pythor managed to collect all of the Fangblades and retreat to Ouroboros, where the Devourer was thought to have been imprisoned. Placing the Fangblades in the teeth of the statue overlooking the Slither Pit arena, Pythor commanded the Devourer to awaken, expecting her to emerge from the statue. To his surprise, the beast was not within the statue, but beneath the arena itself, and she was far larger than Pythor had expected.

More frightening still for the Anacondrai General, Master Wu revealed that the Great Devourer was not bound to obey the one who awakened her and had no qualms about eating the Serpentine along with the rest of the world. As Master Wu prevented Pythor from fleeing, the Great Devourer burst free of her stone prison, immediately swallowing Pythor and Master Wu whole.

Day of the Great Devourer

The Devourer destroying the Destiny's Bounty

The ninja attempted to escape the Devourer in the Destiny's Bounty, but they only succeeded in making the beast even bigger when she ate their jettisoned ballast and the ship itself. However, the escape gave them time to reach Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk, where they used a Tornado of Creation to build the Ultra Sonic Raider. Equipping their new vehicle with Zane's recording of the Sacred Flute, they managed to deal some damage to the Devourer, also discovering a small weak spot on the top of her head. However, the Great Devourer destroyed the Ultra Sonic Raider's sonic cannons and withdrew to attack Ninjago City.

The Great Devourer in Ninjago City

The ninja followed the Great Devourer and managed to prevent her from consuming any innocent civilians, but the monstrous snake proved too powerful for them to defeat. Even the arrival of Nya's Samurai Mech and the Ultra Dragon did little against the Devourer. Eventually, Lord Garmadon arrived and revealed that the only way to slay the Devourer was to use the power of all four Golden Weapons, which only he could do. Despite their misgivings, the ninja agreed, with Kai also telling Lord Garmadon about the Devourer's weak spot.

The Devourer trapped by the ninja

While Lord Garmadon left to prepare his attack, the ninja distracted the Great Devourer, leading her on a mad chase around the city. Eventually, they were able to immobilize the beast by tangling her body in buildings and tricking her into biting her tail, leaving her weak spot wide open as Lord Garmadon combined the energies of the Golden Weapons with his dark powers. Declaring his actions as vengeance against the Great Devourer for dragging him down the path of evil, Lord Garmadon leaped from a skyscraper and plunged through the creature's weak spot with the Golden Weapons, causing the Great Devourer to explode spectacularly, releasing large amounts of venom onto the city.

The Devourer in Harumi's television

Game of Masks (flashback)

During the Great Devourer's rampage, Harumi's parents were killed after the massive serpent destroyed their apartment building in Ninjago City.


Despite its destruction, the Great Devourer's evil influence continued to plague Ninjago—literally—as her defeat flooded the city with venom. The ninja spent a large amount of time helping the city's cleanup efforts. When Skales was attempting to assert his leadership over the Serpentine, Skalidor suggested unleashing the Great Devourer again, only for Skales to strike the Constrictai General for suggesting a bad idea.[8]

Lord Garmadon called his Serpentine forces together on the Black Bounty for a brainstorming session on how to defeat the ninja with his new Mega Weapon. Upon hearing that the weapon could only create, not destroy, Lasha suggested recreating the Great Devourer. Lord Garmadon was not amused by the idea and had the Venomari Scout thrown overboard as a sign of his displeasure.[9]

The Great Devourer's venom dripped onto several pieces of Stone Army merchandise at the Ninjago Museum of History, bringing them to life. Later, some more venom dripped on the Giant Stone Warrior exhibit found by Misako, bringing the ancient soldier to life.[10]

More of the Devourer's venom seeped deep underground, activating an entire army of Stone Warriors, which were suddenly awoken, sealed in a hidden tomb unearthed by the Serpentine, which ended with the Serpentine themselves being sealed away once again.[11]

When the ninja found the Serpentine's new home underground, Acidicus explained an ancient Serpentine legend, revealing that the Serpentine were, in the beginning, trying to save the people of Ninjago from the Golden Master, and they had tried to use the Great Devourer to scare the people of Ninjago underground. However, the people defeated the Devourer and believed that the Serpentine were the enemy, and drove them underground. Later, Pythor revealed that he survived his time in the Great Devourer's stomach, although the experience bleached his scales white.[12]

During Cole's time apart from the team after Zane's apparent death, Cole imagined Kai would react to his cooking by saying, "Even the Great Devourer wouldn't eat this junk!"[13]

Kai said that Clouse's pet was the second biggest snake he had ever seen, alluding to the colossal Great Devourer as the biggest.[14]

Master Chen kept a scale of the Great Devourer in his Hall of Fame. Garmadon brought up the Devourer when he and Nya were about to be fed to Clouse's pet, he stated that he destroyed the largest snake so karma has ensured the second biggest snake would come after him.[15]

While hiding from Nadakhan and the Sky Pirates, Nya suggested that Jay could wish for the Great Devourer to be brought back while thinking of what Jay can use his last wish on.[16]

At one point, Lloyd discovered that Pythor and Fangtom intended to use Dark Matter to transform into the Great Devourer.[ Clarify ][17]

Krux used eggs from the Great Devourer to breed an army of Vermillion—once again providing the ninja with a new army of adversaries.[18]

After hearing Lord Garmadon was the one that defeated the Devourer, Harumi set out to resurrect Garmadon to exact vengeance on the ninja for their poor efforts to stop the Devourer.[19] Ultimately, Harumi allowed Lord Garmadon to create the Colossus, which wreaked havoc on Ninjago City in a similar fashion to what the Devourer did (even down to both of them destroying a version of the Destiny's Bounty).[20]


  • Insatiable appetite/extreme consumption: The Great Devourer had an insatiable appetite and the ability to consume anything that she came across.
    • Size increase: Whenever she consumed something, it grew larger and more powerful. The ninja noticed that it would have been truly unstoppable if allowed to consume the bustling metropolis of Ninjago City.
  • Venom: The Devourer's venom was capable of bringing inanimate objects to life and could corrupt the purest individuals into wrathful megalomaniacs against their will, such as the case of Garmadon.
  • Massive size: In combat, the Great Devourer normally used its tremendous size to her advantage.
  • Strong tail: The Great Devourer has a very strong tail that she was able to use to break the Ultra Sonic Raider.
  • Superhuman durability: The Great Devourer possessed nigh-invulnerability that allowed her to continuously devour the buildings of Ninjago City without being stopped by the Elemental Powers.
  • Superhuman Endurance and Stamina: The monstrous snake proved as vulnerable to the music as the Serpentine had, but it managed to disable the Raider's sonic cannons with its tail before the ninja could completely pacify it.
  • Intelligence: The Devourer seemed to display a sense of tactical thought, tricking both the ninja and the Ultra Dragon into thinking they had either defeated or escaped her, only to suddenly ambush them when their guard was lowered.
  • Superhuman speed: Despite her massive size, the Devourer was also incredibly fast and had the ability to burrow through the ground with ease.





Official description

This is the snake that bit Garmadon as a child and infected him with evil from its venom. After many years the snake grew up to become a huge monster that almost destroyed Ninjago City.[21]



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Ninjago: Decoded

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

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Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Ninjago: Reimagined

The Virtues of Spinjitzu


Behind the scenes

  • According to Tommy Andreasen, the Great Devourer was supposed to be present during the Serpentine War shown in "Spellbound," presumably in place of the Anacondrai serpent.[22]
  • Tommy Andreasen confirmed the Great Devourer is female, as it laid the Vermillion eggs.[23]
    • The Character Encyclopedia[24] and a story from the LEGO site[25] have used masculine pronouns for the Devourer. However, seeing as Season 7 and Andreasen confirmed her to be female after this, this was either a mistake caused by miscommunication or the Devourer was intended to be male at first but was retconned in Season 7.
  • It's possible the Great Devourer is a Legend Beast from Chima.[26]
  • Tommy Andreasen confirmed the Great Devourer had a mother.[27] This rules out the possibility that the Great Devourer was solely created out of evil or anything of that sort.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, the Great Devourer was a snake with a mutation, and it's possible some of the Vermillion could carry this mutation as well.[1]


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  • The Great Devourer has only appeared in one LEGO set, 9450 Epic Dragon Battle. Physically, she bears more resemblance to the young Devourer seen in Master Wu's flashback in "Tick Tock," and it is significantly smaller than the Devourer seen in the show—in fact, it appears to be approximately the size of the statue in Ouroboros' Slither Pit.
  • Its set appearance is recolored and used for the Ice Serpent in Shadow of Ronin.
  • In one of the supplementary Ninjago comics, it is implied that the Overlord was responsible for creating the Great Devourer by corrupting a snake with darkness,[28] thus the Overlord might be responsible for turning Garmadon evil in the first place. This theory is supported by the end of "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master": when Lloyd defeats the Overlord, Lord Garmadon is purified of the Devourer's venom.
    • Another reason this may be the case is that, in The Stone Army, the Devourer's venom can reawaken the Stone Army.
      • However, it is possible the Devourer's venom was capable of this due to it's ability to turn one evil and not a connection to The Overlord.
  • The ninja immobilize the Great Devourer by tricking it into biting its own tail. This is another reference to ouroboros, the concept of cyclical events and entities, often depicted as a snake eating its own tail.
  • The Devourer is one of the five most powerful and largest beings of Ninjago, the others being the Overlord, the Preeminent, the Colossus, and Wojira.
  • The Great Devourer's true relationship to the Serpentine is unknown. It was considered a ruler and god of the Serpentine, but they immediately hid in fear of her when it was released, as they were avoiding the considerable threat of being eaten.
  • According to Kai in "The Rise of the Great Devourer," the Four Silver Fangblades were made from the original teeth of the Great Devourer.
  • The Great Devourer's abilities and traits appear to be larger-scale versions of the Serpentine's tribal abilities. It has the Constrictai's rapid burrowing abilities, the Anacondrai's ability to swallow things whole, and the effects of its venom could be interpreted as a mixture of Hypnobrai hypnotism and the Fangpyre bite.
    • Physically, the Devourer's green skin and tendency to secrete mass amounts of fluorescent green venom hearken back to the Venomari, but its long fangs resemble the Fangpyre and its pink eyes are similar to the Anacondrai.
    • Also, according to Tomb of the Fangpyre, before darkness corrupted it, it was red with black and white stripes, which bears similarities to the Fangpyre, particularly Fangdam and Fangtom because of the stripes.
  • The Great Devourer bears the most resemblance to the Venomari.
  • The Great Devourer's ability to grow larger the more it consumes is similar to the video game concept of Snake, in which consuming a "dot" or "square" grows in length as the player controls the "growing snake" forward.
  • The Great Devourer's young appearance resembles a Toxic Viper.
  • The Great Devourer serves as a posthumous antagonist throughout the series.
    • In Season 4, it subtly acts as a source of internal conflict for Garmadon, as it was the Devourer's venom that corrupted Garmadon and caused him to make mistakes in his past, which connect to the present day conflicts with Chen.
    • In Season 7, it is the source of the Vermillion, the villainous faction of the season.
    • In Season 8, the death of Harumi's parents caused by the Devourer is the driving motivation of Harumi resurrecting Garmadon.
  • Interestingly, as a child she had red eyes, while as an adult they are pink.



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