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Past Kai: What is he doing?

Past Wu: He's protecting us.

Past Zane: Go, ninja. Go!

Past Overlord: What are you doing? Let me go, you fool!

Past Kai and Jay: No!

Past Kai: What is he doing?

Past Wu: He's protecting us.

Kai: Nya, what's happening?

Nya: You're caught in a data loop. Zane's mind keeps pulling you back to this moment. This is the memory that was locked inside the Ninjigma.

Zane: This is my battle with the Digital Overlord. This is where I died.

Overlord: Free at last! I've waited so long for my revenge.

Nya: Whatever this thing is, it's not the Overlord. It must be leftover code from the Overlord virus hidden in Zane's programming.

Cole: How did it survive all of Zane's reboots and system wipes?

Zane: I can as-assure you my security s-s-software is up to date.

Nya: Too up-to-date. You locked this memory away, even from yourself.

Zane: I felt so alone.

Nya: The virus was locked away with that loneliness, growing stronger.

Overlord: Strong enough to corrupt your friend. And soon the six of you will be nothing but another memory for me to erase.

Kai: Not if we can help it. (He changes the memory.)

Cole: Kai, you jumped is out of the data loop.

Jay: We beat the real Overlord before. This cheap copy doesn't stand a chance.

Nya: Kai might be on to something. Now that the virus is exposed, I can reroute the data generated by your memories directly into its source code.

Jay: So we just think about fighting other things, and use that to fight this thing? Awesome!

Kai: This is my kind of puzzle.

Past Kai: You're fired!

Nya: It's working.

Kai: Let's give this virus a strong dose of Spinjitzu.

Past Cole: Earth!

Past Kai: Fire!

Past Zane: Ice!

Past Jay: Lightning!

Past ninja: Ninja, go!

Nya: Tornado of Creation downloaded.

Overlord: You think your puny Spinjitzu can achieve what the First Spinjitzu Master himself could not?

Zane: Spinjitzu is not the only technique we know.

Past Wu: The Swooping Crane. Pinching Crab.

Past Zane: Falcon Vision.

Cole: Yeah. Don't forget a little move known as the Triple Tiger Sashay.

Past Cole: Triple Tiger Sashay. (Growls.)

Kai: I think your Earth Punch might be a little more effective.

Cole: Oh, right.

Overlord: Two can play at this game.

Past Jay: No!

Past Garmadon: Bye, bye!

Past Kai: Who's next?

Cole: All this proves is that we can take a hit and still keep fighting. And just think how much stronger we are now.

Kai: Cole's right. We are stronger. And we have our greatest victories right at our fingertips to prove it.

Past Cole: I'm slipping!

Past Kai: Ugh. Don't let up.

Nya: The virus is fighting us back with our own memories. Think of some weapons, guys. I might be able to use that memory data to get the upper hand.

Kai: A ninja never forgets his first Golden Weapon.

Past Cole: Going somewhere?

Overlord: (Laughs.) Your attempts are futile.

Zane: They do not s-s-seem to be having desired effects. Perhaps using them together?

Cole: Yes. Come on, Mega Weapon.

Past Garmadon: Yes. It's working. The Mega Weapon doesn't have the power to destroy. It only has the power to create!

Jay: You heard Lord Garmadon. The Mega Weapon only creates. In case you hadn't noticed, we need to destroy. I know the perfect thing. Aw, man.

Lloyd: Too random. We need a plan.

Jay: Sorry. In my defense, they looked really cool.

Nya: You better come up with something fast. I don't know how much longer I can keep Zane online.

Cole: Roger that. Less memory lane, more...

Jay: Sword alley?

Kai: We need to think outside the box.

Jay: Ah-ah-ah. Outside the Ninjigma.

Cole: If we can use any weapon we want, that means every weapon, not just ours.

Past Wu: Our only hope was four blades, hastily forged from Chronosteel—the Time Blades. Chronosteel is the only metal that can absorb Elemental Energy.

Zane: Using an en-n-nemy ar-ar-arsenal against an enemy makes some s-st-st-strategic s-s-sense.

Past Kai: Ice.

Kai: He never saw it coming.

Overlord: You will never defeat me. You cannot even protect this cave from my reach. What hope do you have of saving Ninjago?

Lloyd: Are you kidding me?

Kai: Why isn't it working?

Jay: Oh, I wish Master Wu were here. He'd know what to do.

Past Wu: If we dwell too long on what's missing, we fail to see what can be gained.

Kai: Master Wu might be gone, but he's still with us.

Past Wu: In each and every one of us, there are obstacles that hold us back. Only when you conquer that fear will your heart be free.

Past Cole: What if we've done enough training? What if we've reached out True Potential? What if we're ready?

Past Kai: All this training, all of these battles we've had with skeletons and the Serpentine. We've persevered through so much. We can't just give up now.

Past Zane: I faced my fear. When I realized it wasn't something in front of me that help me back, but something inside you, I found a deeper power.

Overlord: (Laughs.)

Past Jay: Nya. The poison hit you, too.

Nya: Don't listen.

Overlord: (Laughs.)

Nya: The virus is trying to use your own memories against you.

Past Kai: Master? Is he...

Past Nya: He's still here, but not for long.

Cole: There must be something we're forgetting.

Jay: I don't think Wu's training covered this.

Kai: Come on, guys, think.

Jay: We have been thinking. I feel like the only super-powerful enemy we haven't talked about is Lloyd, and we never had to fight him.

Past Wu: Lloyd.

Past Lloyd: Hello, uncle. I'm glad you brought the ninja. I could use some help taking out the trash. Muahaha!

Past Cole: To the dirt!

Kai: Jay, you're a genius.

Jay: I am?

Past Wu: What is the best way to defeat an enemy? It is to make them your friend.

Past Kai: We're going to teach you everything we know.

Past Jay: And make sure you're prepared for that fight.

Past Cole: 'Cause as we all know, good will always stand up to evil.

Past Zane: And ninja will always stand up for what is right.

Kai: Our most powerful weapon has never been our swords or Elemental Powers or even our training. It's been our friendship.

Past Zane: If this is how we're going to go down, I am proud to be fighting alongside my brothers.

Cole: Of course. The only way to beat a bad memory is to focus on good memories instead.

Jay: I say let's show 'em what we ninja are all about.

Past ninja: Ninja, go!

Overlord: No.

Past Cole: Glad you guys are my friends. Let's do the whip!

Past ninja: Ninja, go!

Past Cole: Now come here, you shiny new tin can.

Past Zane: One team, one dream!

Past Jay and Cole: Hey!

Past Kai: We're a team.

Past Cole: Now you're talking.

Past Jay: We're a team, and that means we're all responsible.

Past Zane: As iron sharpens iron...

Past Kai: Brother sharpens brother.

Past Jay: We're a team. We stick together.

Overlord: This can't be.

Past Zane: Let's do it again!

Past Jay and Cole: Hey!

Past Kai: I guess you could say we learned we don't need all the fancy stuff. We just need each other.

Past Jay: Hey, we all have our bad days. We'll pick you up, so next time, you can return the favor.

Past Cole: We're in this together.

Past ninja: Ninja, go!

Overlord: (The ninja got sent out of Zane's head.)

Cole: We're out.

Kai: We did it. We did do it, right?

Nya: Every last byte of the virus is gone.

Jay: Is Zane okay?

Nya: All systems online and operational. He must still be inside repairing the damaged files.

Kai: We're with you, Zane.

Zane: You were always with me.

Past Wu: I am proud of you, Zane. One day, I promise we will find your family.

Past Zane: But I've already found them.

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