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“I cannot fight you, but I can resist you.”

Green Destiny is the tenth and final episode of the ninth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the 94th episode overall. It aired on July 19, 2018 in Singapore, and aired August 25, 2018, as part of Hunted: Part 3, in the United States.


The Ninja finally return home and unite to stop Emperor Garmadon, forcing Lloyd to make a decision that will forever change Ninjago.[1]


As Lloyd's group tends to an injured Nya and the dazed Skylor, Ultra Violet and the Sons of Garmadon surround and attack them. As they're being overpowered, a large portal forms in the sky, catching everyone's attention. Emerging from it are Wu and the ninja who have returned on their newfound dragons. They see the city's state and wonder where their friends are, as Nya contacts Kai to tell them that they need help. Zane tracks the frequency and the ninja move to regroup with the others, Dareth and Nya are happy to see the ninja are back and with dragon power, while Lloyd is very excited they held out to reunite with the others. The Sons of Garmadon are scared by the dragons and run off but Zane's Ice Dragon freezes many of them in place while the other dragons dispatch the remainder. Firstbourne lands and Wu dismounts from her, as Lloyd and Nya are amazed to see that Wu has now aged into a teenager and by his new armor while he voices his support in defeating his brother since he isn't an old man on this day.

The group reconnects with hugs and the ninja are updated, as to what happened to the Resistance and Mystake. Dareth tells his sulking friends to have a final fight against Lord Garmadon, which is accepted. Wu and Lloyd head off intending to face Garmadon, while the ninja evacuate the remaining citizens in the area. These acts cause the people to see their protectors have returned. Dareth even becomes recognized as such when he comes across reporter Gayle Gossip and her cameraman being harassed by the Sons of Garmadon. Dareth stops to help but is taunted by the villains who advance on him as he charges at them but slips on a rock and ironically takes them down, saving the civilians. He asks if it was caught on camera and is pleased with that it was, as he leaves while Gossip is left fawning over him for the rescue.

The resistance breaks out.

In Kryptarium Prison, a grunt from the Sons of Garmadon frantically informs his comrades that the ninja have returned to Ninjago. Overhearing this, the imprisoned civilians and Elemental Masters regain hope and desire to help the ninja. They start shouting "The resistance never quits." since they are now inspired to break free. Ronin, Karlof, and Griffin Turner cause a riot in the prison before escaping their cell and releasing their friends from the cells.

Garmadon vs. Wu and Lloyd.

Back in Ninjago City, Wu and Lloyd fly Firstbourne to Borg Tower, while Cole, Kai, Jay, and Zane fly their Dragons in their battle against the Colossus. Wu and Lloyd search for Garmadon, whose voice is heard remarking about the little "family reunion" before labeling them his enemies. Suddenly, he appears from the shadows and starts fighting them. Lloyd is overpowered, while Wu continues fighting against his brother using their father's sword. Wu condemns him for his actions on the city, as Garmadon ignores him and says Wu can't stop him as the latter agrees by saying he can hold him. At that moment, Firstbourne intervenes and encases Garmadon in molten rock - however, he breaks free, and unleashes a shock-wave of destructive energy. Wu is flung from the tower, though is saved by Firstbourne, and Lloyd is left to face his father alone.

Garmadon battles his brother.

The ninja continue fighting against the Colossus, using Vengestone Chains to try and incapacitate it. However, the chains are ineffective, and they eventually run out of them. Kai jumps onto the Colossus and begins binding the chains together even tighter. On the tower, Garmadon continues fighting his son. Lloyd tries urging his father to change his ways, but his corrupted soul has no redemption insight; he proclaims that people don't change, they only reveal who they truly are.

Lloyd regaining his powers.

In the city, the ninja run out of chains and wonder what to do before Firstbourne returns and Wu fires his chain gun at the behemoth as the ninja's allies return to the city to help defeat the Colossus. They bring it to its knees, ending the threat. Back at the tower, Lloyd realizes he's unable to defeat his father, who is only empowered by their fight, and he uses one of his father's lessons to resist him—by avoiding Garmadon's blows, he fights without fighting. As Lloyd uses the tactic, the ninja and their allies incapacitate the Colossus using the chains, and it falls to the ground. Garmadon tries shooting blasts of destructive energy, but is soon unable to—as his power vanishes, Lloyd's Element is finally restored. As a result, the Colossus crumbles apart and Skylor is cured of her poison, waking up to Kai reassuring her they won. Defeated, Garmadon tells his son to finish him off, but Lloyd refuses to. Garmadon ominously states that it's not over, but it will be when "they" come, and nothing will be left. Following the battle, the Sons of Garmadon are arrested, along with Lord Garmadon, as Ninjago is free from his reign.

The citizens and 'The Fold' standing before the ninja.

Several days later, the ninja clean up the Royal Palace before Wu tells them there's trouble. The ninja run out of the palace and find a crowd congratulating their victory. As the Police Commissioner states that the citizens wanted to personally thank the ninja for saving the day. The Fold, the band that wrote the weekend whip, sing the weekend whip as Lego Minifigures. As the heroes celebrate, Nya invites Skylor, Dareth, and P.I.X.A.L. up since they also made it possible to save the city. The celebration goes on, as Cole dines on the cake, Lloyd and Dareth wave happily, while the others Nya and Jay, Zane and P.I.X.A.L., as well as Kai and Skylor, share a loving reunion.

Later that night, Lloyd finds Wu on the palace's roof, saying goodbye to Firstbourne before she returns to the First Realm. Lloyd informs Wu that he is unnerved by Garmadon's warning, and wonders if the Oni truly are coming.













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  • This is the last episode written by the Hageman Brothers.
  • LEGO versions of The Fold appear in this episode.
  • This is the only episode where the stranded ninja wear their ninja hoods with their Season 9 outfits. Lloyd wore his hood too, but he previously wore it in "Radio Free Ninjago." This means that Nya is the only ninja who didn't wear their hood with their Season 9 outfit despite her Minifigure having a hood in 70651 Throne Room Showdown.
  • One of the civilians in this episode reuses Mystake's face print despite being a different character.
  • The line of "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" was used by Cole in "The Last Hope", when the ninja and Misako confront Garmadon's mech for the first time.
  • This is the second time Lloyd says a statement that greatly impacts Garmadon, the first being "The Resistance never quits!"

A heart cloud behind Jay

  • When Jay first talks to Nya after his return from the First Realm, the cloud behind him resembles a pink heart.

Cultural references

  • Gossip asking Dareth who he was referring to the famous scene in the Spider-Man movie in 2002 and the Superman movie in 1978.
  • The scene where after Garmadon loses his powers and wants Lloyd to finish him off draws parallels to Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi where Emperor Palpatine wants Luke to strike Darth Vader down while he is weak.


  • This is the only episode in Season 9 that does not take place in Realm of Oni and Dragons.
    • In addition, this is also the only episode where the Dragon Hunters do not make a physical appearance.
  • All the prisoners of Ultra Hunt break out of Kryptarium Prison and assist the ninja in defeating Colossus, including those not captured like the Postman and Rufus McCallister.
  • Lloyd regains his powers in this episode.
  • The Sons of Garmadon, including Garmadon, are arrested.
  • Garmadon loses his power while Lloyd regains his own.
    • Because of this, the Colossus is destroyed as well.
    • Additionally, Skylor's poison wears out.
  • Garmadon warns Lloyd that "they" are coming, and his powers were the only thing that could possibly stand up to them, and that nothing will be able to stop them.
    • At the end of the episode, Lloyd tells Master Wu he thinks "they" are the Oni. This was confirmed in the following season.
    • Though most likely a coincidence, "Oni" is the Slavic (Russian, Serbian, Croatian...) word for "they."
  • Now that the entire ninja team are back together, they all revert back to wearing their Resistance suits from the previous season.
  • At the end of the episode, Master Wu is an old man again, but still sounds slightly more youthful, and is no longer wearing the Dragon Armor. He is wearing his original attire again.
    • However, Firstbourne probably took it back with her to the Realm of Oni and Dragons or most likely Wu still has it.
    • Present-day Wu was last seen as an old man in "Lost in Time."
  • Kai and Skylor are together now.
  • The ninja are fully reunited for the first time since "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago."
  • This is the only episode in the entire season where the setting is only in the city.
  • The Great Devourer and the Overlord are mentioned by Jay.
  • Zane saying they need thicker chains is a possible callback to when Clouse says that about keeping him contained in "Versus."
  • Lloyd uses the Art of the Silent Fist when he fights Garmadon, ironically, using his own fighting style against him.
    • The technique was not mentioned by name, because it was "decided that the reference was too far back".[2]
  • At the end of the episode, when Lloyd called Wu "Master Wu," Wu also called him "Master Lloyd."
  • Gayle Gossip might now have a crush on Dareth.
  • Cole goes back to eating cake after accomplishing his goal of finding Wu.
  • Jay mentions he can't understand how anyone can live in Ninjago City, due to the repeated dangers of the last few seasons.
  • This is Zane's first time using his cloak upgrade since "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago".
  • Tommy and Simon are seen helping chain the Colossus down.
  • The final battle in this episode is similar to the final battle in the Season 2 finale, in that both have Lloyd fighting Garmadon at the top of a tower in Ninjago City, though in this episode's case, Garmadon is not possessed as he was in the Season 2 finale.


  • Despite being frozen by Zane at the beginning of the episode, Ultra Violet can be seen still unconscious on the ground behind Lloyd, Nya, and Dareth when they watch the ninja scaring away the SoG on the bridge.
  • When Ultra Violet is frozen with the Sons of Garmadon, she can be seen without her bandana.
  • When Garmadon knocks Lloyd over a rock and before he manages to disarm him, Lloyd can be heard briefly yelping with a clip of his younger voice.
  • When the ninja run-up to Lloyd after he returns from Borg Tower, Nya can be seen with her Season 8 outfit on, despite the fact that she isn't meant to be wearing it until the next scene.
  • In some scenes in Borg Tower, Wu could be seen to have his mask on.
  • When Firstbourne enters the fight on Borg Tower, a large rock between Wu and Lloyd didn't appear. However, when Firstbourne breaths fire on on Garmadon, a large rock appears despite not being in there in the first place.
  • When Firstbourne enters the fight, Wu could be seen dropping the Dragonbone Blade on the ground front of Garmadon. However, when Garmadon frees himself from molten rock, the Dragonbone Blade wasn't seen near Garmadon.
  • When trying to break out of the cell, there are a couple of shots where Ronin's mask is missing.
  • After Karlof breaks down the bars on his cell, they appear intact in the next shot.
  • When Ronin, Karlof, and Griffin Turner break out of their cell, Griffin's eyebrows are missing.
  • Despite being near Vengestone chains, Kai was still able to fuse the chains together using his Elemental Power, though the Elemental Masters can't use their powers when Vengestone is nearby, as was shown in Master of the Mountain.
  • When Kai lands on the Colossus, the scar on his right eye disappears.
  • When the ninja land their Dragons, Wu runs away from Lloyd and Nya, but then he walks back towards them when the ninja dismount their Dragons.
  • When the Colossus falls, its head would be on the ground, however, when Garmadon lost his element and the Colossus fell, the head was still up.
  • When the ninja are celebrating, Misako is absent from the celebration.
  • During the bird's eye view shot where Kai says "just another day in Ninjago" Nya is missing, despite being present in that scene.
  • When Rufus McAllister is about to be crushed by debris, he is roped around by Kai. However, in the next shot, he is holding on to the rope instead of being tied around by it like in the previous shot.
  • As an old man, Wu still has a younger voice.
  • In the Netflix subtitles, "Kryptarium" is misspelled "Kryptarian" and Dareth is misspelled "Darreth." Additionally, when the ninja chain down the Colossus for the second time, the subtitles say that Jay says "Here we go again," when it is actually Cole.



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