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Not to be confused with the actual dragon.
Bring the bones back to life, Hazza D'ur! Bring back Grief-Bringer!
Season 13, Episode 11
Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 11.png
Air date July 17, 2020 (Australia)
October 18, 2020 (US)
December 5, 2020 (Canada)
Written by Bragi Schut
Directed by Shane Poettcker
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"Dungeon Crawl!"
"Masters Never Quit"

Grief-Bringer is the eleventh episode of the thirteenth season of Ninjago and the 155th episode overall. It aired first in English on July 17, 2020, in Australia. It aired in the US on October 18, 2020, paired up with "Masters Never Quit".


Nya and Kai, who have become the respective leaders of the Munce and Geckles, attempt to unite the tribes in an effort to defeat their mutual enemy, the Skull Sorcerer, who schemes against them.[1]

Cartoon Network Asia: Nya uses her elemental powers to coerce the Munce into agreeing to a truce meeting with the Geckles.[2]

Extended: Nya uses her elemental powers to coerce the Munce into agreeing to a truce meeting with the Geckles. At the same time, in the Geckle camp, Kai and Zane are forced to resort to trickery in order to manipulate the Geckles to attend the truce meeting. The Skull Sorcerer learns of the meeting and uses the skull of Hazza D'Ur to resurrect the fearsome dragon Grief Bringer![3]


The Munce fight each other after disagreeing with the ninja to team up with the Geckles. Lloyd even informs the Munce the Skull Sorcerer is the enemy, but they refuse to listen. Murtessa then tells Nya to use her powers to get the Munce's attention since the Munce respect power and strength. Nya decides to create a giant water ball and shoots it at one of the Munce. She then steps on the table and orders the Munce to attend the truce meeting and is willing to fight each of the Munce in order to go. The Munce finally agree and head out.

Meanwhile, plans are not going well for the Geckles as they too argue. Groko, Garpo, and Ginkle believe it will be an ambush by the Munce, so they continue to fight with each other. To get their attention, Kai uses his Elemental Powers. He informs the Geckles they will be going to the meeting, but the Geckles are unsure if it's a trap. To decide the matter, they decide to perform a slug race to determine if the Munce should be trusted.

Zane and Kai discover that Gilly is Lilly

While the race is going on, Gleck pulls aside Kai and Zane to talk to them. He tells the ninja he believes the Munce can be trusted, but no one would listen to him. Kai and Zane recognize the necklace he's wearing and they ask if he snuck into Cole's bedroom, and he admits doing so. Gleck explains he heard the Elemental Master of Earth was in the Kingdom of Shintaro, so Gleck thought it might be "Gilly". Zane then asks if they can look at the necklace, so Gleck gives Zane the necklace. He opens it up and realizes the necklace contains photos of Cole's parents. They also reveal that Cole's mother is actually called Lilly and deduce that Gilly is actually Lilly.

Gleck is joyful and asks Kai and Zane if they could ask for help from Gilly, but Kai breaks the sad news saying Lilly has already passed away.

Back at the Kingdom of Shintaro, the Skull of Hazza D'ur informs Vangelis about an organized meeting between the Munce and Geckles. After a moment of hesitation, Vangelis transforms into the Skull Sorcerer and heads underground to the Dungeons of Shintaro. Vangelis then uses the Skull of Hazza D'ur to revive Grief-Bringer.

Kai and Zane realize the slug which deems the Munce to be untrustworthy is winning the race, so Kai tells Zane to use his Elemental Powers to help the other slug. Nevertheless, Zane doesn't want to cheat but gives in to the white lie. He aids the other slug into winning, so the Geckles head to the meeting.

Along the way, Kai asks about the appearance of the Munce Queen, and Gulch claims she looks fierce but very ugly. On the opposite end, Nya questions why the Munce have to carry her, and Murt claims it's very important since she's royal. Both tribes meet at the meeting point, and Kai and Nya realize they are leaders on both sides. The siblings hug each other, but the Geckles and Munce stare each other down. Kai and Nya tell both tribes to back off and promises nothing bad will happen.


Suddenly, they hear the sound of a ferocious monster and both tribes realize it's Grief-Bringer. The Geckles and Munce flee from danger while Zane and Lloyd attempt to stand their ground. The Re-Awakened also arrive and Grief-Bringer spews green magic at the duo. Zane creates an ice shield, but can't hold the shield for long.

The rest of the group finds a lava pit that separates the paths. Gleck recommends using a rope to get across and everyone else follows behind. Kai then tries, but his the wall. Nya is able to pull Kai to safety and they continue to flee.

Zane is losing ground on Grief-Bringer, so Lloyd instructs Zane to let go so he could blast his Elemental Powers at the dragon. Lloyd is able to get a direct hit on the dragon, and he loses most of his bones; however, the Skull of Hazza D'ur reconstructs the dragon. Realizing nothing works, Lloyd and Zane decide to run away. Both ninja make it to the lava pit and swing across. The Skull Sorcerer then laughs knowing they all can't escape. The Skull of Hazza D'ur promises Grief-Bringer will come for all of them.



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  • This episode marks Kai, Jay, Zane, and Lloyd's first appearances in their Hero Suits.
  • Kai and Zane discover that Gilly is actually Cole's mother, Lilly.
  • This is the second episode to be named after a dragon, the first being "Firstbourne."
  • When Kai mentions the time Zane impersonated Clutch Powers to get into the Explorers Club, he is referring to the events of "The Explorers Club."
  • Despite being introduced as early as "The Royal Blacksmiths," this episode marks the first time Lou's name is mentioned.


  • Kai wears his Hero suit when the grey slug was being pushed to the goal even through he didn’t actually wear it till he, Zane, and the Geckles go to the meeting.


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