“Hageman. A competitor. He was good. Very good. But, he didn't read my book. And it cost him his life.”
Clutch Powers, Boobytraps and How to Survive Them

Hageman was an explorer who is now long deceased. He explored the Ancient Pyramid using Clutch Powers' guidebook for advice, but failed to read to the part that covered avoiding traps. He tripped over a web, and fell to a spiked floor where he met a grisly end by impaling.


Boobytraps and How to Survive Them

After Jay accidentally set off the cobweb trap before Kai destroyed the spikes, the Ninja and Clutch Powers stumble upon Hageman's skeleton. As he remarked his competitor's demise, claiming he didn't read his book, Zane tells Clutch that Hageman did, but stopped on chapter 8 before throwing the book aside, hitting his skeleton, causing it to fall apart.

Ninja vs. Lava

Managing to escape the lava at first, the Ninja come across Hageman's skeleton before they use his climbing gear to go up the still sloped stairs while Hageman's skeleton melts from the rising lava.



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