Haochao Enterprise is an entertainment company that created the video game Prime Empire.


The company's origins and history are largely unknown. However, at some point, they began developing the game Prime Empire. The game's development was going well to the point where a commercial was produced. However, the game was suddenly put on hold and Haochao Enterprise refused to release it.

Years later, a suspicious accident occurred at the company and the next day, the long unreleased Prime Empire was mysteriously and inexplicably released, becoming available at Ninjago City's Arcade, where it became an instant hit with gamers. However, the players didn't notice the various strange occurrences surrounding the game, presumably including players vanishing into the game after reaching a certain level. Those who did notice, such as Gayle Gossip and the Ninja, and called for the game to be shut down, were ignored by the game's obsessed fans and the money-hungry Arcade owner.


Season 12: Prime Empire


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