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Happy Birthday to You! is a one-minute Ninjago short in Netflix's "Happy Birthday to You!" series.

As of October 2021, the short is unavailable on Netflix.[2] However, it can be found on YouTube here.


LEGO Ninjago heroes Kai, Zane, Jay and Cole want to wish you a happy birthday, but they're going to need all their Spinjitzu skills to do it![2]


The four original ninja walk down a hall to the viewer, with Cole carrying a cake. Samukai, Cryptor, and Kozu each at one point come out of a purple portal to attack them, and the ninja defeat them by seemingly banishing them to another realm in a purple flash of light. When Jay asks who will clean up the mess caused by the fighting, a broom falls into his hands from another purple-lit realm breach, and the other ninja laugh.



  • This episode was animated by Meanlow Studio rather than WILFilm ApS.[3]
  • The villains appear with their "Day of the Departed" designs while the ninja are in their Fusion suits.
  • Samukai and Cryptor wield their Departed Blades, while Kozu has four Butterfly Swords.
  • The scar from Kai's minifigure's face design can faintly be seen, and in some moments his face looks exactly like his minifigure's angry expression.
  • The poses the Ninja are in when they sing the last line, especially Zane, slightly resemble them practicing dance moves with Lou in "The Royal Blacksmiths."


  • Despite wearing his mask, Zane does not have the light blue visor over his eyes that he did whenever he wore his mask in seasons 4 through 7. This matches his Fusion Armor minifigure from 70624 Vermillion Invader, which does not have a blue visor face option, though he lacks the scratch seen on the minifigure's head (which was not present in the TV series until Season 8).
  • Zane is missing the robotic filter on his voice present in the TV series from Season 4 onward.




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