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“You get four lives in Prime Empire. And looks like you've used three.”

The health boards[1] were used by players of Prime Empire to display their four lives. 


Superstar Rockin' Jay

After the ninja find Scott's garage, they learn that everyone in Prime Empire has four lives. Scott activates Kai's health board, displaying his one remaining life.

The Glitch

The ninja activate their health boards to observe the damage done to them after being ambushed by the Red Visors.

The Maze of the Red Dragon

In order to get the purple Key-Tana, the ninja had to defeat the Red Dragon. As it shoots fire from its mouth at the ninja, its health board was revealed, displaying its 16 lives.

Stop, Drop and Side Scroll

Lloyd, Nya, and Jay activate their health boards each time they lose a life in Terra Domina.

Characters' Lives

End Result




  • 71706 Cole's Speeder Car is the only Prime Empire set not to include a health board.
  • The color of the health board depends on what the user's side is on, such as the ninja and Scott having their health boards yellow and cyan while Unagami's army and the Whack Rats have theirs orange and black.
  • The Red Dragon has a health board with 16 lives, 12 more than the other players.
  • The health board having four lives may be a reference to the fact that LEGO video games typically have four lives for each player.
  • Players who lose all lives are turned into energy cubes, which is then collected by one of Unagami's aerial drones. They are later used by Unagami to create a machine that can open a portal to Ninjago. However, this does not apply to NPCs as they are not players, just A.I.
  • Despite having one in the sets, Sushimi, Ritchie, Richie, and the Red Visors lack health boards in the show, as the four lives don't apply to NPCs.


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