“The Hearth Fire is the heart of our people. It keeps the darkness at bay and gives us hope. If the Fire goes out, our hope is lost.”
Sorla to the ninja in "Fire Maker"

The Hearth Fire, also known as the Sacred Fire, is the flame that has burned for decades to keep the Ice Fishers of the Great Lake warm, which also allows one to seek answers from Spirits. The fire holds great importance to the Ice Fishers, symbolizing hope and warding off darkness. Thus, they will do anything to protect it.


When the winters in the Never-Realm began growing colder, the Ice Fishers lit the Fire to keep their tribe alive. To ensure the fire would not go out, as it had become far too cold to light another, the people fed the flame wood every morning and every night for decades.

The Never-Realm

The ninja are saved from a pack of Frost Wolves and brought back to the Great Lake, Sorla allows them to come in for warmth from the Fire. To help them find Zane, she uses incense to ask the Spirits of the Earth and Spirits of the Lake to show them Zane's fate. The Fire reveals Zane to be within the Castle of Ice, leading Sorla and the ninja to believe he is the Ice Emperor's prisoner.

Fire Maker

The Blizzard Samurai march towards the Great Lake to destroy the ninja for challenging the Emperor and the Ice Fishers for aiding them. The village elders quickly convene to determine the best course of action to ensure their people's safety. While the majority refused to leave the fire due to its importance, some believed there was no other option. Sorla informs the ninja about the Fire's significance and after learning it would be difficult to transport, the heroes promise to help defend it. Kai is saddened by the fact that he'd be able to help if Aspheera hadn't stolen his Elemental Powers, though is assured by Sorla his powers will return.

During the battle against the Ice Samurai, the ninja gain the upper hand. In a last attempt to finish them off, Grimfax puts out the Hearth Fire, taking away the last source of warmth against the ice. As the Ice Fishers begin to feel the effects of the extreme cold, a guilt-ridden Kai manages to light a new fire, being dubbed "Fire Maker" by the Ice Fishers.

The Message

The Hearth Fire was behind Cole when he was telling the story of how Aspheera banished Zane to the Never-Realm to the young Ice Fishers.

The Traveler's Tree

Sorla used the fire to melt some ice, giving Nya some water to train with.

Secret of the Wolf

Vex uses his crystal to show Grimfax the Hearth Fire is still burning.


Sorla asked the spirits of the Hearth Fire about Ninjago. The ninja and Krag then entered her home, where they gathered around Sorla and the Hearth Fire to learn of the news she had to share of their status.


LEGO Ninjago

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu


  • The Hearth Fire's ability to display visions from Spirits is similar to the spirit smoke formerly relied upon by Master Wu to see future events during Season 1 and the ice labyrinth which allowed the ninja to see visions of their future selves in Season 5.
  • The Hearth Fire may perhaps be inspired by Ancient Rome's 'Flame of Vesta', which, like the Hearth Fire for the Ice Fishers, symbolised Rome's hope and security. Also, the Romans had special priestesses to tend to the fire so it would not be put out and the fishers fed wood to the fire every day and night to keep it alive.




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