Having become a celebrity alongside the Ninja, a disgruntled Nya was frustrated over not being included in their commercial, further indignant by Dareth's sexist comment over what kinds of commercials she could do. Seeking her own identity as one of the Ninja instead of her relationship with another person, Nya consequently kept her distance with Jay. Later, while stopping at the hospital to sign Nelson's cast, Nya and the rest of the Ninja were forced to evade the paparazzi Kai attracted through chirping, heading to the rooftop.

The ninja hide from fans.

However, with helicopters heading in on their location, the others hid behind a sign, with Jay offering his hand to help her up. In response, Nya refused, wanting to put her past with Jay behind them, consequently getting spotted alongside the others. Later, arriving at Stiix, Nya failed to spot Clouse, and as the six of them sat down to discuss their next plan of action, promptly witnessed news reports of the Ninja committing crimes. Realizing they had been framed, Nya and the rest of the Ninja were forced to flee, witnessing Misako and the Destiny's Bounty 2.0 being captured by the Police Commissioner.

Public Enemy Number One

Meeting up at the remains of the burnt-down Monastery of Spinjitzu, the Ninja, based on Zane's research, came to the conclusion that a Djinn was evidently responsible for not only framing them but also capturing Master Wu. To find their culprit, the group split up, with Nya tagging along with her brother. Stopping by at Jamanakai Village, the two drove off on a pair of motorcycles she had prepared, only to be chased by Ronin at the Corridor of Elders. Attempting to evade him, the two were unsuccessful, being fooled by a hologram he had set up to resemble a dead end and being arrested and hauled off to Kryptarium with the others.


While at Kryptarium, Nya and the others were briefly confronted by The Mechanic and several angry inmates, only for Noble to come in and calm them down. Later, as they ate lunch and discussed what they had learned of the Djinn, Nadakhan, they were confronted by Soto, who had overheard their conversation. Properly seeing Nya's face for the first time, Soto remarked on her uncanny likeliness to someone he knew before explaining his past with Nadakhan, having been the one to imprison him within the Teapot of Tyrahn, before afterward scattering the Sky Pirate Crew across the Sixteen Realms. However, the group was confronted by the Mechanic once more, and after the brief skirmish, were told by Soto that the weakness of a Djinn was the venom of a Tiger Widow, and that in return for telling the location of Tiger Widow Island, he had to be freed. Moved to a more secure prison cell due to their involvement in the skirmish, Nya and the Ninja managed to escape, freeing Soto along the way and heading through the sewer tunnels. Free, the Ninja were told of the map to Tiger Widow Island being on the Misfortune's Keep, and even as Soto went on his own path, the pirate captain realized, to his amusement, that Nya resembled Dilara, Nadakhan's deceased lover.

Misfortune Rising

Infiltrating the police headquarters under disguises, Jay and Nya succeeded in not only tracking down the location of the Destiny's Bounty 2.0, but also the Misfortune's Keep, only for Cole and Lloyd to note the Sky Pirate ship was missing, and for Kai and Zane to be driven off by the guards. Going off to have lunch, Nya decided to talk out her issues with Jay, making peace with her friend. After Jay went off and was confronted by Nadakhan, unbeknownst to her, he eventually went across the mansion of his true father, Cliff Gordon, and as a result of his second wish, Nya sought him out and found him there. Impressed by the mansion though unknowing of the revelation of his true family, Nya joined up with the others at Yang Tavern, only to hear of the Sky Pirate attack on New Ninjago City. Unwilling to let the citizens be in danger, Nya confronted the Sky Pirates, confronting Flintlocke, who was shocked to realize her uncanny resemblance to his deceased friend. After the Sky Pirates escaped, Nya celebrated the retrieval of the map to Tiger Widow Island, only to learn of her brother's fate, with Kai's soul being trapped in the Djinn Blade.

On a Wish and a Prayer

Regrouping at Jay's estate, Nya, Lloyd, and Zane studied the map, learning the location of the island, only to be alerted to the chunks of Ninjago that were disappearing. Arriving at the harbor, they got a ride on Cliff Gordon's yacht, with Nya piloting the boat. However, the group encountered a massive maelstrom, and as she and the others fought it off, Zane and Pixal were imprisoned in the Sword of Souls by Nadakhan, and the yacht crashed on the shore of Tiger Widow Island. Recovering consciousness, Nya attempted to locate her two friends, with a frustrated Cole revealing their fate, explaining Jay's encounter with Nadakhan. Hurt and betrayed, Nya promptly assigned Jay to retrieve the venom, and as he did so, kept watch outside the cave. However, the four of them were promptly attacked by Nadakhan, Flintlocke, Clancee, Monkey Wretch, and Dogshank. Confronting Dogshank, the two battled, only for Nya to get caught in one of the Tiger Widow's webs. However, to her surprise, she was freed, with Dogshank explaining her insistent code of honor, resuming the battle between the two. However, when Jay emerged with the venom in tow, she abandoned the battle to help him, regrouping with the others and escaping the spider across a rope bridge, only for one end to snap. Hanging on, Nya watched as Nadakhan emptied the canteen of venom and kidnapped Jay, only to reveal she had switched it with a decoy.

My Dinner With Nadakhan

Attempting to reach Ninjago from Tiger Widow Island, the Ninja failed, prompting the group to begin constructing a raft from the natural materials. However, they were attacked by massive, worm-like creatures, destroying their raft and forcing the three to escape, with Nya unlocking Airjitzu in the process. Setting to work, she created a device that hurled coconuts, hoping the noise would attract the worms away, even as Cole and Lloyd made a new raft. However, as the three made their way to shore, the device malfunctioned, prompting the worms to turn their attention to the group. Summoning a wave, Nya fought off the worms, carrying the raft out to the ocean, only for it to break apart; Thankfully, the three were saved by the Police Commissioner and Ronin, the former of whom had a change of heart after the group had protected the citizens from the Sky Pirates.


Regrouping at New Ninjago City, the group discussed a plan, eventually formulating one based on the blueprints of a Raid Zeppelin that Jay had dropped off in the ocean. Setting to work, the group built their own Raid Zeppelin, and masquerading as Sky Pirates, snuck into the reconstructing Djinjago to free Jay and hopefully poison Nadakhan with the venom, which she had concentrated into a blow-dart. However, while Cole went off to save Jay, she and Lloyd were confronted by Clancee, who thankfully fell for their disguises. In the end, all four were captured, with Nadakhan having lunch with Nya, hoping to sway her to become his bride and complete a wedding ceremony that would grant him the power to grant infinite wishes, even for himself. Refusing, Nya was brought on the deck of the Misfortune's Keep, where she witnessed her friends about to be pushed into the ocean, with Nadakhan threatening her to marry him. However, Cole, with no other option, wished for their vengestone bonds to free them, allowing the four to hold off the pirates. Even as chaos ensued, with the others calling out their wishes and Nya accidentally using up two of hers, Cole's final wish ended up throwing everyone off of the ship. As they all plummeted, Nya used her final wish to make the clouds stop their fall, and landing safely, briefly fought the Sky Pirates, only to be cornered. Lloyd, now aged as a result of his wish to become wiser, severed the cloud she and Jay were standing on, causing them to fall out of Nadakhan's reach. Even as they plummeted, she and Jay put their hands together, combining their remaining strength to create a fusion of their Elemental Dragons; one made of Water and Lightning. Riding off on the Water-Lightning Dragon, the two evaded a pursuing Flintlocke, being rescued by the police in the process.

The Last Resort


Nya and Jay find Echo Zane.

Making plans to hide at the Lighthouse Prison, Nya briefly escaped a confrontation with Nadakhan alongside Jay, fleeing the police department through a trapdoor. Arriving at the prison, the two talked over their problems, with Nya revealing her dispute and inner conflict with Jay. As they discussed what Jay's last wish should be used for, the two came to the conclusion that they should wish for Nadakhan to no longer become a Djinn, rendering the ceremony useless. However, noticing Echo Zane spying on them, the two confronted him and discovering his nature, Nya realized he must have been made as a replacement for Zane during Dr. Julien's imprisonment. Making friends, the three of them played around, only for Echo Zane to notice Nadakhan and Clancee spying on them through a mirror, forcing them to shatter it. Realizing the Sky Pirates were already coming, Jay and Nya set up several traps in preparation, being confronted that night by Nadakhan's crew. Fending off the first wave, the two were confronted by Doubloon aboard the rooftop. Clashing with him, Nya was captured by Dogshank, and struggling against her, yanked out her hair, enraging the pirate over the underhanded tactic. Freeing herself, Nya clashed with her opponent, and when some of the Traveler's Tea spilled, knocked Dogshank into the resulting portal. However, with Echo Zane falling apart and Nadakhan appearing to capture them, Jay and Nya fled to the basement, retrieving the Traveler's Tea that Monkey Wretch had hidden there. With only enough left to transport one of them, Nya admitted her feelings for Jay, and wishing for his welfare and to handle her destiny, shoved him in. Even as Jay disappeared, Nya confronted the Sky Pirates, only to be overwhelmed and brought before a triumphant Nadakhan.

Operation Land Ho!

Held captive at Yang's Haunted Temple, Nya struggled against Doubloon and Clancee's attempts to fit her into her wedding dress, only for Dogshank to arrive and easily force her in. Sarcastically commenting on the presence of four sleeves, being told that it had originally belonged to Nadakhan's mother, Nya's possession of the Tiger Widow Dart was quickly discovered. Horrified, Nya pleaded with the three Sky Pirates desperately, begging for them to not tell Nadakhan, and to her presumed relief, they complied. Later, whilst in her room, she encountered Jay attempting to free her. Briefly reconciling, Nya was confronted by Nadakhan, forcing Jay to hide, with Nya trying to stall for time so Jay could say his wish. However, she failed but managed to convince Nadakhan to leave behind the Djinn Blade, teasingly mocking him for staying to his father's legacy too much, and was escorted to the wedding area.

The Way Back

With the Ninja closing in on her location, Nya was nevertheless helpless to stop the Djinn ceremony and her wedding with Nadakhan. Even as the Ninja managed to break in, Clancee, finishing the ceremony, promptly bestowed upon making Nya queen and Nadakhan the ability to grant infinite wishes, making him nearly unstoppable. Even as Nadakhan easily forced the ninja to flee, Nya attempted to attack him, only for the Djinn to wish for her to become unconscious. Afterwars, Nya had her consciousness replaced by Dilara, who used her body as a vessel in order to interact.

Nya possessed by Dilara's spirit.

After Flintlocke shot Nadakhan with the Tiger Widow Venom, it consequently weakened him, causing much of his magic to dissipate, freeing Dilara's soul from Nya's body. However, as she regained consciousness, to her horror, Nya realized that some of the venom had splashed onto her, making skin contact. Even as she collapsed, being caught by a terrified Jay, she weakly pleaded for him to use his wish to stop Nadakhan, and with her last breath admitted she never really wanted to be a Ninja, attempting to alleviate the mood, before dying.

Nya dies in Jay's arms.

With Jay sobbing over her death, he used his final wish to erase the events of the season, and weakened by the venom, Nadakhan was unable to twist his words around. As a result, time was reversed, resurrecting Nya, bringing her and Jay back to the moment on the rooftop where Jay asked her to give him her hand. Recalling what had happened, Nya graciously accepted, and though initially puzzled by only her and Jay seemingly remembering the events of the season, they simply laughed it off and reconciled with Jay, their reunion being broadcasted all across Ninjago by an eager Dareth.
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