Season 9 zane

Zane in Season 9

Having been sent to the Realm of Oni and Dragons, Zane and the others are forced to struggle in surviving the threats of Dragons and hunters. They also teach a rapidly aging Wu some of his old lessons to better help him.




Zane bound, blindfolded, and is held captive by the Dragon Hunters.

Zane, along with the first three Ninja and young Wu, are stranded on an island in the Realm of Oni and Dragon trying to piece together some parts to make a transmition device that goes to Ninjago. They are unsuccessful in their first attempt, to the dismay of the others, except Jay, who "accepts the situation," which the other Ninja find extremely weird.

Young Wu says that he is hungry, as Zane asks him if he has any useful guidance he can give them, but he does not. Zane mentions that by the rate that Wu is accelerating aging, they will have their old Master back soon enough.

While Cole and Wu go get food, Zane and the others attempt to retry the transmition device in the dark before Cole and Wu get back. As they do so, Zane and Kai note that Jay has lost his grip on reality. It appears the radio works, as they hear a transmission. When Kai doesn't understand some phrases they use, Zane translates them to him by stating that they are talking about an ambush. Zane is worried when Kai realizes that they are targets and that they're not alone, and are being chased by the island's inhabitants. The three of them run, with Zane being the first to be taken away by the hunters and dragged through the fog.

Zane and his friends are brought in shackles, blindfolded, into the lair of the Dragon Hunters, who take off their blindfolds for them to meet the Iron Baron.

Iron & Stone

The pit

Zane and the others face a dragon

Now brought before the Iron Baron, Zane and the Ninja are declared to be Oni, and are to be sent to The Pit to face "Slab."

They are taken outside through Dead's End by Daddy No Legs. They are shown a glimpse of the Dragon Hunter's life style. Kai says that they think they're Oni... and Jay says that they thought it was the other way around. Zane points out that their entire culture appears to be built around the hunting of Dragons, and the exploiting of their Elemental Power. Soon after, Zane is approached by another Dragon Keeper, Arkade, and is asked if he can have his parts after he "expires."

As they continue on their way to the Pit, Jay continuously shows he is not in the right state if mind. Zane points out that Jay's mental state will not be helping them, and that he hopes that Cole and Wu can rescue them.

Later, the three of them are shoved into a room. They assume they're in the Pit, but Chew Toy comes out and reveals that they aren't in the pit yet. Chew Toy signals to the rest of the Dragon Hunters to bring them up, and the room they're in heightens into the real pit, which turns out to be an arena where they will be put up against a dragon for entertainment.

Chew Toy warns them about Slab and he is released into the Pit. It is revealed that Slab is a green Dragon that possesses the power of Earth. Chew Toy mentions that they must have upset Slab, because Dragons hate Oni.

The Ninja are forced to fight Slab, and Jay tries to play with it, using Chew Toy's bell. They are chased throughout the arena, and Zane tells the others to not use their Elemental Power, as not to reveal their true identities. They soon see that Cole and Wu have come for their rescue, Zane tells Cole that Wu has to leave, as his mere presence (being half Oni) is making things worse for them. Wu gets the idea to throw a vengestone chain to them, which helps the Ninja subdue Slab. After it is on the ground, it is about to use it's earth breath to blast Jay, but Zane uses his Elemental Power to block the blast, thus revealing their identities to the Iron Baron and the rest of the Dragon Hunters.

The Iron Baron and Heavy Metal yell to the other Dragon Keepers to hunt them down, and the Ninja prepare for round 2.

Radio Free Ninjago

Zane, Jay, and Kai are cornered by the Dragon Hunters and have no choice but to use their Elemental Power. When Kai does an estimate on the foes, Zane corrects him on the exact number and he states Zane was better at counting. After Jay starts to freak out about things, Zane points out to Kai that he's finally back to normal.

They use their Elemental Power to fend of the Hunters, when Heavy Metal jumps down with the Dragonbone Blade. They try to use their power on him, but as Zane points out, the blade attracts their Elemental Power. Now unable to use their power, they are chained up by Heavy Metal, and put in the back of the Dieselnaut.

Held in place by the hunters with vengestone, Iron Baron approaches them and admits his surprise at them not being Oni, but trained in the ways of the First Spinjitzu Master. Zane was shocked by Baron's familiarity with him as the labels calling the Spinjitzu master a coward who ran away to Ninjago. After Kai asks if he knows how to get them back, Baron responds no, but states he had no interest of helping them anyway. He then declares they are hunting Dragons and hopes that the catch he makes will be good.

Iron Baron tells them that there is much the Ninja can do for them, and that "power attracts power," which will help them hunt Dragons. He then turns on the machine and it releases a strange energy that triggers elemental reaction in them to use them as bait to catch a Dragon.

Soon after, a Wind Dragon is attracted to the Ninja. Meanwhile, Cole and Wu (who are disguised as Hunters,) "accidentally" knock the other Ninja off the stand. They try to rescue them, but the Ninja are immediately put back into the back of the Dieselnaut by Daddy No Legs.

Now in the back of the vehicle, they are forced to sit back and watch as the Hunters reel in and eventually capture the Wind Dragon.

Cole promises to figure a way out of this situation for them, and the Dragons.

How to Build a Dragon

While being transported back to the Dead's End in the back of the Dieselnaut, Jay hears Lloyd on the radio, which prompts Zane to say Jay has lost it again until Jay states he really did. that they hope Cole can get them out of there. Kai says all, including the Wind Dragon.

Now at Dead's End, Zane says that if only Firstbourne paid Iron Baron a visit, then they would have a distraction to escape. This gives Jay the idea to create a fake Firstbourne to trick Iron Baron into thinking they're under attack. Zane agrees with the idea, and Cole and Wu agree to help them build the plan as long as Jay designs it.

Later on, the Ninja are put to work by the Iron Baron, and Jay draws the blueprint for the fake dragon in hidden. While Zane and the others assemble parts and send them off to Cole and Wu, the two of them assemble the Dragon away from the camp.

Soon after, at night, Iron Baron gets ready to cook the Wind Dragon, and Zane and the others wait for Cole and Wu to "attack" the base with their creation. They are tied up, and watch the skies and then finally, with Wu controlling it, the fake dragon appears over the camp, and Zane and the others act like it is the real thing which spooks the Hunters.

While the Hunters scramble to their stations to capture it, Cole maneuvers to the others and frees them from their chains. They make their way out, and at the same time, Wu is shot out of the sky. At first the Ninja don't see it, and see the real Firstbourne in the sky and mistake it for Wu. When they realize it's the real thing they freak out and attempt to flee.

Wu stops them and tells them that she is there to protect her Wind Dragon, but the Ninja assisted in capturing it. The only way for them to get out would be to save the Wind Dragon.

Zane and the others make their way to the Dragon, who is tied up, and get caught in a fight with the Dragon Hunters. Kai breaks off from the fight and frees the Wind Dragon. It helps the Ninja fend off the Hunters, and the Ninja also help the other imprisoned Dragons escape.

Zane and the Ninja flee the scene, and Iron Baron says they are going hunting again . . . for the Ninja.

The Gilded Path


Zane and the others confronted by Heavy Metal

Zane and the others are camped out in the middle of nowhere, and Master Wu wakes up, now in a teenager body. Zane points out that because of his augmented growth cycle, it is normal for a teenager to grow fast. Wu tells them he had a dream that he was fishing with his father and brother. The Ninja realize that he may be getting his memories back, and as they press him for more questions, they are ambushed by Heavy Metal.

He asks Wu if it's true that he is the son of the First Spinjitzu Master. He tells him, and Heavy Metal reveals who he really is. He takes off his mask to reveal a woman with black tied back hair. She says that Heavy Metal is the Hunter name Iron Baron gave her, and her real name is Faith.

She asks Wu if he is back to take the Dragon Armor, which the Firstbourne guards. Wu points in a direction and says that's the way the Armor is. Zane and the others are skeptical, but Wu tells them to "have faith."

The Ninja and Faith take a Speeder in the direction they are going. As they haul the Speeder, Faith tells them her story, and how Iron Baron didn't want the others to think that their best hunter was a woman. She tells them the legend of the First Spinjitzu Master, and how he and the Firstbourne had a connection, and together they worked to bridge the divide between the Oni and Dragons. He and the Dragon built the Dragon Armor, but then when he realized that it was impossible to end the war, he left the First Realm, and created Ninjago.

After her story, they are apprehended by Muzzle and Daddy No Legs. Faith pretends to be Heavy Metal in front of the other Hunters, and pretends she caught the Ninja. Muzzle realizes that Wu is taller, and so Kai trips the Hunters with a chain. Zane and the others tie them up, and they steal their Speeders. Now heading towards nowhere, Wu tells them to have faith to find the armor, and then, back to Ninjago.

Two Lies, One Truth

Zane and the others take a break from flying to rest and fuel up their speeders. Zane watches as Jay and Kai fight over water, and Faith asks him how he's survived with them so long.

They realize that the Hunters are close by, and fly off. The six of them are chased by Jet Jack and her crew, and the Ninja destroy a few of the Hunters' speeders. They eventually run into a sleeping Ice Dragon, and wake it up, causing it to get angry and get in on the chase. The Ninja fly into a canyon to lose the Dragon, while it takes care of some of the Hunters. Faith shoots the Dragon with her hook, causing it to fall, leaving the Ninja all set.

They keep going, and end up at a fence made of Dragon heads on spikes. Faith tells them that past that way is Oni territory. Wu tells them they must go through there to find the Dragon Armor. Faith warns them about the Oni, and asks if Wu is sure the armor is there. Wu is skeptical to say yes, but goes with his gut.

They travel through the Oni land and meet a dead end. They find a statue of an Oni, and a gate beneath it that leads to an Oni stronghold, and it's already opened. They enter the stronghold and find it abandoned and in ruin. Zane points out that no one has lived there for centuries. Faith points out that Iron Baron lied to them and said not to cross the border because of the Oni, but the Oni are nowhere to be found. She is skeptical about Wu saying there's the real Dragon Armor, and he admits he made it up.

While she freaks out, Wu examines the gate they came in through and find out that it's a map to the Armor.

The Weakest Link

Faith wakes Zane and the others up in the morning, and she says that there isn't any time for breakfast, and that they will eat when they get the Dragon Armor to return to "Ninyeego", to which Zane corrects her: "It's Ninjago" and remark it's really not that hard to pronounce." Zane thinks that because the Firstbourne is waiting for the return of the First Spinjitzu Master, she should be happy to meet his son. Faith says that might be true, but it might not be. She tells them they must be masters of the chains to survive in this world.

She asks Kai to demonstrate "catching" a rock to practice, and she realizes they all need some help. He says the first person to catch the rock wins.

While the other Ninja have a hard time using their chains, Zane gets it on the first try. He asks if he won, and Jay says they thought he was the judge. Wu joins the others in trying to successfully wrap their chain around the rock, and when the others get it except him, he gets frustrated. Kai gives him some confidence, and he returns to the others and wraps the chain around the rock.

A few moments later, they see the Stormbringer Dragon flying above them, and they attempt to prove themselves by catching their first Dragon. Zane and the others hold her with the chains, and Wu hops on top of her and rides her for a moment before she knocks him off.

Later on, Faith tells them that to get to the Armor, they must get past the mountain in front of them. They hear the other Dragon Hunters behind them, and realize they were being tracked. They fly through the mountains caves while they're chased, and Iron Baron says finds out that Wu is the son of the First Spinjitzu Master. He tells his Hunters to not go after Faith, but Wu instead. They all get through the cave, with some of the Hunter's men being left behind, and the Ninja realize there's no way to stop the Hunters unless they take Dieselnaut.

The Ninja work together with their new chain wrapping skills, and board the Dieselnaut. They take control, and use their chain riffles to knock out some more of the Hunters. The Hunters grab the Dieselnaut and while trying to defend it Faith is caught by Jet Jack. She lets the Ninja get away without her, while unhooking the back end of the machine, getting the Hunters off their trail.

Saving Faith

Zane and the others are hiding behind a rock and observe what appears to be Faith stuck in the ground. Wu says they have to go save her, but Zane points out that it's most likely a trap. Wu convinces them, and they go down there to help her out.

When they get down there, they untie her and she tells them they shouldn't have- it's a trap. Dragon Hunters pop out from all around them, and capture them. They are brought to their camp, and are tied up on stakes. The Ninja try to lighten the mood by making a few jokes, and Iron Baron notices. He prompts Faith to reveal Iron Baron's selfishness to his camp, to which he spreads more lies, and he tries to use the Elemental Amplifier to lure some more Dragons.

At that moment, Wu regains his old memories, and Jay points out that he grew a moustache and a goatee.

Zane and the others watch as Master Wu fights with the Hunters, and as he reveals to the Iron Baron that he really is the son of the First Spinjitzu Master. Iron Baron makes a deal with Wu, saying that if he helps him take the Dragon Armor, he would send him and his Ninja home (to the dismay of the Ninja.) Wu tells them to have faith, and he walks off with Iron Baron.

Lessons for a Master

Zane and the others were still stuck on the wooden stakes. Above them, two vulture-like birds fly above them, and Kai asks if they are Zane's falcon. Zane remarks that his data picks up that they are a group of avian scavengers, that will pick them apart upon their demise. Faith confirms this, and Jay freaks out.

They notice that the other Hunters are arguing down below. While they're distracted, they try to rock their bodies side to side in order to knock the stakes over. Zane remarks that it will not be helpful, but considering they have no other choice, they do it anyway.

The rocking seems to be working, and they cheer. As they do, Jet Jack asks them what they're doing, and she cuts them down. Zane was skeptical of their intentions and was shocked when Kai told them to eat Cole first. However, Jet Jack tells them that the Hunters no longer want to follow Iron Baron because he only wants to have the Armor for himself. They want the Ninja to help them find Iron Baron and Wu, and stop them from getting the Armor.

They arrive at a bridge that leads to the armor, and find that it's too late, as the bridge has fallen.


Zane and the others congratulate Wu on claiming the Dragon Armor.

Zane and the others return from the bridge to give the bad news to the other Hunters, and just then, Wu bursts through the mountain riding Firstbourne without chains, and wearing his father's Dragon Armor. The Ninja cheer as he lands, and they hug him. He tells them that Iron Baron has been killed, and the Hunters cheer. The Ninja remember that they have unfinished business in Ninjago, and Zane asks Wu if the Firstbourne can give them all a ride. Wu says it's up to her, and she roars, which causes four Dragons (each of the Ninjas' elements) to come out of the mountain and in front of them. Zane gains a new Ice Dragon and is amazed by its appearance.

Season9 Ice Dragon

Zane gains the Ice Dragon

The Ninja mount their Dragons, and they take off, following behind Wu. In the air, the Dragon's spin like they did In the original Pilot episodes, and a portal to Ninjago opens. They fly through the wormhole, and speed off into the distance, finally returning home.

Green Destiny

Zane and the Ninja return to Ninjago through a vortex in the sky. They notice that the city has been totally demolished, before they wonder how their friends are. Nya speaks to them through radio and tells them they're okay, but they need some help. Zane locates their transmission, and leads the others to them.

Zane S9-0

Zane in Green Destiny.

They find Lloyd and Nya being cornered by the Sons of Garmadon, and Zane uses his Ice Dragon's powers to make the Sons of Garmadon scatter. Zane and the others rest their dragon on the ground, and greet the other Ninja. Zane asks where P.I.X.A.L. and Misako are, and Lloyd reveals that they have been locked away in Kryptarium Prison. Lloyd tells them that his power has not returned, and that Mistaké is no longer with them.

Wu tells the Marooned Ninja to take down the Colossus, and for Lloyd to join him in stopping his father. The Ninja mount their Dragons, and help the remaining citizens escape. The Ninja confront the Colossus, and attempt to chain him up using the powers they learned from Faith. They realize it's not working, and they are almost out of chain. Kai gets the idea to board the Colossus, and use the chains they already shot to bring it down.

While Zane and the others distract the behemoth, Kai jumps on it and wraps the already used chains around the Colossus even more, and cause it to topple over. They celebrate, but only momentarily, as the Colossus stands up again. Zane remarks that it was weakened, as Wu appears with Firstbourne using his chain gun while the rest of the Resistance returns to help them out. The Colossus falls for the last time, and while Garmadon's power fades, the life within the Colossus fades.

Zane joins the Ninja in watching as the Sons of Garmadon are finally arrested, and they find out that Lloyd's power is back, and Garmadon is gone. Zane meets with P.I.X.A.L., and they hug.

Ninjago Hunted 2

The Ninja cleaning up the Royal Palace

Now, the city must rebuild, and the Ninja help clear the Royal Palace. As they clean, Wu returns in his Master form once again, and tells them there is trouble again, and he needs their help. They race out of the Palace to find the citizens of Ninjago gathered together, to thank the Ninja for what they've done. Live music plays, and the Ninja celebrate.


P.I.X.A.L and Zane reunited

Zane hugs P.I.X.A.L. who smiles at him and they hold hands, officially becoming a couple while the celebration goes on. The fight is over, for now.

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