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This article is about a subject that is relevant to the storyline of both the Ninjago TV series and the LEGO Movie franchise. Information may be more directed toward one continuity than the other.

I mean, we have skeletons, of course. But... but there's so much more to us. Like veins and organs and stuff.
Kai to the Geckles in "Trial By Mino"

Humans are a race of beings that inhabit some of Realms. They are most prominently seen in Ninjago.


In Ninjago

After the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago, humans populated the island. It is unknown if he created them or if they originated from elsewhere. Early in the world's history, he chose several humans to give Elemental Powers, making them Elemental Masters.

Ancient history

At some point, humans and the Serpentine lived in fragile harmony, thanks to the First Spinjitzu Master and the leader of the Serpentine tribe that would eventually be known as the Pyro Vipers, whose name was Mambo V. This peace existed for millennia but was threatened when the First Spinjitzu Master's children trespassed into the Serpentine territory and set off a chain of events that led to the young sorceress Aspheera usurping King Mambo and nearly declaring war on humanity. Wu and Garmadon defeated her using Forbidden Spinjitzu, restoring Mambo to power, thus maintaining the peace.

Serpentine War

Thousands of years later,[1] a war between humans and Serpentine began because of mistrust between the two species. Eventually, they almost agreed upon a peace treaty. Before that could happen, Chen deceived both sides, telling them that the other side is going to betray them. The Elemental Masters managed to defeat the Serpentine thanks to the Sacred Flutes and the Serpentine were locked in tombs, the Anacondrai generals were sent to the Cursed Realm, and Chen and Clouse were exiled to an island for 40 years.

Second Serpentine War

40 years later in modern times, Chen returned, now with an army of Anacondrai warriors. With the help of the Serpentine and the ninja, Garmadon, sacrificed himself to send them to the Cursed Realm. This was done to release the original Anacondrai. Morro, a former student of Master Wu escaped the Cursed Realm at this time, planning his revenge, which was to bring The Preeminent into Ninjago.

In the Cloud Kingdom

In the Cloud Kingdom, monks are responsible for writing the destiny for people.

In the Never-Realm

The Never-Realm is populated by the Blizzard Warriors and the Ice Fishers.

Native realms

Known humans

See all humans featured in Ninjago in the Humans category.


  • Lloyd (part human, part Oni and Dragon)

It's currently unknown if Garmadon and Wu are half human, as their possible mother has yet to be revealed.

Previously non-human

Former humans

Holidays celebrated by humans


Humans generally have yellow skin, though there are some with gray skin, such as Shade, Ultra Violet, and Killow. Most humans have black eyes, though some have different colors, such as the Time Twins, who have hazel eyes.

Most non-elderly humans have black eyebrows regardless of their hair color. Notable exceptions are Skylor as well as Jay, Kai, and Lloyd from Season 8 onward.

Unlike humans in real life, they do not have visible noses or ears. However, in "Can of Worms" Jay asks if Wu could teach them to "find out if a man is lying by the twitch of his nose", and in "The Royal Blacksmiths," Lou says "If my ears weren't attached to my head, they'd be running away!" In "Shintaro," Cole is shown smelling the invitation to Shintaro, and in "The Calm Before the Storm," Jay is shown smelling the aroma of Benny's Arcade Emporium.

Their spines appear to work the same as those of humans in real life, as Nya is shown cracking her back in "The Hands of Time." Jay also has an injured leg in Season 4 and Lloyd has an injured arm in Season 8. They also have toes as they wear traditional sandals.[3]

Females have visible eyelashes and lips while males do not, though female children do not have visible lips, and there are some female humans without lips such as Edna and Delara. Females also have highlighted hips, but since Season 5 this is no longer true and it only manifests itself on released minifigures or in some exceptions.

Some people, specifically big-figs as Dogshank and Killow, have more realistic hands instead of classic LEGO hands, so they have five fingers. Other instances of more realistic hands include a mummy hand in the relic room in "The Explorers Club" and an icon of a closed fist is seen on a wall at Benny's Arcade Emporium in "Level Thirteen".


Main article: Culture of Ninjago


  • The Skulkin with abnormal head shapes may have been an early evolution of human when they were alive.[4]
  • NPCs most likely became humans rather than androids when they traveled to the real world, with their code being turned into genetic material, the opposite of how the ninja were able to enter Prime Empire by becoming code.[2]
  • In the TV series, humans do not operate the same way as LEGO minifigures do in real life, meaning their body parts do not individually separate from each other. However, androids operate this way, as do humans in various media outside the TV series:
    • In the 2014 blooper reel, Cole's legs come off when he falls from a high place and Lloyd is bald because he "forgot [his] hair".
    • In the The LEGO Ninjago Movie, Lloyd loses his arm when he falls from a high area and hits his side on a rock.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, it is possible that the First Spinjitzu Master could not create life on his own and therefore brought people from other realms.[5]
  • Jay is the only human to appear completely naked in the show.





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