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I guess water and electricity do mix.
Nya in "Wishmasters"

The Hydroelectric Dragon[1][2] is an elemental combination dragon between the Elemental Lightning Dragon and the Elemental Water Dragon.



After becoming the only ninja who weren't trapped in the Djinn Blade, Jay and Nya fell from the Misfortune's Keep toward the to the Endless Sea below. Jay wasn't able to summon his own Elemental Dragon as he was too weak from his captivity with the Sky Pirates and the recent battle, so he and Nya started holding hands and formed a fusion ball of water, fusing their Elemental Dragons and creating the Hydroelectric Dragon. Nya stated that water and electricity do mix, and Jay responded with a laugh. They used the dragon to evade a chasing Flintlocke on the Sky Shark, ultimately being saved by the Police Commissioner and the rest of the officers. description

When Jay found he was too exhausted to summon his dragon, he and Nya combined powers to bring a Hydro Electric Dragon into being. It has the powers of both Water and Lightning. Since the dragon’s presence is maintained only by the combined willpower of the two ninja, it can only fly for short distances.[1]


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