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I am Okino

Samurai: (Narrates) My entire existence, I have been training for this day. For this hour. For this moment. Terra Karana is a place of danger. Peril awaits at every turn. Victory is impossible... without a proper guide. I am that guide. They call me Okino, Samurai of Terra Karana. If I am worthy, I will lead my Master in triumph. That is my sole purpose in life. For I am Okino!

(The Arcade cabinet opens up and Okino sees a player exiting it.)

Newbie Gamer: Oh golly, what do we have here? (As he greets Okino with a bow, he accidentally brings up his inventory and gets distracted while Okino talks.)

Okino: I am Okino, Samurai of Terra Karana. I will your guide through the three deadly challenges you must surmount in order to defeat the Red Dragon and—

Newbie Gamer: Ho-ho-hohold your horses. You're saying a lot of words really fast. Let's start over. Deadly challenges.

Okino: Three. The Forest of Discontent, the Cliffs of Hysteria, and finally, the Maze of the Red Dragon.

Newbie Gamer: Oh. The who?

Okino: The Red Dragon.

Newbie Gamer: Samurai stuff, huh? I knew I should've got some armor! And this Red Dragon fella, he's got the key thing, right?

Okino: The Key-Tana, yes.

Newbie Gamer: Ho-ho! And I need to get that to win the game. Got it, Pocono!

Okino: Uh, Okino.

Newbie Gamer: Well same thing. Okie dokie now, you say the Forests of Discontent's up first? (He walks into the forest. )

Okino: Master! (He rushes to the Newbie Gamer.)

Newbie Gamer: (He pulls up his inventory and takes out a sword.) When I'm done with it, it'll be called the Forest of—Eee-Yahhh! (A Thorn of discontent shoots out and stabs him on his rear. He screeches in pain and poofs, reappearing next to Okino.) Oh, my. That was a doozy. Guess I didn't see that coming.

Okino: As your guide, allow me to suggest that we take cover and proceed in a more—

Newbie Gamer: (He ignores Okino and walks forward, casually whipping out his sword and leaning against it.) Oh, come on. What are the chances of the same thing happening twice? Hahahaha—Yee-ha! (A Thorn of discontent shoots out, stabbing him in the rear again. He reappears next to Okino, with two lives left.)

Okino: Master, perhaps it would be better if we—

Newbie Gamer: Went around the thorn! I got it this time! We'll go this way! Wha-haha! (He steps on a Thorn of discontent and screams in pain before dying a third time. He respawns right next to Okino and his health board shows his last life.)

Okino: (Sighs.) Because you have only one life remaining, it is of grave importance that you—

Newbie Gamer: Go the other direction! You see my first rodeo—Wha-hoo! (He stabs himself into a Thorn of discontent and he is replaced with an energy cube.)

Okino: Master! (The energy cube and the Gamer Geek's sword falls right next to him. One of Unagami's aerial drone spots the energy cube and collects it before leaving. He sighs before picking up the Newbie Gamer's sword. He takes the sword back and plunges it into the ground before reflecting on his first guidance.) I failed that Master. Some Masters are difficult. I must try harder. I will not fail again! I... am... Okino! (He is meditating beside the arcade cabinet when another player comes out of it. She gasps then looks over at Okino as he speaks.) I am Okino. I will be your guide throughout the three deadly challenges you must surmount in order to—

Gamer Geek: Ooh, ooh. I read about this on a gamer blog. There's like, what, the Emo Woods or Forest of Melancholy or something?

Okino: Discontent. Forest of Discontent.

Gamer Geek: Right, and it's the Hysterical Cliffs?

Okino: Cliffs of Hysteria, (The Gamer Geek punches the air casually.) but yes.

Gamer Geek: And you'll help me get through all of this?

Okino: It is my sworn duty to protect and aide you!

Gamer Geek: (Sighs, relieved.) That's great! I think we're going to make a great team together, Okino. (She pulls out a sword and runs off.) Come on! (Later, she screams as a plant eats her.)

Okino: No! (He watches her fall into a hole.)

Gamer Geek: Ahhh! (She falls into a hole and dies. As she reappears, she chuckles lightly. She dies a third time later.)

Okino: Seriously? (In the end, she loses her balance and falls backwards into a hole, ending her last life.) Oh, come on. (After he watches a Drone absorb her energy cube, he sighs and takes the Gamer Geek's sword. Back home, he plunges her sword into the ground and reflects on his adventure.) Providing guidance to my Masters has proven to be a... difficult path, but this is my purpose and I will persist. I am Okino! No! (After watching many adventurers die, he is discouraged.) My entire existence, I have been training for this day. For this hour. For this moment. Terra Karana is a place of danger. Peril awaits at every turn. Victory is impossible. (He is snoring beside the arcade cabinet when a player and his guide jump through, blocking off lasers. They shut the cabinet door and take a fighting stance when they see Okino.)

Successful Samurai: Who goes there?

Okino: I am Okino, samurai of Terra Karana. I will be your guide through the three deadly challenges you must—

Successful Samurai: Ah. A fellow guide. Well met!

Sage Master: We hope you will forgive our suspicion, good samurai. For we have faced many deadly traps and ambushes on our journey.

Okino: Uh, you have traveled long?

Successful Samurai: We have! It fills me with pride to say that I have served my master well. And my guidance protected him through many perils.

Okino: That is most honorable. U-uh, to be clear, you're saying your master has not repeatedly been destroyed?

Successful Samurai: Certainly not.

Okino: He has not run into the same trap over and over, despite all warnings?

Successful Samurai: Of course not.

Okino: And he has not been caught in a bear trap? Or by, ugh, Swamp-Teeth?

Sage Master: Thankfully, no. The advice of my faithful guide has spared me from any such lamentable fate.

Okino: Most impressive. And... to what do you ascribe your greater success, brother samurai?

Successful Samurai: My great skills and extensive training of idol, of course...

Okino: Of course.

Successful Samurai: But, more than anything else, I rely on a positive mental attitude!

Okino: A positive mental attitude.

Successful Samurai: Yes, eternal hope. Endurance. Belief in one's self. Behold, my wakizashi is sharp. But lo, my will is sharper! My katana is strong. But my heart, stronger!

Okino: Thank you, brother samurai, for your words of wisdom! You have inspired me!

Successful Samurai: I am happy to be of service. Come, master. There are many challenges ahead. Let us go.

Sage Master: Lead on, my fine, faithful servant. We shall overcome them, together. (Okino watches them both run off into the Forest of Discontent.)

Okino: Fate has sent me a message! A message of inspiration! My own disillusionment has been the source of my failure. It is I who must change. Okino must become a better samurai! As I train my body, I also train my mind. My will is sharp! My heart is strong! My faith is reborn! For I... am... Okino! (He walks up to the arcade cabinet as another adventurer steps out to meet him.) I am Okino. I—

Adventure-Ready Woman: Good samurai, will you please guide me? I know I must face the Forest of Discontent, the Cliffs of Hysteria, and the Maze of the Red Dragon. And I do not think I can survive without your wise counsel. (Okino nods and they make their way through the Forest of Discontent.)

Okino: Watch out! (The adventurer does a butterfly twist between the Thorns of discontent shooting at her.) Up! (They leap over a hole. She is about to step on a bug, before he stops her.) Oh-oh! Follow me! (They are near the tops of the Cliffs of Hysteria.) We are almost there. (The adventurer looks down, surprised with how far they've come.) You can do it, master! (Encouraged, she makes her way up the cliff. Okino grabs her and swings her up.) Behold, the Maze of the red dragon! You are the first of my Masters to come so far.

Adventure-Ready Woman: We are not stopping here. Together you and I will reach the first Key-Tana, and go on to—Ahhh! (A bird snatches her and soars up to the sky.)

Okino: Master! Nooooo! (He falls to the ground, sobbing, as an energy cube reappears next to him and her sword falls from the sky. Back at home, he plunges her sword into the ground, along with the other swords, kneeling.) There is no excuse. My shame is complete. I disgrace the very title "Samurai." "Okino" will now become a word people use to describe how terrible something is. "How was your day?" "It was Okino!" It is time to hang up my sword. I am unworthy. I will never guide another Master to their doom. This... I swear on my— (The arcade cabinet opens up once more.)

Kai: I still don't get how you got that group of nutjobs to do everything you say.

Jay: Uh. The League of Jays aren't "nutjobs." They're fans. And they're awesome.

Cole: Just 'cause they're fans, doesn't mean they're not nutjobs.

Jay: Oh, you're just jealous because—

Nya: Can we focus for a second on the reason we're here? To get one of the three keys we need to unlock the final arcade cabinet and get into Unagami's temple?

Kai: Right. What were they called again? The... the key things?

Okino: Key-Tana. (They look over and see Okino.)

Nya: Oh. Hi. (They remove their hoods and Nya steps forward.) Who are you?

Okino: I am terrible. I was a guide. It was my duty to lead adventurers such as yourself through this land.

Jay: Uh, it's not anymore?

Okino: I have failed too many masters. (He looks over at the swords of lost masters.) To my endless shame. (The ninja look at one another.)

Nya: Well, we would be honored to have your help, humble samurai.

Kai: Yeah, because we really have no clue what we're doing. I mean like none.

Cole: Don't worry, buddy, we've lost plenty of fights too. But you can't let it get you down, right?

Lloyd: I'm Lloyd. What's your name?

Okino: I... am Okino.

(End of the episode. For more information, click here.)

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