Not to be confused with another Ice Dragon.

The Ice Dragon is Zane's new pet in Lessons for a Master. It is silver and has very light blue spikes around it's body.


Two Lies, One Truth

The Dragon was ran over by the Destiny's Wing. Then, it was chasing after Kai and Faith. It froze a plane with one of the Dragon Hunters in it. They go into the canyons to lose it, but they don't loose it. Then, Faith chains the dragon and the dragon runs over a plane with a Hunter on it.

Lessons for a Master

After Wu tames Firstbourne, the dragon summons the Ice Dragon who becomes Zane's new pet and takes him back to Ninjago.


The Ice Dragon with Stormbringer, Slab and the Fire Dragon

Green Destiny

The Ice Dragon follows its fellow dragons through a portal that forms in the air. It helps Zane save his friends from the Sons of Garmadon. Zane later flies on the dragon to evacuate the citizens and destroy the Colossus. The Ice Dragon helps Zane and the others destroy the Colossus.

At the end, Ice Dragon and the other dragons return to their realm.


  • It replaces Zane's first dragon Shard.