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Zane's Ice Mech. Sure it appears to be the same, but I've equipped the underarms with Deepstone particle shooters, allowing you to freeze the competition.”
“Super cool. And I mean quite literally.”
Cyrus Borg and Zane, "Curseworld, Part I"

The Ice Mech (also known as the Titan Mech) was a vehicle that was built by Nya and used by Zane to climb the Wailing Alps with the rest of the ninja in their journey to the Blind Man's Eye.


Prior to Peak-a-Boo

At some point before the ninja's journey to the Blind Man's Eye, Nya constructed the mech.[1]


Ice Mech is used to climb the Wailing Alps along with Kai, Jay, and Cole's mechs. When the other mechs are destroyed, the other ninja use Zane's mech to catch up to Morro, with Cole possessing it to make it go extra fast to make up the lost ground. At the Hanging Temple, Zane uses his mech to fight Ghoultar and the Mech-enstein. When he realizes he can't win, Zane uses grappling hooks to attach his mech to the Mech-enstein and ejects himself from his mech before both mechs are sent rolling down the mountain.

Curseworld, Part I

The Ice Mech is upgraded with Deepstone cannons by Cyrus Borg, and is used to fight the ghosts during the Battle of Stiix.

Curseworld, Part II

The Ice Mech is used to battle the ghosts for a while, even after the Preeminent emerges into Ninjago. Upon its arrival, the beast began wreaking havoc, with the Ghost Taker GT being destroyed by it and the Ghost Cycle being lost in an attempt to destroy it. The Titan Mech was the last operating weapon of the ninja during the battle, up to the point when The Preeminent seized it with one of her tentacles and dragged it off.

When the Preeminent started sinking into the sea before being given a massive "suit" made out of Stiix's buildings, the Titan Mech was lost, either sinking into the sea or being crushed by the moving debris. description

Zane’s Titan Mech is a mechanized suit of armor constructed by Nya. The Titanium Ninja used the mech to scale the Wailing Alps and defeated Ghoultar in battle there. Zane’s Titan Mech was later upgraded by Cyrus Borg to include weapons that fired Deepstone particles.[1]



LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 5: Possession

Ninjago: Decoded


  • This is Zane's first mech.
  • It seems to resemble Kopaka of the Bionicle series.
  • In the show, the mech's legs closely resemble the original shuriken design despite the set using the updated version.
  • The vehicle is called "Ice mech" by Cyrus Borg in "Curseworld, Part I" and "Titan Mech" in the sets and by Jay in "Vehicles and Mechs".


Promotional media

In LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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