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They are made of corrupted Ice. If they can prevent a Formling from changing shape, then I think they can also contain your powers.
Vex taunting Lloyd in "A Fragile Hope"

Ice Shackles are an elemental creation created by the amnesiac Zane as the Ice Emperor and under the influence of the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Since Zane's scroll corrupted his powers and personality as the Ice Emperor, the Ice Shackles were created out of corrupted ice which works like Vengestone, and neutralizes Elemental and Formling Powers.


Freezing of the Village of the Formlings

After Zane, Vex, and Boreal froze the Formling Village, they departed with a captured Formling named Kataru. Boreal had brought Kataru with him as a prize for Zane, and Zane had Kataru imprisoned in the dungeon of the Castle of Ice, and placed Ice Shackles on him. Unbeknownst to Kataru, the shackles were made of corrupted ice, which prevented him from changing into his animal form. Kataru himself would inevitable realize this, and constantly try to break free, but after a while, he gave up.

A Fragile Hope

Several decades later, when Lloyd was captured by Boreal, Zane as the Ice Emperor had Vex imprison him in the doungeon. Once placed in the Ice Emperor's Dungeon, Lloyd woke up wth Ice Shackles around his wrists. After trying to break them off, Vex appeared and taunted him about his predicament. He than told him that no power can break those shackles. After Vex left, Lloyd constantly tried to break free but to no avail. All the sudden Grimfax appeared and broke Lloyd and Kataru free from the cuffs.




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