"That's not what happened at all!"

This article is about something not canon to either the storyline of the TV show, Ninjago, or The LEGO Movie franchise.

“The Tea of Insight was made from a rare fruit called the Inky Lemonberry, but it no longer grows in these lands.”

The Inky Lemonberry is a rare fruit in Ninjago, only found in a small patch in the Toxic Bogs. It can be used to brew the Tea of Insight.


The Inky Lemonberry once grew all over Ninjago, but died out by unknown means. In the present, they are only found in the Toxic Bogs.

Shadow of Ronin

After the Ninjas' memories were erased by Ronin, they and Wu decided to brew the Tea of Insight so that they could find the Obsidian Weapons. To do so, they head to the Toxic Bogs to collect Inky Lemonberries.





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