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Did you see me? I disappeared! I mean, did you not see me?
Cole to Wu, "Infamous"

Invisibility is a common power in Ninjago, accessed through abilities such as Light and Anacondrai invisibility.

Known types

  • Light invisibility: The Elemental Power of Light allows the user to disappear even with clothes, although other objects cannot disappear with them. It can also make the user's body invisible so that his clothes are still visible.
  • Anacondrai invisibility: A special form of invisibility that all members of the Anacondrai tribe can use allows the user to disappear even with the clothes and objects they hold, although it is possible to keep some objects he is holding visible.
  • Nindroid invisibility: Nindroids created by P.I.X.A.L. can use technology to disappear even with the objects they hold.
  • Ghost invisibility: Ghosts can also use invisibility, although they can be traced by thermal vision.

Notable users


  • While Anacondrai invisibility allows the user to disappear even with the objects he touches, as Pythor demonstrated when he disappeared with the Map of Dens or with the Fangblades, the elemental invisibility does not allow this, since Mr. Pale couldn't turn the tray invisible during lunch. However, he can still turn his clothes invisible.
  • Depending on the type, invisibility has a few weaknesses. Cole was able to render Mr. Pale visible by knocking dirt onto him,[1] while Ronin was able to spot Cole as a ghost using thermal vision.[2]




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