“My orders are not to fail. A fine machine. But 'fine' isn't good enough. Your whole is not more than the sum of its parts.”
Garmadon, as he kills Mr. E
“And here I thought we were at rock bottom. This is so much worse.”
"Iron & Stone"
Season 9, Episode 2
Air date July 7, 2018 (Australia)
August 11, 2018 (United States)
Written by Bragi Schut
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Iron & Stone is the second episode of the ninth season of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the 86th overall that aired on August 11, 2018 in the US, as part of Hunted: Part 1.


Cole and Young Wu attempt to free their friends, who have been captured by a tribe of Dragon Hunters. Meanwhile in Ninjago, Lloyd is reunited with some old friends who may prove valuable allies against Emperor Garmadon.


When the Dragon Hunters brought Kai, Jay, and Jay to Iron Baron, who mistook them for being Oni, he ordered them to be thrown into The Pit with Slab. Daddy No Legs lead them through Dead's End they noted they hunt Dragons to use their Elemental Powers. In the distance, Cole and Wu argued about how to save the Ninja. Wu found clothes to use as disguises, but when Cole failed to convince him otherwise, he had to chase after him.

Back in Ninjago, The Resistance went into hiding at the Garbage Depot. Skylor revealed her powers returned, and Nya realized they could use the scrap metal to build armor and machines. Lloyd asks how they knew they needed help, and Mistaké offered to tell him what happened to the Ninja.

Garmadon asks the Sons of Garmadon generals who failed to kidnap Lloyd, and he punished him by taking him apart. Harumi tries to persuade him not to, but was unsuccessful. He then threatened to do the same to her if she fails, and she agreed despite being scared.

Mistaké told Lloyd the Ninja are in the Realm of Oni and Dragons. He refused to believe there is no way to bring them back. She then explained he could help them by enduring.

After Chew Toy introduced himself, they are brought into the Pit. After Cole and Wu narrowly escaped Skullbreaker, they released chains so they could used them to hold Slab down. Just before Slab could attack Jay with Earth, Zane used his Ice to freeze him. Iron Baron remembered Oni don't have Elemental Powers and ordered his Hunters to capture them.



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  • It's revealed that the Ultra Dragon had been killed and that its bones have been used as a throne for Iron Baron.
  • Neuro, Tox, Paleman, and Mistaké reappear in this episode.
    • However, not all of the Elemental Masters reappear, the reason being given in future episodes.
  • Mistaké's character is explored more in this episode. She states that she is a person that made many mistakes, thus explaining how she is so wise and how she got the name.
  • Garmadon kills/destroys Mr. E for failure to capture Lloyd.
  • Mr. E is the first major death of Season 9, as well as the first major death since Hutchins in Season 8.
  • Harumi's face showed fear and regret after Garmadon threatened her life. This hints at possible redemption from her.
  • This episode marks the first time Tox has spoken during the show.
  • This episode is also the first time Shade is referred to by his real name, having been called Shadow in the fourth season.
  • Iron Baron claims he has not encountered any Oni in the First Realm, implying that they may no longer exist. This raises the question as to where the Oni are and what happened to them.
    • Iron Baron also mentions that Oni are shapeshifters.
  • The Dragon in the pit does not attack Kai and the other Ninja, implying that it realized he is not an Oni as Iron Baron believed. However, this is probably because Kai faked being dead because Chew Toy told him the Dragon would get bored if its prey was dead.
  • Wu appears to have regained some of his memories of his older years, as he uses one of his quotes, "Don't put off till tomorrow what could be done today." He also acknowledged Cole borrowed it from him.
    • The shirt he wears while disguised is the same as his teen version, sans the sleeves, which first appears in "The Gilded Path."
  • Cole uses the alias "Rocky Dangerbuff" again, with the same mustache.
    • Coincidently enough, "Dangerbuff" is an actual Dragon Hunter Clan.
  • Skylor confirms her powers of Amber have returned.
  • Mistaké informs Lloyd that his friends were sent to the Realm of Oni and Dragons.
  • Iron Baron realizes that the Ninja are not Oni when Zane uses his Ice Power, as according to him, only Dragons have Elemental Powers while Oni have just Destruction. He orders the hunters to chase down the ninja.
  • Jay is still exhibiting a loss of sanity since the previous episode, though he briefly has a look of shock on his face.
  • This is the first episode to have a special character ("&") in the episode title.


  • At one point when Neuro was introduced, his hair was completely white.
  • When Tox asks Dareth "what is he supposed to be," her mouth doesn't move.
  • Arkade asks Zane if he can have his parts after he "expires," but the Dragon Hunters believed that the Ninja were Oni and shapeshifters, so there really wouldn't be any parts to give if that wasn't Zane's actual form.



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