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“I told them what they wanted to hear, that I will keep them safe. And in return, all I ask is to be treated like a king. Is that so wrong? Look around. This is a cruel world. We do what we must to survive.”
— Iron Baron to Wu, "Lessons for a Master"

Iron Baron is the former leader of the Dragon Hunters. He spent his life hunting the elusive Firstbourne, the dragon responsible for him losing an arm and a leg. He led the Dragon Hunters through fear and lies, even forcing the female Hunter Faith to pretend to be a male under the guise of Heavy Metal. Eventually, his rule came to an end, as the Firstbourne encased him in molten rock.



Iron Baron traveled to the Realm of Oni and Dragons hoping one day he would get to see the true face of an Oni. He later led a group of hunters in Oni territory to get the Dragonbone Blade and discovered that the Oni were no longer present in the first realm.[2][3] Using this to his advantage, Baron presumably killed his group and would use the Hunters' fear of the creatures to become their leader.[4] But at the same time, Iron Baron lost his leg and arm to the Firstbourne.[5]

He and the Dragon Hunters hunted and killed the powerful Ultra Dragon at some point after the Final Battle.[6] Around this time, he forces Faith into disguising herself as male Hunter, Heavy Metal.[7]



Iron Baron sent Heavy Metal and a team of Hunters to investigate a crash site on the edge of the realm. They discovered the four original ninja, a young Wu, and the Destiny's Bounty wreckage at the south after it got stranded in the Realm of Oni and Dragons via Traveler's Tea. The Hunters only captured Jay, Kai, and Zane, as Wu and Cole left to find food, and seized the Bounty ruins.

He first meets the kidnapped ninja after the Dragon Hunters bring them into his throne room blindfolded, and his first words to them as soon as their blindfolds are removed are: "Lost, are we?" before he and his Hunters laugh evilly.

Iron & Stone

When the ninja are introduced, Kai sees his throne and remarks on how he already hates him. Iron Baron inspects them, remarking that they were not how he imagined them. After the input of Heavy Metal, telling him where he found them, and the warning that there may be more of them from Daddy No Legs, Iron Baron asks the three ninja if there are "more of their kind" to which Zane quickly replies that they are alone. Iron Baron then remarks that they lie and it is in their nature to do so. He then orders them to be thrown into the pit, as he believes they are Oni while ignoring Kai's protests that they aren't.

Later, he watches them from his throne at The Pit as ninja, alone with Dragon Hunter Chew Toy, are raised into the arena to fight Slab, an Earth-Dragon. Iron Baron watches the arena events play out, until he witnesses the ninja use their Elemental Powers to subdue Slab, causing Iron Baron to realize that they were not Oni, but instead Elemental Masters like the First Spinjitzu Master.

He then orders the Hunters to bring the ninja to him. His second-in-command, Heavy Metal, then repeats the order.

Radio Free Ninjago

Iron Baron watches as Heavy Metal chains up the three ninja. Later, while the ninja are locked up in the Dieselnaut, he approaches them and admits his surprise at them not being Oni, but trained in the ways of the First Spinjitzu Master, calling him the coward who ran away to "Ninjango", to which Jay corrects him on his mispronunciation by stating "it's Ninjago". Kai then asks if he knows how to get them back, to which the Baron responds no, but he had no interest in helping them any way. He then declares they are hunting Dragons and hopes that the catch he makes will be good.

Later, he has the ninja tied to tall stakes with Vengestone, Iron Baron then releases strange energy that triggers an Elemental reaction and the ninja are subjected to a device which draws out their Elemental Power, as they realize the Baron is using them as bait since their powers attract the Dragons.

A Wind Dragon then appears, to which Iron Baron declares is a big one. They pursue it, eventually capturing it and taking it back with them.

How to Build a Dragon

The Wind Dragon is hauled back to Dead's End by Dieselnaut, and Iron Baron declares they will feast that night, remarking how he had never had eaten Wind Dragon before. He later watches the captive ninja work away at moving rocks.

That evening, the Wind Dragon is placed on a pyre, and Iron Baron carries a torch ready to burn it. He speaks to the Hunters present, telling them that as long as they are loyal, they will never go hungry, but before he can finish, Wu, in a metal dragon, appears in the sky, blasting fire. Iron Baron yells that it must be a Fire Dragon, only for the makeshift beast to spit lightning. The captive ninja claim it is Firstbourne, and the Hunters believe them, taking up arms to take down their foe. Iron Baron shoots the tail of Wu's dragon, sending it crashing down. Behind it, however, flies the real Firstbourne Dragon. The Hunters scatter, as Firstbourne descends upon them, blasting fire and ice at everything in sight. Iron Baron gathers some Hunters, telling them to show no fear, only for them all to be blasted and frozen in ice. Baron beats the ice off his bionic arm and panics, running from Firstbourne. The ninja free the other captive Dragons, who fly away with Firstbourne, and Iron Baron is dumped in manure.

Baron and the Hunters approached the ninja, blaming them for Firstbourne's arrival, only for them to escape, and Iron Baron orders them to be hunted down.

The Gilded Path

Daddy No Legs and Muzzle are sent by Iron Baron to find the ninja but fail as Heavy Metal betrayed them.

Two Lies, One Truth

Iron Baron and Chew Toy found Muzzle and Daddy No Legs.png

Iron Baron and most of the Dragon Hunters travel out and find Daddy No Legs and Muzzle tied up. Daddy No Legs tells him it was Heavy Metal and the ninja, which causes Iron Baron to scream that the ninja destroyed his camp, freed his Dragons, and took his best Hunter. He then orders Jet Jack to hunt down the ninja. Chew Toy gets their scent and then they go after them. Iron Baron later asks Jet Jack if she got them, to which Jet Jack told him she knew where they were going.

The Weakest Link

Iron Baron leads the hunt for Faith and the ninja in his HunterCopter. Baron's followers were hesitant to cross into Oni territory while Baron was aware that there was no danger and led them in.

After coming across the ninja, they pursued them through the land as Jet Jack, who was thrown back, asked him about Faith who she discovered was female like her. Exasperated, Baron then told his subordinates whoever captured the traitor would be his new second-in-command.

After Cole blasted his copter down, Baron fell onto Faith and Wu's vehicle, he attacks them and nearly causes Wu to fall off the rider before he overhears Faith calling Wu the son of the First Spinjitzu Master. Shocked by this revelation, he has the Hunters forget Faith and focus the entire hunt to capture Wu instead. Unfortunately, the ninja steal the Dieselnaut and Faith sacrifices herself by letting the Hunters capture her and half the vehicle while Wu and the ninja escape.

Saving Faith

The ninja return to rescue Faith and find her buried in the ground from her neck downwards. As Wu approaches her, she tries to warn him by mumbling through her gag. Wu removes the gag, but quickly realizes it's a trap, and they are captured by the Dragon Hunters.

That night, Baron and the Hunters celebrate their victory while holding Faith and the ninja captive.

Baron taunts Faith on her predicament, as the latter tells the other Hunters that Baron lied to them about the Oni who have been gone from the realm for centuries and tells them that he possibly killed the Hunters to get Dragonbone Blade. This causes Baron to get worried that his secret was exposed and look upon the Hunters as a stir forms amongst them, not wanting any further defiance Baron silences any growing rebellion by asking if they sided with Faith before threatening them. Jay calls him out on his gutless move of using fear as the annoyed Baron hushes him by turning on the elemental device.

However, torture causes Wu to regain all of his memories and ages him further into an older teenager. Baron watches as Wu breaks free of his bonds, Baron taunts him since he is outnumbered before he begins to fight Wu with the Dragon Hunters but is knocked aside. Despite this, Baron has Wu surrounded and the latter warns him that he will find his father's armor and have the dragons attack the Hunters.

Baron bargains with Wu

Baron then notes Wu unintentionally confirmed the legend and noting Wu seems wise, offers him a deal he leads him to the armor and he will send him and the ninja back to Ninjago. Wu accepted the offer after Baron gave his word while the ninja and Faith tell him not to help Baron but he tells the others to believe in him.

Baron then goes with Wu after the armor, as they walk Jet Jack asks to accompany him since she technically captured Faith and he promised to make her his second-in-command. Baron simply laughed at her words and tells her that once he had the armor all of them will need him more as he leaves.

Lessons for a Master

Baron and Wu continue the journey before Wu questions him why he lied to the Hunters about the Oni. Baron states he told them what they wanted to hear and to treat him like a king in exchange. When he trips, Wu offers him a hand up, which he aggressively refuses as they approach a weak bridge. Wu warns Baron it cannot take both their weight, but he demands they cross it anyway. He watches Wu carefully jump on strong platforms of the bridge and tries to follow, but one breaks from under him and he falls. However, Wu catches him and hauls him up. Once off the bridge, Iron Baron mocks him, telling him that back on the bridge was his only chance to get rid of him though Wu tells him that he will keep his word and Baron should do the same as they continue.

Eventually, they find the nest, riddled with lava pools. They enter, and Iron Baron complains that he cannot see anything inside and asks where the nest is. He lights a torch and sees that they are in it, surrounded by dormant Dragons. As the pair walks towards the waiting Dragon Armor, Iron Baron almost wakes a sleeping Ice Dragon, earning a glare of disapproval from Wu.

Baron with the Dragon Armor

When they reach the base of the steps up to the armor, the Baron tells Wu to back away and that the armor is his, before running up to it and discarding his torch. Wu then watches as Iron Baron prepares to put on the armor, but then Firstbourne appears, circling round Iron Baron and roaring, blowing off his hat. Baron then rushes to put on the armor, laughing as he does so, before facing Firstbourne.

Believing the armor allows him to control the Firstbourne, he commands her to destroy Wu but she ignores his orders. Wu then tells him that he learned a lot during his time in the First Realm, including something from him: the power of lies. Wu tells Iron Baron that he knew that he wouldn't keep his word and that the armor never controlled the dragon but that the Firstbourne sensed his father's good heart, which allowed him to ride her. Baron is shocked by this, looking back at the Firstbourne in fear, as Wu asks what he thinks the Firstbourne senses within him.

Baron trapped in molten rock

Iron Baron then panics, throwing the armor pieces back at the mother of dragons, and readying the Dragon Blade, putting his hat back on. The Firstbourne looks directly at him, then roars and Iron Baron stares in fear, as the Firstbourne then fires molten lava at him, sending waves of it crashing down on the Baron, sealing the former leader in molten rock.

Wu later reveals to the ninja and the Dragon Hunters of Iron Baron's fate, and the Dragon Hunters rejoice that his tyrannical rule was over and they now have the chance to start a new, better way of life.


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Iron Baron is a controlling dictator who ruled over his tribe of Hunters, consistently telling them that without him, they would be nothing. He made them rely on him for hunts and food, and as said by Faith, ruled with deception.

He has an old grudge with the Firstbourne, as the Dragon took his arm and leg. His status kept the Dragon Hunters extremely loyal to him. In "Two Lies, One Truth," it's revealed that Iron Baron lied to the Dragon Hunters about the dangers of Oni and that he controlled them.

When he discovered Wu was the son of the First Spinjitzu Master, he was shocked and focused his entire hunt to capture Wu instead since the latter was quarter Oni.

After Faith exposed his lie, Baron was worried but quickly silenced any thoughts of rebellion with threats.

He is also prideful as when he slipped, he refused Wu's help to get back on his feet. This was seen again when Wu saved him from falling where he was ungrateful for the rescue. He is also overconfident, believing that he could control the Firstbourne, but ultimately falling victim to his own trait: deception.

Baron, afraid of Firstbourne

Before the Firstbourne encased him in molten rock, Baron showed true fear as he realized that he was doomed when looking at the angered Mother of the Dragons. He was reduced to throwing away the armor that he sought for years after realizing it was worthless in saving him.

Official descriptions

The Leader!

The Iron Baron is the evil and cruel boss of the dragon hunters. He leads all the dragon hunters through lies and fear. He still carries scars from a clash with Firstbourne, the mother of all dragons, but during this battle he also managed to capture the Dragonbone Blade. Now he just needs the rest of the armour to truly rule the entire realm![8]

The Iron Baron's Quest

Years ago, the leader of the Dragon Hunters seized the Dragonbone Blade. Since then, it has been his goal to own the entire armour. Then he wants to rule the whole realm and make all the dragons his slaves. So, hurry, ninja - this villain must not be allowed to get hold of the armour![9]



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 9: Hunted

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Season 14: Seabound

The Virtues of Spinjitzu


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  • He and Lord Garmadon are the main villains of Season 9.
  • In the sets, he has a peg leg on his right leg, while in the show, it is on his left leg.
    • This is probably due to the fact that all the released peg legs were on the right leg.
  • When he takes off his hat, he has a black version of Chopper Maroon's hairpiece, which was originally used by B.A. Baracus from The A-Team in LEGO Dimensions.
  • It has been confirmed that Firstbourne ripped off his leg and arm. That's how he got his mechanical arm and the peg leg. This is one of the reasons why he hunts dragons.
  • He is the fourth character to be human but have cyborg parts, the first three being Cyrus Borg, Wu, and The Mechanic.
  • His ultimate goal was to find the nest of the Firstbourne and gain control of the Dragon Armor so he can control the Firstbourne. Apparently, the reason behind all this is to protect himself from the Oni. However, this was revealed to be a cover-up as he lied to the other Dragon Hunters after coming back from Oni land saying there was Oni even though there seem to be no more Oni left in the realm.
  • He has hatred and fear of Oni despite having never seen them.
  • His throne is made of the skeletal remains of the Ultra Dragon.
  • He's the first main villain who didn't appear in a season finale, due to already being defeated in the season penultimate episode.
  • Iron Baron is similar to Drago Bludvist from How to Train Your Dragon 2, as both capture dragons, and their arms were ripped by dragons.
  • He is one of the five main antagonists to be from another realm, the others being the Preeminent, Nadakhan, The Omega, and Vex.
  • He is one of the five known villains that had no intentions to take over Ninjago, the other four being Yang, Vex, Unagami, and Vangelis.
  • Though he was alive at the end of "Lessons for a Master," as his voice was heard from beneath the magma casing,[1] he would presumably not survive long without food, water, or air.


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Foreign language Translation
Czech Železo Baron
German Eisen-Baron
Polish Żelazny Baron
Russian Железный барон
Ukrainian Залізний Барон




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