These are the relationships of the former leader of the Dragon Hunters, Iron Baron.


Faith (Former Ally)

Faith was Iron Baron's second-in-command.

At some time, Faith became Iron Baron's best Dragon Hunter and been given the name "Heavy Metal." However, it was revealed in "The Gilded Path," that Iron Baron forced her to disguise herself as a male, as he thought it was foolish that his best Dragon Hunter was a woman.

After hearing that Wu was the son of the First Spinjitzu Master, she betrayed him and Iron Barontold the other Dragon Hunters to bring her to him.

During Two Lies, One Truth, Faith gained a great dislike for him after she learned that he lied about the Oni in order to achieve power.

During "Saving Faith," Baron captured Faith and The ninja and taunted her on her defeat. However, he was worried when she revealed the truth of the Oni to Jet Jack and the other hunters. Baron silenced her attempts at stirring rebellion before Wu escaped and fought the hunters. She also warned Wu not to trust Baron after he made a deal.

Dragon Hunters (Former Allies)


The Dragon Hunters were his former followers but after his defeat by Firstbourne they have decided to ally with Faith.



The mother of all dragons took his leg and arm, causing him to have a vendetta against them.


“He is the son of the First Spinjitzu Master?!”
— Iron Baron about Wu
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Wu stands against Iron Baron

Because Wu helped Cole in saving the other Ninja from the Hunters, Baron despised him and chased him and the Ninja.

When they met face to face, Baron wasted no time in attacking Wu but Faith saved him. Baron then discovered from her that Wu was the son of the First Spinjitzu Master. Baron was very shocked and focused his entire hunt to capture Wu instead since the latter was quarter Oni.

Wu was later captured by Baron along with the Ninja after they tried to save Faith. Baron watched Wu break free before fighting his hunters for a while. Baron then offered him a deal to locate the Dragon Armor and he will free the Ninja. Wu agreed to this and led Baron to the path of the item, despite Faith and the ninja's pleas.

Along the journey, Wu was disgusted by Baron's reason of lying to the Hunters, despite that Wu saved him from falling and was met with ungratefulness from him. After they located the armor, Baron revealed he was lying the whole time and ordered the dragons to kill Wu who was not surprised but explained to Baron that he lied as well since the armor did not allow his father to control the Firstbourne, but sensed his good heart. Wu watched as Firstbourne attacked Baron and encased him in molten rock.

The Marooned Ninja

“Prepare the Dieselnaut. We're going hunting.”
“For Firstbourne?”
“For the Ninja.”
— Iron Baron and Daddy No Legs about the Ninja

Baron had his followers capture them, after they were found stranded.

In "Iron & Stone," he initially mistook them for being Oni, he ordered them to be thrown into The Pit with Slab. During the match, he realized his error when seeing their powers.

He voiced his awareness of them being like the First Spinjitzu Master but refused to help them return home. Baron had them captive until Firstbourne's arrival allowed them to escape.

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