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Th-that is a clear sign… We shouldn’t go any further!
And what if the figure is actually welcoming us in with open arms? In that case it would be rude not to go any further! You still have a lot to learn my dear Dwayne.

Island Attack! is the 74th issue of the Ninjago Magazine. It features Lloyd on the cover and includes 892174 Skull Sorcerer (Skull Sorcerer with a flame stick). The comic Jungle Life, was written by Jan Dinter.

Jungle Life

Dwayne is leading Wu and Misako and chopping through the jungle growth, with instruction and encouragement from Clutch Powers. The encouragement stops when Dwayne complains that his arm is tired. Clutch takes over, until they discover a sign, forbidding them to go any further. Clutch, however, interprets it as the site of an old school, where pupils practised writing letters. Wu and Misako are not convinced and proceed with caution. They come across another sign, depicting a Keeper holding up bones in the shape of a cross. Dwayne is sure the sign is telling them to go no further. Clutch initially disagrees, but begins to sense there is something around they weren’t supposed to find. He feels vindicated when he thinks he’s found a crystal. But the crystal turns out to be the eye of Zippy, the Jungle Dragon.

Clutch attempts to fight the dragon with his machete, but Zippy slaps it out of his hand. Wu implores Clutch to stay away from him, but he ignores that advice to retrieve his machete and proceeds to chase Zippy further into the jungle. Misako is curious as to why a big dragon is running away from a person and the other two wonder if it’s leading him into a trap and follow. They find Zippy cornered by Clutch, but the dragon yanks Clutch’s machete from his hand and throws it away. Clutch and Dwayne go after it, while Wu and Misako muse on how docile the dragon appears to be. Zippy runs away and the expedition discover he’s led them to a large gate. Next to the gate, they discover some Stone Guardians. Wu investigates the statue, which begins to move.

Wu tells the rest to step back as he takes on the totem pole. He manages to seperate the three, causing them to tumble. Wu thinks he has the upper hand, but the three segments stand up and get ready for round two. Wu continues his fight, using their size and shape to his advantage, bowling two over with the other. He manages to defeat them by leading them into the wall beside the gate. Clutch commends Wu on this effort, ready to go inside. Dwayne stops them, reminding them they don’t know what’s inside. Before he can finish his sentence, however, he is hit by a blow dart and begins to fall unconscious. The others rush to his aid, before they are all hit by blow darts as well. Wu notices some figures emerging from the jungle as his vision blurs and he too goes unconscious.


  • ”Jungle Life” is set during the opening sequence in "Uncharted".
    • The comic implies that the expedition group escaped the initial attack from the Stone Guardians.
  • Despite being set during The Island, the characters have minor design differences;
    • Wu and Misako are in their Legacy designs.
    • Dwayne and Misako are wearing Plinth helmets.
    • Clutch is wearing a side satchel and Dwayne is wearing a backpack.
  • The comic implies there is more than one trio of Stone Guardians.
  • A minifigure design of Twitchy Tim appears throughout the magazine. His appearance here differs slightly from that of the show; he has the same hair as Bob the Intern and his sleeves aren’t ripped.
  • A fact page on the Keepers reveals some information on each rank;
    • Rumble Keepers are the gardeners of the island.
    • The masks of the Thunder Keepers are a product of ceremonies, that also include singing and dancing, which are for keeping the storm over their island.
    • PoulErik was a Rumble Keeper, before rising up the ranks as Mammatus’ deputy.
      • The page also reveals that Tim was stuck on the Island for a year.



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