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“You are now Thunder Keepers! May the power of Lightning be with you as you keep our Island safe!”

Island Challenge! is the 77th issue of the Ninjago Magazine. Zane, Jay, Nya, Cole and Clutch Powers appear on the cover. It includes 892177 Island Kai (Island Kai minifigure with a Turbo Torch flamethrower). The comic, The Ritual, is written by Jan Dinter.

The Ritual

The captured Ninja, sans Lloyd, are being escorted from the dock by the Keepers. PoulErik commands they be taken to the Chief. A Rumble Keeper quickly requests a ritual be enacted, wherein Rumble Keepers can compete in a set of challenges in order to be promoted to Thunder Keepers. They wish to compete against the intruders.

The Ninja are taken to the Lightning Lagoon, where catamarans, including one of their own, are being set up for sailing. Cole deduces that a sailing competition is the first challenge. Cole and Nya board their catamaran and set off after the others. They notice the Keepers are going far quicker than they are. They notice they’re using their spears to attract the lighting from the Storm to power their vessels. Nya grabs a spear and tries to copy what they’re doing. She is instead electrocuted with no effect had on the boat. She hands the spear to Cole, thinking that electricity conductors channel lightning into the earth, and he is the Earth Ninja. He tries and it works in helping powering the vessel. The lightning pains Cole immensely, but he carries on to get the catamaran to catch up with the Keepers. They make it to the beach, but they have come last. Thinking they’ve lost, Zane explains that winning was not the goal for the Rumble Keepers but to demonstrate how well they can command the Storm. Nya asks what else they could have to prove, just as PoulErik calls for everyone to move to the Combat Ring.

The Ninja move apprehensively to the Combat Ring. Once they arrive, they see they’ve plenty of space to perform Spinjitzu moves. PoulErik announces who the participants will be attempting to pacify, as the Stone Guardians enter the ring. The Ninja panic, remembering how little effect their elemental powers had on them. Zane suggests they try Spinjitzu instead. Jay goes in for an attack but finds little success. He is knocked by one of the brothers into another. He knocks the second brother over, much to the Keepers’ surprise. The other four go into attack together, but the brothers draw upon their lighting powers and zaps them away.

Their efforts prove futile, as they are constantly bested by the Stone Guardians. Kai suggests they lure the Guardians to the Rumble Keepers. They succeed in doing so, but the Rumble Keepers pacify the Guardians using song and dance. Kai remembers PoulErik telling them to pacify the Guardians, so the Ninja prepare a song they remember from karaoke. They try the song out on the Guardians after they’re done with the Keepers. They have no luck and the Guardians respond aggressively once again. PoulErik calls off the challenge, saying a verdict has been reached. The Rumble Keepers are promoted to the rank of Thunder Keeper and given their masks. He then commands that the ninja be taken to the Chief, telling the others to keep a close eye on Jay, saying he could be the one.



  • The magazine refers to The Island as a season, despite being a special. This may be attributed to the common belief that The Island was Season 14 and Seabound was Season 15, which was only debunked by the time both installments had aired.
  • Clutch Powers appears with brown hair on the cover
  • A factoid on Ronin says he is included in 2 sets, when he is present in 3.
  • Lloyd appears at random points in the comic, despite being elsewhere in the jungle at this point in the story.
  • Cole is drawn with an orange mask, as opposed to the black one his minifigure sports.



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