It's Garmadon is a song composed by Alex Britten and The deLuca Brothers for The LEGO Ninjago Movie.


What's my name? (Garmadon)

Say it again (Garmadon)

Harmonize my name, nerds (Garmadon)

Ha ha ha ha (Garmadon)


Garmadon (x2)

(Ha ha ha ha ha) Garmadon

Garmadon (yeah)

Oh yeah

When darkness falls across your town

And the big bad monsters come around

When skeletons rise up from the ground

'It's Garmadon (oh yeah)

You feel the fear creep in your bones (ooh)

You feel the earth shake in your toes (ooh he's bad)

You pee your pants and you run back home (ooh)

It's Garmadon

Tell them my name, nerds

Garmadon (the underworld king)

He's Garmadon (I eat lightning) (ooh)

Garmadon (listen to my skulkin sing)

Garmadon (oh yeah)

Garmadon (ha ha ha ha)

Oh he's so strong (how strong?)

So strong we wrote this song (fear my name)

He's Garmadon (oh yeah)

Can't you see that no one is greater than me

I kill anybody who disagrees

(Got bit by a snake and awesome is what he became)

And having just two arms was lame

So I grew two more and I changed the game

Now I got four ways to punch you in the face

It's Garmadon (I sleep on blades)

He's Garmadon (I use fire to shave) (ooh)

Garmadon (I'm on an evil crusade)

He's Garmadon (oh yeah)

Garmadon (Spinjitzu surprise)

Oh Garmadon (look into my red eyes)

He's Garmadon (you know my name is Garmadon)

Oh yeah

Oh yeah



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