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Jailbreak! is the 73rd issue of the Ninjago Magazine. It includes a 892173 Hero Zane (Hero Zane minifigure with a crossbow and shield), Cole and Kai appear on the cover. The comic, Sails Ahoy, is written in Jan Dinter.

Sail Ahoy

Killow and Ultra Violet lead a mass escape of inmates from Kryptarium Prison. Noble sends a frantic message to the Police Commissioner, who passes it on the the Ninja. He asks them to help in rounding them up, to which they accept. While they’re debriefing the situation, an officer bursts in informing the room that the impound lot where the confiscated Sons of Garmadon motorbikes were held had been broken into. Lloyd rallies the team into action.

They find Ultra Violet joy riding through the city on Killow’s Oni Chopper. The team jumps on their vehicles to chase her down. She drives the bike through the Botanical Gardens, using the saw on the front to chop up the trees and bushes. Jay and Kai follow her. Kai activates some katanas attached to the side of his bike to trip her up, but ends ups having the saw on the front grind the swords down. Kai is distraught at the damage happening to his bike, but Jay realises this is slowing her down. He takes a detour that gets him in front of them. He then dismounts and swings on a nearby vine. He kicks Ultra Violet off the bike, defeating her.

The ninja detain her, then get a transmission from Nya, saying that P.I.X.A.L. has sent a distress call from the docks. They arrive and she tells them that Killow snuck up on her, short circuited her and stole the Destiny's Bounty. She tells them that they can use the ShuriCopter, which is nearby, but can only fit three. Lloyd, Cole and Zane go. They try to get close but Killow has all cannons firing on them. Zane stays behind but uses a grappling hook and his ice powers, allowing Cole and Lloyd to sneak aboard. Killow sees them and prepares to surprise them before they can surprise him.

They sneak aboard and get ready to pounce at him, but he clobbers them with his club. They are knocked back to the mast. This gives Cole the idea of using the chains to wrap Killow up. This plan is successful and they bring him, and Ultra Violet, back to Kryptarium. Lloyd asks The Commissioner if there are any leads on the other escapees. He admits that, because they hadn’t heard from the ninja for a while, he hired someone else to help. At that moment, the R.E.X. flies in and lands in the courtyard. Ronin steps out, announcing that he’s caught Scooter, his third catch of the day. The Commissioner announces his intention to continue paying Ronin to round up the rest of the inmates. The ninja were sceptical at first, but eventually remembered his good deeds in the past and were at peace with it. They were quietly pleased that they didn’t have to catch anyone else they had already defeated.


  • ”Sail Ahoy” is set before The Island.
    • The comic sets up the plot line where Ronin is hunting escaped inmates from Kryptarium, implying this takes place a month before the special.
  • Jay references the Dark Island Trilogy, while assuring the others that Ronin can be trusted.
  • The vehicles each ninja use are the Rock Roader, the Lightning Bike, Zane's bike and the Blade Cycle.
  • A feature in the magazine is a set of character files on all of the WildBrain era villains, from the perspective of the Keepers.
  • This issue shares it's name with Issue 47, released on 27th February 2019.


  • The ninja are wearing their Island suits in “Sail Ahoy”, despite them not needing those suits until they reach the Island of the Keepers.
  • Cole’s mask is erroneously coloured orange for most of the comic.



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