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Take a note, Edna. Either better brakes or a better bumper
Ed to Edna in "Snakebit"

The Jalopy is a vehicle built by Jay's parents, Ed and Edna.



On a surprise visit, Ed and Edna drove to the Destiny's Bounty in their Jalopy, and accidentally ran into a garage sale pile, which was put there by Cole, after rushing to tidy up the Bounty by the orders of Master Wu. After they were hurried off by Jay, Ed and Edna returned to their junkyard in the Jalopy.

Day of the Great Devourer

When the Great Devourer attacked Ninjago City, Ed and Edna could not get away because the Jalopy would not start, before the Devourer could eat them the ninja came in on the Ultra Sonic Raider, and Jay saved them with the Nunchucks of Lightning.

Ninjaball Run

Ed and Edna were contestants for the Ninjaball Run in their Jalopy, they were first throughout the race but were sabotaged by the Serpentine when Ed was trying to give their fuel to the Ultra Sonic Raider when they heard that the ninja were competing in the race to win the money to save Dareth’s dojo. Since Ed and Edna were sad that the Jalopy could not finish the race Jay in an attempt to cheer them up took a headlamp, which would become the reason that the ninja won the race.


During the Ninjaball Run, the Jalopy can be seen to have many functions. One is balloons that can inflate on the wheels to push other cars out of they way while keeping the tires safe which can also detach from the wheels.

Another function is spikes that can also portride from the tires to get more friction on the ground. All these functions can be activated by flipping one of the many switches on the dashboard.


The Jalopy has the shape and appearance of a cartoony car. It has 6 wheels, no doors, and 2 big engines. It has enough room to sit at least 6 people in it. It has 2 mirrors that are on metal sticks, and the shape of it rises from the front to the back.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja



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