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  Jay Walker   Jay Walker (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)    
“You're angry! I get it. You were abandoned by your maker! I was abandoned by my parents, too! I'm just like you! I never understood why, and I never had the chance to even ask. But I always hoped there was a good reason. What if there's a reason?”
— Jay trying to reason with Unagami, "Game Over"

Jay Walker (born Jay Gordon[1]) is the current Elemental Master and Ninja of Lightning, Nya's boyfriend and Yin, and the adoptive son of Ed and Edna Walker, surrendered by his biological parents, Cliff Gordon and his wife. He learned skills including Spinjitzu and discovered his other teammates, with whom he embarked on many adventures; battling the likes of the Serpentine and the Stone Army. During this time Jay formed a romantic relationship with Kai's sister, Nya.

After Lloyd defeated the Overlord, peace resumed until The Overlord returned and created an army of Nindroids that were made from Zane's blueprints. A love triangle formed between Jay, Nya, and Cole, which remained after Zane seemingly died. The ninja parted ways after Zane's death, but upon learning of his survival, they journeyed to Chen's Island and entered the Tournament of Elements. Cole made amends with Jay over his relationship with Nya, and the ninja and Elemental Masters fought the Anacondrai Cultists. Soon after, Jay would help the ninja battle Morro and a legion of cursed spirits while learning another martial art called Airjitzu, and they were then faced with Nadakhan, who trapped many of the ninja in his sword. Jay and Nya battled the Sky Pirates, but when Nya was poisoned by the Tiger Widow venom and killed, Jay used his last wish to undo the recent events.

On the Day of the Departed, Jay and his parents were attacked by a revived Samukai, who Jay defeated with help from Ronin. Jay joined his allies in battling the Time Twins and the Vermillion, as well as seeking the powerful Time Blades. Though their enemies were defeated, Wu was lost in the Temporal vortex.

A year later, Jay helped battle a notorious gang that resurrected Lord Garmadon and was ultimately stranded in the Realm of Oni and Dragons with the other original ninja and Wu.

During their first week being stranded in the realm, Jay temporarily loses his sanity and ends up being captured by the Dragon Hunters along with Kai and Zane. After hearing Lloyd's voice on a radio, Jay regains his state of mind and devises a plan to free Zane, Kai, and himself from the Dragon Hunters, and designs a Firstbourne Mech to provide a distraction. They manage to escape with Cole and a growing Wu's assistance before meeting a Hunter named Faith who tells them about the Dragon Armor and they immediately head for it. Wu manages to find the armor and becomes the Golden Dragon Master, and with the Firstbourne and some dragons, they return home to Ninjago to help the Resistance defeat Colossus, while at the same time, Jay reunites with Nya.

Shortly afterward, Jay decides it's time to ask Nya to be his Yang. He sought out advice from Kai but his plans get put on hold when the Oni invade Ninjago. During the final battle at the Monastery, he finally mustered up the courage to ask Nya, which she happily agrees to. After using the Tornado of Creation on the Oni, Jay joins his fellow ninja in the creation of the new mural.

Months later, Jay and his friends fight against Aspheera and her Pyro Vipers after accidentally releasing them from their tomb. After Zane is banished by Aspheera's sorcery, he and the remaining ninja send themselves to the Never-Realm in order to rescue him. While Lloyd went to find Zane, Jay and the others protected the Ice Fishers of Great Lake. The ninja fight Boreal the Ice Dragon, and discover that Zane is the Ice Emperor. With Zane having managed to return to his senses in a fight with Lloyd and freeing the Never-Realm from its eternal winter, the team reunites and use the berry Krag gave Cole to head back to their home realm.

Sometime later, Jay is the first of the ninja to enter the virtual world of Prime Empire, resulting in the legendary arcade game resurfacing and hundreds of gamers getting trapped in it. Jay becomes known as Superstar Rockin' Jay to the League of Jay. The ninja enter in search of the Key-Tanas and Unagami, thinking that finding him would solve the situation. But by the time the ninja get the last Key-Tana, Jay and Nya are the only surviving ninja left in the game. The duo progresses but Nya gets cubed in the process, which makes Jay distraught and the only ninja left, so he moves on to follow Unagami through the completed Manifestation Gate into Ninjago. He and Milton Dyer successfully console Unagami into releasing the formerly trapped gamers, as well as everyone who was formerly cubed, including the ninja (Kai, Cole, Lloyd, and Nya).

Later, Jay and the rest of his friends were invited to Shintaro in honor of Princess Vania's birthday. Shortly after arriving, the ninja were forced to split up inside the mountain the kingdom lied on when they were under the attack of the Skull Sorcerer. During his time with the Munce who lived in the Dungeons of Shintaro, Jay was caught in a love triangle between Nya and Murtessa, the Queen of the Munce. He and his friends convinced the Munce to work with the Geckles and vice versa to defeat the Skull Sorcerer. They were successful and they departed on search for another adventure.

The Ninja then traveled to an island in search of Wu and Misako. It was there that they were captured by the Keepers and Jay was hailed as the "Gift of Jay." Initially thinking they wanted him to be their king, Jay was delighted until realizing they wanted to sacrifice him to the ancient sea serpent, Wojira. Fortunately, it was just a fake built by Ronin to steal the islanders' fortune and Jay and the other ninja found Wu and Misako and made amends with the Keepers.

After Nya's powers go haywire during an attempt to stop a bunch of criminals, Jay and a few of the others traveled under the Endless Sea to investigate what could be the source of the problem. During the adventure, Jay would continuously comfort Nya over her problems. When they realized that the problem behind Nya's powers was Kalmaar trying to awaken Wojira with fake Storm Amulets, the ninja did everything in their power to stop him from getting the real one. Despite their efforts, Kalmaar managed to awaken Wojira and Jay was left in critical condition due to inhaling a large amount of water, causing him to suffer from air drowning. Nya then decides to merge with the sea to draw the water out of Jay and defeats Kalmaar and Wojira. She then says goodbye to her friends as she dives into the ocean. Jay was the most saddened by her fate and fell into depression.

A year after Nya's departure, Jay moved to Lighthouse Island and essentially became a hermit before learning from Nya that the only way to return her to normal is to remove her Elemental Power. While Kai, Zane and Lloyd break Aspheera out of Kryptarium, Jay and Cole fail to recover her staff, which is later revealed to be in the hands of the New Ninja, but manage to steal it, and return Nya back to normal before being arrested by them and sent to Kyptarium, where they learn of the Crystal King. After Nya and Dareth break them out, Jay, along with Cole and Lloyd, as well as fellow convict Fugi-Dove, seperate from the others to evade the police and reunite at Twitchy Tim's gas station, where they form a plan to infiltrate the Council of the Crystal King.


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In Shadow of Ronin (non-canon)


Jay's DX suit can be purchased for 20,000 studs. He is armed with the Nunchucks of Lightning, can perform Spinjitzu, shoot Lightning and operate machinery.


Jay's ZX suit can be purchased for 20,000 studs. He is armed with the Nunchucks of Lightning, can perform Spinjitzu, shooting Lightning and operate machinery.


Jay's Elemental suit can be purchased for 50,000 studs. He is armed with his Lightning Elemental Blade, can perform Spinjitzu, shoot Lightning and operate machinery.


Jay's Techno suit can be purchased for 50,000 studs. He is armed with his Techno Blade, can perform Spinjitzu, shoot Lightning and operate machinery.


Jay's Showhost variant from "The Invitation" can be purchased for 100,000 studs. He is armed with the Nunchucks of Lightning and like all of his other variants, he can perform Spinjitzu, shoot Lightning and operate machinery.


In Sons of Garmadon onward, Jay has curly hair resembling his LEGO Ninjago Movie appearance, generally wearing blue clothing to represent his elemental color. He has brown eyebrows and light freckles. In Seasons 8-10, Jay has dark-brown hair, but from Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu onward, he has reddish-brown hair akin to earlier seasons.

Prior to Sons of Garmadon, Jay had short, straight, reddish-brown hair, with a notch on his right eyebrow. In addition, he was not shown to have freckles. According to Tommy Andreasen, it is possible that Jay's eyebrow notch grew over between seasons 7 and 8 because Jay had "been out on that windy cold mountain searching for Wu for too long."[2]

For casual attire, since "The Royal Blacksmiths," Jay wore a blue jacket with a white stripe over a white T-shirt and blue pants. He wore a blue beanie over his hair in Skybound.

Jay had his hair combed in a fancy style for his date with Nya in "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" and for being the host of Most Ultimate Extreme Ninja Challenge Ever in "The Invitation."

From "My Dinner With Nadakhan" to "Wishmasters," Jay wore a dark blue eye patch over his left eye. Briefly in "The Way Back," during a battle with the Sky Pirates to a few seconds after he made his final wish, he wears a similar second eyepatch over the same eye that was black instead of dark blue.

In "Endings," Jay wears half of the Yin-Yang medallion on his chest that he offered to Nya when he asked her to be his Yang.

In an anime-styled scene of "The Absolute Worst," Jay is shown to have blue eyes.

In Prime Empire, his avatar, Superstar Rockin' Jay, makes Jay look quite different from his regular appearance. His skin is a light blue color while having darker spots of blue all over his body, mostly in a triangle pattern on his face and torso. He also has a dark blue lightning bolt by his eyes, which are now yellow. He now has white hair while wearing a yellow headband and his attire consists of a blue Elvis-like uniform with yellow spots of different shapes as well as a star on the left side of the chest.

In "Farewell the Sea," Jay had grown a brown beard and wears a light blue jacket with his lightning pin on it, cream colored sweater, blue pants and black boots. He later tore off the beard. He continues wearing these clothes in "The Shape of Nya."

For more images on Jay's appearance in his different ninja suits, click here.


Like the majority of his fellow ninja, Jay is currently in his late teens.[3] However, the ninja do not officially have specific ages,[4] as they are meant to be perpetually in their teenage years for the duration of the show.[5] Recently, in "The Gilded Path," Jay states that he and the other three original ninja are "grown-up teenagers."

Potential Estimations: During the events of the pilot and Season 1, Jay was at least 15 or 16 years of age.[6][7]


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Jay is the most light-hearted of the ninja. He is always telling jokes, most of which are only funny to himself. He usually does this to cover up fear and anxiety, as revealed in Season 6. He is also sensitive in both positive and negative ways and thinking. He enjoys boasting about his abilities, such as inventing and poetry, much to the annoyance of the others, but he proves to be a good friend and a skilled fighter. He is also somewhat high-strung, typically being the first to panic in dire situations.

Jay has a crush on Nya, and often stumbles on his words around her, although they both eventually reveal their feelings for each other at the end of Season 6. There was a period of time where it seemed Jay didn't understand what Nya wanted, and was worried about their relationship. He tried to treat her like a lady and protect her, refusing to let her row the boat, though Nya found a way to help anyways. He was also incredibly nervous to ask Nya to be his Yang, even though they were already steadily dating by then.

He is fond of those he is loyal to, but will go against them if they wrong him, as shown with the love triangle in Season 3 when he fought over Nya's love. He started yelling at Cole when he found out Cole was Nya's perfect match which surprised Cole since he knew nothing about it. The fight showed immaturity in both of them and a lack of desire in talking it out. When they were settling their differences, Jay at first assumed Cole was trying to deceive him. However, since then, it has been revealed that Jay and Cole are best friends. They have a lot of banter in the show, even pulling a prank on Cole in the Temple of Airjitzu.

Jay also hosted a television show between Seasons 3 and 4, where it showed his charismatic nature. It was revealed that he also wore makeup (when he hosted the show) in which Jay comments that "concealer is a time-honored tool of the ninja." This could mean he wears makeup regularly. In Season 8, it seems Jay was embarrassed by this period of his life, asking Cole to not remind Master Wu about when he hosted a show.

Jay has always be a likable and charismatic character, despite being annoying sometimes. Besides his show, he had his own "League of Jay" where fans inspired by him had avatars that looked like him. As Superstar Rockin' Jay, it was another show of his charismatic but egotistical nature. And without meaning to, he caught the eye of the Munce Queen after bragging about his skills in Season 13.

Jay can get a laugh out of making fun of his friends. In Season 4 when the ninja thought Skylor was related to Kai, Jay laughed about it as he told Sensei Garmadon. In Season 8, he told the group that he was recording and will make many copies of Cole's horrible singing. He also has a lot of faith in his friends, assuring everyone that Lloyd would come to their rescue when they were all imprisoned by Chen, only to be incredibly sad and worried when Lloyd didn't show up.

Jay is fond of inventing, technology, and the color blue. Technologically, Jay is one of the smartest out of all the six ninja, possibly second to Zane, because he was raised by adoptive parents who were mechanics. The ninja have relied on him to been the engineer at times. Jay is embarrassed of his doting parents, and dismisses the advice they give (like when Edna asks Jay if he brought extra underwear and it turned out he did not when he had to pull the sails of the Bounty while it was raining). But he is still is extremely loving of his parents, never wanting something bad to happen to them. Jay was the only one on good terms with his parents when the show started. His parents were the first to be introduced as they came by to visit him and the other ninja (in which they mentioned Jay didn't go to visit them). Over time, it seems Jay grew to be less embarrassed of them.

Jay values technology more than the others. In Season 3 he was the most excited to visit Borg Industries, who revolutionized Ninjago. He also told Clouse in Season 4 that he would rely on nuts and bolts over magic.

In Season 8, Princess Harumi identified Jay as "the joker whose mouth is as fast as lightning," which he took pride in. Even in the pilot episodes the characters have described Jay as talkative.

It can be inferred that Jay is sloppier than the other ninja. When Harumi found a pair of blue underwear on the main console, Jay was immediately embarrassed. Jay is also more likely to take shortcuts, though the other ninja do as well such as in Season 4 where his injury led him to using a mech left in the jungle by Chen, even after Jay claimed he wouldn't take any of Chen's gifts. Another example of shortcuts would be in Season 13 where he cleaned up the leaves in the yard with Spinjitzu and risked getting lectured from Master Wu. When he wasn't, Nya commented on how strange it was that Wu gave up a moment to reprimand him in which Jay agrees. This shows that this may be normal behavior for Jay and his relationship with Wu is like a parent and a child.

At random times, Jay has a habit of talking, shouting, or screaming very loudly. It's usually whenever he loses his temper, he gets really scared or freaked out, or when he sometimes becomes impatient. It also happened during dangerous or tight situations. An example of this is when Kai tries to tell the other ninja that the Great Devourer has a weak spot on its forehead, Jay responded with sarcasm and then yelled that it is impossible to kill it, due to it being "ridiculously" huge. Another example is when he freaks out upon seeing the Tiger Widow when he was sent to collect its venom.

After being stranded in the Realm of Oni and Dragons, Jay had a mental breakdown. He seemed oddly indifferent about the ninja's predicament and the other ninja realized he had lost his sanity. In this state, he is constantly "happy" about their many predicaments, even saying that he had "found it," when he had clearly lost it. Since then, he has returned to normal, as evidenced by him freaking out when fighting in the Pit, which indicates his insanity and unusually calm nature was simply temporary and caused by stress.

Jay has always been obsessed with video games. He was upset when the Monastery was burnt down in Season 1 because he lost his high score. In the Cloud Kingdom, he was excited to find a pinball machine. Season 12 was a video game season and Jay was the most experienced and excited to be inside a video game. Jay was also shown to be a great dancer in the Prime Empire shorts, due to his skills in rhythm games. When Lloyd showed the ninja the comics he was into in Season 2, the seasons after it was Jay that was the biggest fan of them.

In "Game Over," Jay reveals that deep down, he feels sad about his birth parents abandoning him in a junkyard, explaining to Unagami that he always wonders why they did it and hopes that it was for a good reason, if there's even a reason behind it all.

Nya's merger with the Endless Sea led to Jay suffering another mental breakdown, and he fell into a deep depression, to the point that he isolated himself, did not shave, and started collecting half-empty glasses of water and would speak to them, thinking Nya was in them. He was also defensive of them as when Kai spilt one by accident. Nya's return and reverting back to normal made Jay regain his usual sanity.

Weapons and abilities


  • Lightning: Jay can harness the power of Lightning to create a Spinjitzu tornado of pure electricity. He can also seemingly fly with his powers,[8] although he hasn't used this ability ever since, as it seemed to be part of his True Potential abilities. His lightning powers were enhanced further by the Nunchucks of Lightning, and later by his Elemental Blade.
    • Elemental Dragon: Like all other Elemental Masters who managed to overcame their fears, Jay is capable of summoning his own Elemental Lightning Dragon at will.
  • Mechanical skills: Jay has an eye for machines and gadgets, being in charge of repairing and maintaining the various technology at the ninja's disposal. He was responsible for restoring the Destiny's Bounty to a functional state and equipping it with the modifications needed to make it fly. Over time, his inventing side was less emphasized, due to Nya, Dr. Julien, and P.I.X.A.L. taking up the role of gadgeteer, but Jay's skill with technology should not be underestimated.
  • Video game proficiency: Thanks to playing video games a lot of the time and learning skills, Jay was able to easily reach Level 13 in Prime Empire, as well as knowing how to use the video game to his advantage.
  • Dancing: Prior to "Let's Dance," Jay obtained dancing skills from playing Dancy Pants.
  • Guitar playing: Jay is able to play the guitar well, as shown in Prime Empire.


  • Nunchucks: In close-range combat, he favors nunchucks, but has used katanas and various improvised weapons on occasion.
  • Kusarigama: After Season 11, Jay switched to a kusarigama which he used for better and more dangerous combat. He can also use the dragon head edge of the weapon to write.


Jay has owned many vehicles in his history as a ninja.





Jets descriptions


Jay is the ninja of Lightning, a talented inventor with a crazy sense of humor and a huge crush on Nya.

He loves all the new technology around today, although his efforts to take it apart and figure it out have led to more than a few explosions.

He even has a Cyrus Borg poster on the wall of his room.

Although the ninja have been through many fearsome fights, Jay is still the same fast-talking adventurer he has always been.(Even Nindroids cannot get this ninja down.) But he can sometimes make his teammates crazy!

  • When Jay uses his electrical powers to his fullest, he creates 1.21 gigawatts.
  • Jay once invented a Spinjitzu powered slingshot … but it backfired.
  • Sometimes Jay wakes up in his sleep because he accidentally zaps himself.
  • Jay's favourite dancing style is electric boogie.
  • Jay and Nya once went dancing on a date, but it spun out of control.[9]

LEGO Dimensions

Use Jay's golden nunchuks and activate his special abilities to take on enemies in true Ninja style!

Build and place Jay on the LEGO® Toy Pad to bring him to life in the game, and add him to an exciting mash-up multiverse of your favorite characters! Use his golden nunchuks and activate his special abilities including Spinjitzu, Fix-it, Acrobat, Stealth and Electricity to solve puzzles and take on enemies in true Ninja style! When it's time to take the battle to the sky, launch the Storm Fighter and rebuild it into a Lightning Jet and Electro-Shooter for upgraded in-game powers![10]


Jay’s feelings for Nya are beginning to affect his focus. While she’s concentrating on being a ninja to the exclusion of everything else, the frustrated Jay is beginning to question his own role in the team. He wants things to be different, but has forgotten that you should be careful what you wish for…[11]

Pilot (2017 Museum gallery)

Son of TV actor Cliff Gordon, the Lightning Ninja is swift in every way. Fast-talking and quick-witted, the problem is that he speaks and acts first, only thinking later. This also means he has a tendency to panic and be overdramatic. While Jay thinks he’s a wise-cracking comedian, he’s always unintentionally funny within his very childish acts, and he is too easy to tease, but this naivety makes him lovable. He’s also a genius when it comes to turning scrap into machines, just like his foster parents, Ed and Edna.

Jay is captivated by Kai’s sister, Nya, and struggles with his feelings, especially when her overprotective big brother is around. He learns that he can apply his ninja training directly into combat. Inevitably, it is the Ninja of Lightning who is the first to master the art of Spinjitzu.

Season 1 (2017 Museum gallery)

The chattiest of the group becomes tongue-tied when his crush on Nya begins to crush him! Can he go from funny-man to Romeo and capture her heart? Instead, Jay learns that instead of trying to impress people by being someone you’re not, it’s best to just be yourself.

Season 2 (2017 Museum gallery)

Jay’s relationship with Nya continues to bloom, only for the samurai to fall into Lord Garmadon’s hands, pitting them against each other in the final battle of good versus evil.

Season 3 (2017 Museum gallery)

When a matchmaking console reveals to Nya that Cole is her perfect match, it jeopardizes her relationship with Jay. The Ninja of Lightning is extremely upset about this since he has had a crush on Nya for a long time and he feels like Cole is sneaking in at the last minute. In addition, deep down he is distressed that this new rivalry with Cole will permanently damage their friendship.

Season 4 (2017 Museum gallery)

Jay is still not over his feud with Cole regarding whom Nya likes best. At first, this proves to be an impediment to the ninja’s efforts on Chen’s Island, as the two are constantly butting heads. But when they are pitted against each other in combat by Chen, Jay realizes that his long-standing friendship with Cole and the welfare of the team are what matter. Jay emerges from all of this a more mature and grounded character.

Season 5 (2017 Museum gallery)

Jay is a big fan of fantasy adventure stories and games, so even when things look bleak, he’s quite enjoying this quest filled with magical relics, mysterious riddles and dangerous temple traps. Best of all is the chance to learn the lost martial art of “Airjitzu” which allows the user to take flight!

Season 6 (2017 Museum gallery)

Jay wants things with Nya to be different, so he makes some thoughtless wishes that cause a great deal of pain. Realizing the difference between what he wants and what the team needs, he refuses to make his final wish and is able to free the others from the Djinn Blade. It’s only when Nya is dying that he wishes that the Teapot of Tyrahn had never been found. The world resets, with the teapot lost and all of the events caused by Nadakhan’s reappearance erased from history. Only Jay and Nya remember anything.

Season 7 (2017 Museum gallery)

As the Vermillion scurry through town in search of metal, Jay realizes where NINJAGO® Island’s largest supply resides: His parents’ scrapyard! Without telling the others, Jay breaks off and goes it alone to save Ed and Edna just in the nick of time. For Jay, the battle with the Hands of Time has become personal – and he’s out for revenge.

Sons of Garmadon

The Lightning Ninja is swift in every way. Fast-talking and quick-witted, the problem is that he speaks and acts first, only thinking later. This also means he has a tendency to panic and be overdramatic. While Jay thinks he’s a wise-cracking comedian, he’s often unintentionally funny and too easy to tease, but this naivety makes him lovable. He’s also a genius when it comes to turning scrap into machines, just like his foster parents, Ed and Edna.[12]

2019 (The Legacy of Jay)

Did you know Jay Walker loves to be the center of attention and make others laugh. He doesn’t always realize when he’s being funny, but that’s what his friends love the most about him. This fast-talking Lightning Ninja’s biggest problem is that he often speaks or acts first, and then maybe (sometimes) thinks later. And, of course, the best way to handle that is with a bit of panic and extra drama. He’s also a genius when it comes to turning scrap into machines – something he learned from his beloved foster parents, Ed and Edna. Favorite NINJAGO® Legacy weapon The Nunchucks of Lightning, one of the Golden Weapons once used in the creation of the NINJAGO® world. Quote “Let’s chop-socky this lemonade stand.”


Jay – the lovable Lightning Ninja!

Born the son of famous actor Cliff Gordon, Jay was given up by his parents as a baby. Happily, he was fostered by kindly junkyard owners and inventors Ed and Edna Walker who brought him up as their own.

Like Ed and Edna, he developed an amazing talent for turning scrap metal into cool machines. Ironically, it was when he crashed into a billboard while testing a set of mechanical wings that he met Master Wu who invited him to train as a ninja at the Monastery of Spinjitzu.

Jay is the Lightning Ninja and he lives up to that title in every way. He is quick-witted and talks fast… sometimes before he has put his brain in gear! He also tends to be overdramatic and flip into panic mode rather too quickly.

Jay thinks he’s a bit of a comedian but is often funnier when he doesn’t mean to be. That’s what makes him so lovable and popular, and a Jay minifigure, wearing his characteristic blue ninja outfit, can be found in many LEGO® NINJAGO® building toy playsets.


A nimble and dynamic ninja of lightning, Jay uses this power to triumph in many battles. A naturally funny character, he also makes his team smile with his jokes and ability to make them laugh.

Someone forgets the password

Jay is the first ninja to get sucked into Prime Empire, and the game inhabitants take to him like fans to a rock star! Of course, every fan club needs a place to meet and hang out, and the League of Jays have their very own hidden chamber in Terra Technica, where they hold their secret meetings and keep their collection of awesome Jay memorabilia. To get there, they need to go through a tunnel that leads from Scott’s garage to the chamber gate. And to get in, they need to know the secret password – “Mister Cuddlywomp” (Jay’s teddy bear). The problem begins when ‘Dee-jay 81’, a member of the League of Jays, tries to get back to the chamber after a very long day of fighting Red Visors. And because he’s so tired, he accidentally says the password as “Mister Wompycuddle”. THREE TIMES! And you know what happens when you enter the wrong password three times, right? Exactly – account locked. How will anyone get into the chamber now? We’ll let your imagination decide. How would you break into the secret chamber?[13]

Master of Lightning!

To a real gamer like Jay, Prime Empire feels like a digital paradise - he even gets his own fan club! But when the game gets serious, he's ready to stop Unagami's forces and save Ninjago City![14]

Season 13

Jay and Nya are taken in by the tribe of Munce and meet their fierce Queen, Murtessa, who quickly becomes infatuated with Jay. While Jay is initially flattered by the attention, the situation quickly turns dire when the Queen challenges Nya to battle for Jay’s hand in marriage. At stake is the very real possibility that if Nya loses, Jay will have to spend the rest of his life below ground as King of the Munce – a fate which could forever separate him from the surface and his fellow ninja![15]

Jay: Being Honest With Oneself

Jay has always had a crush on Nya. But at one point, she told him they’re just friends. Feeling heartbroken, he was tempted to use Nadakhan’s magic to win her heart. So why didn’t he do it?? It was because Jay had learned to be honest with himself. And deep down, he knew love is not something you can wish for. It comes from the heart.[16]



Even the most honest ninja, like Jay, can fall into the trap of telling lies. Maybe it's to look cool, or to try and help them achieve their goals. But Jay realises that any lie, big or small, can change you. And Jay also knows that a true Master will always speak the truth.

Jay is the Lightning Ninja. Lovably naive, Jay rarely thinks before opening his mouth, but when it comes to turning scrap into machines, there's no-one better.[17]

Character Encyclopedia New Edition

The Lightning Ninja thinks he is getting VIP treatment when he meets the island's inhabitants. The mysterious Keepers are delighted to see him and call him the "Gift of Jay." In fact, the gift they have in mind is giving Jay to the local sea monster as a ceremonial dinner!

Spinjitzu Brothers

The Lightning Ninja is quick-witted, talks fast, and often acts before he thinks. Without Jay's sense of humor, the ninja team would be in a much worse mood.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Pilot episodes


Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Season 5: Possession

Season 6: Skybound

Day of the Departed

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Wu's Teas

  • 1. "Secret Teas" (non-canon)
  • 3. "Music Night Part 1" (non-canon)
  • 4. "Music Night Part 2" (non-canon)
  • 5. "Names" (non-canon)
  • 6. "Funny Guys" (non-canon)
  • 7. "Inspection Day" (non-canon)
  • 9. "Remote Control Zane" (non-canon)
  • 12. "Cool-Headed Kai" (non-canon)
  • 13. "Undercover Zane" (non-canon)
  • 15. "Steep Surveillance" (non-canon)
  • 16. "The Coin Toss" (non-canon)
  • 19. "The Taste Test" (non-canon)
  • 20. "A Beautiful Friendship" (non-canon)

Happy Birthday to You!

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 9: Hunted

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 12: Prime Empire

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

The Island

Season 14: Seabound

Ninjago: Reimagined

The Virtues of Spinjitzu

Season 15: Crystalized



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Jay's first name may be a pun on the bird, blue jay, since his elemental color is blue. His full name, Jay Walker, is a pun on the term "jaywalk." This would later be somewhat averted upon the revelation that his birth name is Jay Gordon. Also, Jay is a nickname given to somebody who talks a lot.

In the interview with Michael Adamthwaite, it was stated that Jay was originally called Ren.[18] Before he was given an actual name, "Poe" was used as a stand-in, meaning two of his preliminary names were both later used as Star Wars names.[19] An initial outline of the pilot's beats posted by the Hageman Brothers on Twitter also reveals that "Wynn" was another potential name.[20] The first spinner pack layout had a blue ninja named Edward.[21] However, this was just a random name chosen by Tommy Andreasen for no specific reason.[22]

Behind the scenes

  • Jay's elemental symbol is the Chinese character "羊," meaning "sheep."
  • When Jay went to the Tournament of Elements, he wore his ZX suit. This might imply it is his favorite suit.
    • In an interview with Michael Adamthwaite, the voice actor of Jay, it turns out that his favorite ninja suit is the ZX suit as well.[citation needed]
    • However, later on, he stated that his favorite Jay outfit is Destiny.[23]
  • Jay's original minifigure hair design doesn't match the show like the rest of the ninja. His hair color ranges from orange to reddish-brown in the show depending on the lighting, while his minifigure hair is dark orange. A similar inconsistency exists with his modern hair, as it appears to be reddish-brown starting from Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, while his minifigure hair is dark brown.
  • The hairpiece used for Jay's "fancy" hairstyle seen in "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" and "The Invitation" was originally used on Gilderoy Lockhart in LEGO's Harry Potter theme.
  • His anime appearance is similar to Goku's from Dragon Ball Z. His energy blast attack seen in the same episode resembles the Kamehameha from the same franchise.
  • A drawing of ZX Jay appears on a wall in the Luke Cage episode "Who's Gonna Take the Weight?"


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  • Jay's last name was technically revealed as early as "Snakebit," where his parents were credited as "Edna Walker" and "Ed Walker" respectively. The name "Jay Walker" later appeared in the 2014 blooper reel and was eventually said in the show in "Blackout," "The Last Resort," and "The Temple of Madness."
  • He is right-handed.[25]
  • Jay only has four Character Cards, as his DX card was never made.
  • Jay was the second ninja to find his True Potential, the first being Zane in "Tick Tock."
  • It's possible that the armor on Jay's right arm on his ZX design was to protect his arm when he was swinging the Nunchucks of Lightning.
  • Jay's Armor variant has navy blue legs, though in the show, they are the same color as his torso.
  • He was the first of the ninja to learn Spinjitzu, the second to unlock his True Potential, and the third to find his Golden Weapon and summon his Elemental Dragon.
    • Ironically, he has the least classic spinners (three), whereas all the other ninja (not counting Lloyd and Nya, both having two) have at least four.
  • Jay's inventions are said to fill entire warehouses, some of which he cannot remember the names or functions of. Some of his inventions are:[citation needed]
    • A blanket that can keep you cold on warm nights.
    • A parchment that can be written on or stretched into a waterproof tent.
    • A device that cores apples off of the tree before they are picked.
    • Extendable stilts. This invention apparently malfunctioned on its first use, repeatedly bouncing Jay up and down between six feet and sixty feet. After a hundred bounces in the span of two minutes, Jay was dizzy for a month.[citation needed]
  • The first two episodes focused on Jay have the word "bite" in the title in some form and involve Jay or his parents falling victim to a Fangpyre bite.
  • Jay was one of nine Elemental Masters that have facial hair.
  • He talks to himself when he thinks he is by himself.[26]
  • It is revealed in "On a Wish and a Prayer" that Cole is Jay's best friend.
  • In "Misfortune Rising," he was revealed to be an adopted child. His true father was Cliff Gordon, the actor who played his hero, Fritz Donnegan. This also means his real mother was the previous Master of Lightning, a fact that was later confirmed in "Lost in Time."
    • It is unknown if he will ever meet his biological mother, or what her fate is.
      • An early version of Season 12's storyline involved her more, but this ended up not being used.[27][28]
  • After the events of Skybound, the letter Jay got claiming his father was dead was never delivered, thus Jay is still waiting to claim his inheritance.[29]
  • In Skybound, he was the only ninja to be trapped in the Sword of Souls for less than one episode.
    • Nya was never trapped in the Sword of Souls at all, she was just poisoned and killed.
  • Up until "The News Never Sleeps!" Jay was the only character to appear in every episode in the series.
    • As of that episode, none of the ninja have appeared in every episode.
  • Jay and the other ninja (except Nya) could only harness their elemental powers by being dependent on Lloyd. This may be because Lloyd shares his Golden Power with them. However, as of Season 8, this is no longer the case. His, along with the other ninja's powers, can operate independently of Lloyd's.
  • Jay is the second person to kiss Nya, the first being Bizarro Jay, his evil clone.
  • In a Wu's Teas episode "Secret Teas," Jay turned into an octopus—his signature animal, after drinking a tea that can make probably people turn into an octopus
  • In "The Green Ninja," Jay seems to use the element of Wind, even though his allocated element is Lightning.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Jay most likely got the notch on his eyebrow from one of his inventions when he was young.[31]
  • At one point, Jay was mistakenly listed as a character on the Legends of Chima website.[32]
  • In Season 8, Jay has lost the notch in his left eyebrow, gained freckles, and his hair is now a dark brown instead of a light, reddish brown. His hair becomes a similar color again in Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu.
  • Jay has used Traveller's Tea twice, first in "The Last Resort," and secondly in "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago"
  • Jay is tied with Kai for being the third and fourth ninja to be presumed dead (in "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago"), the first being Zane (in "The Titanium Ninja") and the second being Cole (in "Day of the Departed").
  • The mini-episode "Let's Dance" reveals that Jay is a good dancer because of the amount of time playing Dancy Pants. This eventually leads to him and Nya winning the dance competition in "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back."
  • Jay is one of the five current Elemental Masters to have their last names known, the others being Lloyd, Griffin, Jacob, and Skylor.
  • He was the focus character of Season 12: Prime Empire and is the only ninja that was not cubed or to have lost all their lives (not counting Zane, as he did not enter Prime Empire).
  • It is unknown how he got his reddish-brown hair, as the Master of Lightning had blonde hair and Cliff Gordon had black hair; similar to Lloyd. It is likely because of recessive genes.
  • Jay was the last ninja to get a bike, with it being the Desert Lightning.

Jay's icon in Ninjago: Decoded

  • According to Michael Adamthwaite, Jay's secret talent is building birdhouses. He paints them and gives them away, and sometimes hangs them outside the Ninjago city retirement home because he knows it gives them joy.[33]
  • Jay is occasionally not serious about his missions, annoying Kai.[citation needed]
  • He always hated doing laundry.[34]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Jay refers to the mole on Nya's cheek in her post-movie design as a "mark of eternal beauty."[35]
  • Jay's Digi Suit has a white right hand and a black left hand in the show, but he has both white hands in the sets.
  • Besides when he, Cole, and Zane were briefly corrupted by Dark Matter in "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master," Jay is the only ninja not to have been a villain at any point. Lloyd was originally a minor antagonist and was later possessed by Morro, Cole was hypnotized by Skales, Nya was corrupted by Dark Matter, Kai was corrupted by the Staff of Elements, and Zane was corrupted by the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu after having his memory erased.
  • In both of Jay's focus seasons (6 and 12), he has ultimately defeated the villain in a way other than a physical fight.
  • He is the only ninja to have worn every suit in the TV series. Nya and Lloyd did not wear various earlier suits, having joined the ninja team later; Zane did not have the Tournament robes, Digi robes, or an Avatar; Cole did not have an Avatar and a scuba suit in the show; and Kai did not have a scuba suit.
  • Jay inherited his sense of humor from his mother.[36]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, there will be more of a focus on the relationship between Jay and Nya in 2021 than in previous years.[37]
  • Jay is the only human to appear completely naked in the show.
    • Ironically, although he was completely naked in the presence of Bolobo, whom he barely knew, in other episodes when the ninja were in swimsuits, Jay was always the most veiled, except Zane.
  • Jay is known to worry about things and then claim to have never worried in the first place when he is proven wrong. This can be seen with his fear about one of the lanterns setting off a trap in the Caves of Despair in "The Crooked Path" and his worry about being lost in the Dungeons of Shintaro forever in "Queen of the Munce."
  • The joke about Jay's underwear, either that he urinated himself or left his underwear around living spaces, is often repeated during the show.
    • In "The Last Voyage," he forgot to take his underwear on a journey to the Dark Island, despite his mother's warning. He mentions it several times throughout the episode until he steals one of Dr. Julien's boxer shorts.
    • In "Only One Can Remain," Clouse's pet bites Jay's lower part of his gi and reveals that he doesn't have underwear.
    • In "The Oni and the Dragon," Harumi notices Jay's blue boxer shorts on the bridge on the Destiny's Bounty, to which Jay replies that they're usually more organized, but their master was lost in time and lied that it belongs to Cole, who argues that they are blue. Kai then jokes that they're lucky they're not yellow.
      • Although he claimed to that it was due to the absence of Master Wu, he continued to do so after Wu's return.
    • In "Iron & Stone," Jay pretends that Wu's diapers are his and that he has a weak bladder.
    • In "The Darkness Comes," Jay's boxer shorts are visible on a potted plant in a relaxation room as Jay trains with Kai how to ask Nya to be his Yang.
    • In "Unsinkable," Maya tells Jay that she will teach him how to bleach his boxer shorts. Later, when the Hydro Bounty is attacked, Jay tells the others that he is definitely going to need to wash his boxer shorts again.
  • In the "Special Fall Into Fun Issue" (September-October 2020) of the LEGO Magazine, it is stated that Jay sometimes likes to write haiku poems about his friends. He previously hinted at an interest in poetry at the end of "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master."
  • When asked about how Jay's inventing hobby was phased out of the story, Tommy Andreasen explained, "Between Jay, Nya and Pixal there were too many characters with that profile. Jay can do it be has another focus."[38]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, if Jay was a YouTuber, he would make gaming videos.[39]
  • According to Bragi Schut, if Jay had a secret hobby, it would be that he "likes to draw pictures of himself in a train conductor uniform and wear fake beards."[40]
  • His pre-movie face was released in LEGO's Making Your Own Movie book.



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