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“Carving a message on this rock, so people know who we are when they find our bones.”

Jay's golden kusarigama is a chain-like weapon owned by Jay.


Questing for Quests

Jay wore his golden kusarigama while the ninja were trying to find crime within Ninjago City.

The Belly of the Beast

In the Desert of Doom, Jay used his kusarigama on a nearby rock to carve a message so people know who he is when they find his bones.


Jay fought Aspheera's Elemental Cobras with his kusarigama. Later, in the Ninjago Museum of History, he wore it on his back.

Ancient History

Jay brought his kusarigama when he, Kai, and Cole decided to go look for Skales for information about Aspheera and the Pyro Vipers.

Vengeance is Mine!

As Aspheera and her army broke into the Hanger Bay to find Wu, Jay used his weapon to fight them.

A Cold Goodbye

Jay kept his kusarigama with him when Lloyd attempted to steal Master Wu's Traveler's Tea.

Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?

Inside the old electronics warehouse, The Mechanic and his crew fought the ninja, with Jay using his kusarigama. They then used their vehicles to chase his noodle truck, where he and his henchmen were arrested by the police. Jay later wore his kusarigama when he and the others were investigating the Mechanic's headquarters, he later brought his weapon with him in Prime Empire.

The Meaning of Victory

As Jay runs away from Red Visors, he was wearing his kusarigama.

The Stowaway

The Red Visors were searching through Terra Technica, and while Jay was on the run, he met Scott.

The Worst Rescue Ever

He brought his weapon with him while he was on a mission to rescue Cole, who was being held prisoner in the Dungeons of Shintaro. Unfortunately the ninja's rescue plan didn't work and they were all imprisoned too.

The Keepers of the Amulet

Jay brought his kusarigama with him in the Uncharted jungle, he later used it to fight one of the Stone Guardians but was quickly unarmed.

A Big Splash

Jay used his kusarigama to fight some of Miss Demeanor's henchmen in a small village.

The Turn of the Tide

Jay had his kusarigama on his back when he and the others were trying to help Nya, but when Wojira shot at them, it fell through a hole into a building.

The Shape of Nya

Jay used his kusarigama to fight Miss Demeanor and her henchmen at an abandoned subway tunnel.




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