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This article is about a subject that is canon to the storyline of Warner Bros' The LEGO Movie franchise.

“I mean, my mom is weird and collects seashells. Your dad levels cities and attacks innocent people, so... they've all got their quirks, you know?”
— Jay, trying to comfort a despondent Lloyd

Jay Walker[1] is the Lightning Ninja and one of six Ninja in the Secret Ninja Force. They are trained by Master Wu. He drove the Lightning Jet.



Jay grew up in a junkyard with his adoptive parents, Ed and Edna.[1][2]

The LEGO Ninjago Movie


Jay's appearance is relatively different from his tv show counterpart's original design. He has a ninja gi that is mostly dark blue and has freckles that fit his shy personality. He also has big bushy dark brown hair, unlike his show counterpart, who had more of auburn hair. His hair is quite long when wet.


Jay is relatively shy and insecure, rarely speaking unless a situation arises, opposed to his in-show counterpart who rarely stops talking. Jay is always sarcastic and balances a new personality with his TV show counterpart. Coming from a close family, Jay attempts to console his friend but fails, possibly making the latter feel worse. He possesses a crush on Nya, although their relationship is weaker than in the TV series as Nya is completely oblivious to Jay's feelings for her and he is always interrupted when he tries to reveal them. He is the worrier of the group and seems to like social media.

Official descriptions

Jay: Master of Electricity

This ninja is a real live wire who zaps his opponents with lightning bolts. Jay comes from a close family so he understands how hard it is for Lloyd to be at odds with his dad. He can be nervous and a little overly cautious, but Jay always comes through on the battlefield. If only things were as easy with his big crush, Nya. Every time he works up the nerve to tell her how he feels, he gets interrupted.[3]

Meet Jay Walker

Growing up in a scrapyard with his parents on the outskirts of NINJAGO, Jay never dreamed he would one day become the blue ninja. A true master of lightning and questionable fashion choices.[1]

Weapons and Abilities

Jay uses a flail in the trailers and LEGO sets, but he may be skillful with many other weapons, though this is his favorite weapon. However, he is not seen using it in the film.

He and the other Ninja have Elemental Powers like their TV show counterparts, allowing him to create and manipulate Lightning. Jay's blue Lightning Mech has does have lightning features as well. As it soars through the sky, it can charge and lightning flies off all the long gray poles coming off from the sides of the mech. That fighting technique is extremely effective and causes damage to the surrounding forces.




Video games

Behind the scenes


  • He has a flying vehicle that seems to be a lightning jet.
    • It is unknown why they were shown with weapons in the commercials. They only used their elemental abilities and their mechs to fight, not once touching their signature weapons.
  • He has a similar mindset as Emmet from The LEGO Movie—cautious and unsure, but loyal.
  • Jay is the complete opposite of his show counterpart, being very cautious, sarcastic, and shy. His show counterpart loves being the center of attention and is very loud.
  • Jay briefly had The Joker's hair in dark brown when the ninja were speeding with their makeshift helicopter. He also had Comissioner Gordon's hair, Harry Potter's hair and Circus Clovn's hair briefly in LEGO NINJAGO Movie Outtakes And Bloopers.



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