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The Jungle Raider is an Anacondrai buggy that was briefly taken control by Lloyd during the Thunderblade game, turning it green.

In Prime Empire, the former NPC Racer Seven used a new version of the Jungle Raider as her main vehicle, which was used in Speedway Five-Billion.


Ninja Roll

During the Thunderblade competition, Chen ordered a buggy be released on the course to give Chamille a lift in order to make her win over Lloyd. However shortly after Chamille grabbed on, she was knocked over by Kai and the buggy spun out of control. Kai and Skylor then took control of the buggy and drove it up to Lloyd. He then took over driving, turning the buggy green and gold in the process, and used its functions to complete several laps before he was thrown from the buggy by Chamille, turning it back into its original form.

The Meaning of Victory

Inside Prime Empire, Racer Seven stands behind her Jungle Raider while being interviewed.

Racer Seven

While racing at the Speedway Five-Billion, Racer Seven crashes. She gets out of her vehicle and throws her helmet in frustration.

After Lloyd is done speaking with her, Racer Seven reflects on her previous attempts of claiming the Key-Tana only to result in her crashing multiple times. She decides to head to Lloyd in her Jungle Raider and meets the rest of the Ninja.

The Speedway Five-Billion

Racer Seven brings her vehicle inside Scott's garage. When they are being invaded by the Red Visors, she along with the rest of the Ninja drive out of the garage and are able to make it to the race. During the race, she is able to avoid most of the obstacles due to quick maneuvering and even helps Nya when the Ninja Tuner Car catches on fire. After reaching the fourth mile marker, she decides to make her move and is able to leap into the front of the pack. The Whack Rats try to stop her, but the rest of the Fast Chickens aid her and she wins the race.


The Jungle Raider is a small dune buggy. The main chassis is light brown with white and purple details, styled to resemble a snake's head. The wheels are large, black, and lined with thick treads. It also has a tail-like structure on the back of it.

Official description

The Jungle Raider was originally an Anacondrai buggy used by Chen’s followers to get around his island. It featured a powerful suspension and big tires to enable it to handle any terrain, as well as dual shooters for use in battle. Lloyd wrested control of the buggy from the Elemental Master of Form, Chamille, during the Thunder Blade challenge, with his power transforming the entire vehicle. When Lloyd fell off the vehicle, the Jungle Raider returned to its original appearance.[1]


  • Spring-loaded Missiles - In the front of the Raider, two spring-missiles are loaded inside.
  • Blades - The golden blades can spring upward to defend the Raider and its pilot.
  • Flame Extinguisher (Prime Empire version) - Its exhaust pipes can extinguish fire.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 12: Prime Empire

Video games


  • In Season 12, the 2020 version of the Jungle Raider is driven by Racer Seven in the video game, Prime Empire.
    • However, the front of the Jungle Raider has a Ninjargon "R" on it instead of Lloyd's symbol, which may stand for Racer.
    • The bullets are also replaced with headlights in the Prime Empire version of the Jungle Raider.



In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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