“I am Prince Kalmaar. Son of Trimaar. Heir to the throne of Merlopia. Rightful ruler of the Endless Sea. And I assure you, not someone to be trifled with.”
— Kalmaar to Nya and Maya in "The Wrath of Kalmaar"

King Kalmaar is the king of Merlopia and the ruler of the Endless Sea.


Five Thousand Fathoms Down

Kalmaar made futile attempts to awaken Wojira with faux amulets along with some of his guards. One of his scientists, Glutinous, explained that he needed more time, but Kalmaar yelled at him to try again. However, it failed causing the following energy pulse to reveal Nya and Maya's location by making the former glow. Then, Kalmaar saw Nya and Maya, and began to shoot at them by using his trident. He was able to resist a water blast and power down the APS suits. He then takes interest in Nya when he realizes that she is the Master of Water.

The Wrath of Kalmaar

Kalmaar was listening to Nya and Maya tell each other about the Keepers and the Storm Amulet. He then asks for the Island of the Keepers's location and asks Nya one more time but is interupted by Gripe. Gripe lets Kalmaar know that King Trimaar is asking for him. He and Gripe then leave. He then arrives at the throne room and Trimaar asks Kalmaar if he is sinking ships. Kalmaar then declines and his adoptive brother, Benthomaar agrees. Trimaar says the if he finds out Kalmaar is lying he will be mad. He then tells Gripe to make them talk.

Long Live the King

Glutionus finds Kalmaar and tells him that the Hydro Bounty was working and didn't get destroyed. Kalmaar then starts to think that surface dwellers are not weak. After the ninja tell Trimaar of Wojira but Kalmaar crashes in. He then argues with Trimaar and says that with Wojira they can correct the wrong of land. Trimaar then tells Kalmaar he is the king and his father and Kalmaar then fires a trident blast at Trimaar and injures him. He then cries for help and frames the ninja of attacking him. Benthomaar runs in and asks Kalmaar if it is true but Kalmaar tells him it is true. Kalmaar says that Benthomaar should comfort Trimaar and Kalmaar then says that he will honor his legacy. He orders Gripe to release the Ripper Sharks on the ninja. Gripe then comes and sees Kalmaar, who now declares himself as "King Kalmaar."


LEGO Ninjago


Behind the scenes

  • According to Bragi Schut, Kalmaar is one of Ninjago's worst villains.[1]
  • In some languages, "kalmar" means squid.
    • His name could also be a play on the word calamari, which is a type of squid dish.
      • Nya refers to Kalmaar as "Calamari".
  • His name is also similar to that of Tommy Kalmar, one of the crew members in charge of the franchise.
  • His name is also similar to that of Kalmah, one of the Barraki warlords from BIONICLE.
    • Interestingly, both characters are antagonists in their respective lines' ocean-themed storylines and have squid characteristics (Kalmaar is a humanoid squid; Kalmah had tentacles and used squid as weapons).
  • His face resembles that of Gill-Man's from The Creature from the Black Lagoon.
  • He is similar to the Squid Warrior from LEGO Atlantis, as they are both based on squid, have tentacles instead of legs, have mustache in the form of the tentacles, live underwater and use a trident as a weapon.
  • He is also similar to Pythor: both are purple characters who have a British accent and wish to awaken a giant serpent: Wojira and the Great Devourer respectively.
  • He is similar to Aspheera: both are able to overthrow a person of a higher rank (Trimaar and Mambo V).
  • He is also similar to Scar from The Lion King, who wanted to overthrow his brother Mufasa and become king, but unlike him, Kalmaar is the older son of King Trimaar, and he kills him by injuring him.


  • He is the second prince to appear in LEGO Ninjago, the first being Nadakhan.
  • He is fourth main antagonist that doesn't appear in the first episode of their season, the first three being Pythor, the Preeminent, and Vangelis.
  • He is the first character to kill a sapient character onscreen post-WildBrain.
  • He is the first character to commit parricide (killing of a parent), as well as the first to commit regicide (killing of a king) onscreen.
  • According to his voice actor, Giles Panton, "Kalmaar is the handsomest, strongest, and most intelligent of all the Merlopians."[2]
  • He appears to have dirty teeth.
  • He speaks with a British accent.
  • He is the tenth known king in Ninjago, the first nine being Pythor, Skales, Khanjikhan, Nadakhan (in an alternate timeline), Mambo V, Grimfax, Atta the Ratta, Vangelis and Trimaar.
  • He is the second character to become a higher rank after their parent used to be the same rank, the first being Vania.


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