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Your city is now my city! And the only regret I have is I can only destroy it once!

Kalmaar's assault[2] on Ninjago City[3] is a battle that occurred after Kalmaar awakens Wojira and used her to destroy Ninjago.



After Kalmaar awakens Wojira with the Storm and Wave Amulets, he takes her to Ninjago City to destroy it. Two days later, Glutinous warns the ninja about Kalmaar and Wojira heading to Ninjago City. After hearing this, the ninja help the citizens of Ninjago evacuate until Kalmaar and Wojira arrived.[1]

The assault on Ninjago City

Once Kalmaar and Wojira arrived, the latter creates the fury of the Storm and started flooding the city. During this, Wu and P.I.X.A.L. continued to rescue anyone that was left behind during the evacuation while the ninja try to stop Kalmaar. When they did, they were stopped by Wojira, who damaged the Destiny's Bounty and Jay's sub car, leaving Nya the only one left to face Kalmaar.[4]

As Kalmaar and Nya began to battle, Lloyd, Kai, Zane, Cole, and Benthomaar found themselves overpowered by the Maaray Guards and retreated while Wu and P.I.X.A.L. agreed to take the citizens to the Ninjago News Center for safety. While retreating, Benthomaar rescued Jay from drowning.[5]

Meanwhile, Kalmaar send out a search party until he informed by Gripe about the Police Commissioner, thinking that he knows where the ninja are. When Kalmaar and the Maaray Guards confront the Police Commissioner, he threaten him with his trident until he realized that Nya returned, and merged herself with the Endless Sea.[5]

Final battle

Nya continued to battle Kalmaar until she briefly lets her guard down after she heard Jay, letting Kalmaar seemingly destroy her. While the rest were fighting off the Maaray Guards, Kalmaar fought off against Jay and Benthomaar and defeated them both, but at the cause of his trident getting destroyed when Benthomaar used one of his spears to destroy it. Because of this, Wojira was freed from Kalmaar's control and ate him. Before Wojira could do any more harm to the city, she fought against Nya in her water dragon form until she destroyed her. However, Nya recovers again and destroys the Wave Amulet, causing the Storm Amulet to overwhelm Wojira and kill her.[6]



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