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The Katana (also known as the Ninjago Sword)[citation needed] is a very well known and common Ninja weapon. It appears as a black sword with a leather-wrapped hilt, a very small, flat guard, and a long, thin blade with a slight curve away from the cutting edge.

It is described as a very simple weapon that can be relied upon in combat. There are also black, gold, silver, red, green, blue, and orange versions with greater power.

The katana is mainly wielded by the Ninja, but it can be wielded also by Warriors and Soldiers in the Stone Army who also display a preference for it, as well as Mr. E.

Early in Ninjago's run, the katana mold was upgraded, making the blade slightly shorter and straighter. The plastic is also slightly sturdier and shinier than before.

Kai, Lloyd, and Nya initially specialized in using Katanas. To date, only Kai still uses two of them as his signature weapons.

In Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, the Blizzard Samurai use blue katanas, hinting they may have been created out of ice. Description

The foot soldier of Ninjago's fighting force, this simple blade is sharp and reliable. While it won't win any beauty contests, it cuts clean and gets the job done.



Old version

New version


  • The way that the Katanas are stored in their Sword Holder is different in many Seasons, in Skybound the Katanas are stored facing up and in Sons of Garmadon the Katanas are stored facing down.[1]
  • In Sons of Garmadon, Kai's Katana has his name in the Ninjago Language engraved on it.
  • In Sons of Garmadon, LloydNya, Jay, and Cole come with a pair of katanas in the sets, as well as their weapon seen in the show.
  • In Sons of Garmadon sets, Zane doesn't come with katanas because the quiver on his back takes up too much space.
  • They have appeared in a variety of colours and these varieties are associated with different factions and characters;
    • Gold katanas are used periodically by the Ninja. They are most prominent in the Spinjitzu Spinners game, as Golden Weapons hold more power in the game.
    • Silver katanas are used very commonly with the Ninja, being perhaps the most common variant next to gold. Silver katanas were Kai's main weapon in seasons seven to ten.
    • Black katanas were used by the Ninja and Ronin in the Possession sets and, later, the Oni.
    • Spring-Green katanas were first used by the Ghost Warriors. They were later used by the Ninja in the Prime Empire sets.
    • Brown katanas were seen exclusively with Spinjitzu Training Nya in 71019 The LEGO Ninjago Movie Series.
    • Red katanas were first used by the Sons of Garmadon, most prominently Mr. E. The Red Visors and the Nindroids use red katanas in the Prime Empire and Legacy sets respectively.
    • Azure katanas were used by the Blizzard Samurai and Hausner in the Prime Empire sets.
    • Orange katanas are exclusively used by Richie.
  • 71708 Gamer's Market contains the most varieties of the katana in the one set; including katanas in gold, orange, red, azure and spring-green.
  • In the sets of Season 9, a new package of weapons was used, which also contains two katanas, but without handles, so they can be attached to another hand. These packages also appear in the Legacy sets (gold and silver), Season 11 sets (gold), Season 12 sets (trans green) and Season 13 (gold) sets.




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