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Not to be confused with the set.
A village belonging to the Keepers of the Amulet! But it's deserted…and therefore the ideal training ground for teaching you some ninja techniques.
Lloyd to Twitchy Tim in Jungle Warrior!

The Keepers' Village is a village located in the uncharted jungle on the Island of the Keepers.


The Keepers of the Amulet

The Keepers took the ninja to their village, where their leader, Mammatus, explained the history of the Storm Amulet and their oath to protect it. Then, the ninja were sentenced to becoming their prisoners forever.

The Gift of Jay

The ninja were trapped in a prison in the same village, where Misako and her explorer group was there too. Meanwhile, Jay was taken to a room where he was placed on a throne and given food. Lloyd staged a rescue to save the ninja, with Zippy following behind.

The ninja were able to escape with Lloyd's help. However Clutch Powers tried to steal the Storm Amulet, leading them to be tied on poles. There, on the docks, Mammatus explained more of the Keepers' history and sent Jay off to "Wojira".

The Tooth of Wojira

Kai was able to burn through the rope and begin to battle the Keepers. The other ninja escaped too, with them attempting to save Jay, but failing.

The ninja berated Mammatus for sacrificing Jay to "Wojira" on the docks, with him trying to help them save their friend. Later, Mammatus apologized to the ninja in the village, with them also stopping Clutch from stealing the Amulet again.

The Storm Amulet

The ninja arrived on the Island of the Keepers and in the village asked Mammatus to give them the Storm Amulet, since Kalmaar intend to attack the island to get the amulet. Mammatus gave the amulet to Nya, but Zane noticed that the amulet is a fake.


Geography and appearance

The whole village is built deep in the jungle on the trees. There are no houses on the ground, but most of them are made of trunks of rough trees high above the ground, around which small terraces are made. These are connected by many bridges. The only known way to get to the village is a zipline system that leads from the docks to the village. In the middle of the village, the head of Wojira is carved into a large rock, where the throne room is located.

Official descriptions


The village of the Keepers looks homely but it is full of traps to keep trespassers away.[1]

Go on a daring mission to rescue a captured ninja from the Keepers’ Village! Join Island Cole, Jay and Kai to battle the fearsome Chief Mammatus and Thunder Keeper at their dangerous jungle lair. Watch out for traps that can leave you hanging from a tree and hidden shooters that fire poison darts – and don’t wake the stone monsters! You must free the imprisoned ninja and grab the storm amulet.[2]

The Keeper Village

WE FOUND A VILLAGE! Jay and I? were exploring the island for episode 4 of our Ninja Vlog, when we saw a mysterious islander. It took Jay some… persuading… but we followed him to their village. Look how cool it is! We think in the middle, you can make out the outline of an empty jail cell. And the figure on top of the dragon head? We reckon that’s their leader. But by far the strangest things were those rocks on the left – if you can believe it, they actually *move*. I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff since becoming a ninja. But this might be the strangest yet!​ Depends on the photo.[3]




The Island

Season 14: Seabound

Ninjago Magazine


  • In the sets, the Stone Guardians appear to live in the village. However, in the show, they live in another part of the uncharted jungle.
  • The village features a zipline system for the Keepers to take them to the throne room and the docks.
  • The village in the set is very different from the counterpart in the show. Instead of a dragon head located in the middle of a large village with a throne not in the highest place and the Amulet mechanism, there is a dragon's head on the side, a throne on the highest place and the Storm Amulet on first Stone Guardian's head. In the set, the village is also located on the beach, while in the show it is on the trees deep in the jungle.


LEGO form

In Ninjago

The Island

Season 14: Seabound




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